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REVIEW | Creating wellness with Blue Tea Box

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog | Wellness | Creating wellness with Blue Tea Box | Blue Tea Box

Looking after my mental health has been super important this year and I recently received some single-origin, ethical tea from Blue Tea Box to help focus on creating wellness in particular.

It’s no secret that I have been on lockdown since March. That’s four months. Although I have sometimes worked during that time and current restrictions are easing up, I won’t lie: it’s been really hard at times. The situation of moving into my first home shortly before lockdown had its negatives as well as its positives. The positives massively outweighed the negatives, but it has also meant I’ve spent up to twelve hours alone – three days in a row – with no work or purpose on occasion, due to my boyfriend’s working hours.

So mental health has been something I’ve really been focusing on lately. I think with turning 30 too, I’ve began to be a little kinder to my body – cooking from fresh a lot (and having less takeaways!), exercising more and as silly as it may sound, taking tons of bubble baths just reading for hours on end (or until my skin gets wrinkly).

Therefore I was obviously delighted when the team at Blue Tea Box approached me to share my thoughts about their amazing service.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog | Wellness | Creating wellness with Blue Tea Box | Blue Tea Box

Please note, all these photos are obviously taken whilst I was infusing the tea! You will need an infuser as it is all loose tea – but infusers are really cheap!


Blue Tea Box was founded by Harvey Butt with the mantra of believing in great tea. The Blue Tea Box experience focuses on treating yourself with a genuinely great cup of tea at home – and tea that is just as fancy – if not more – as the tea you may drink in a coffee shop or elsewhere. They also share some of the amazing health benefits of tea: it boosts your metabolism to increase the rate at which you burn fat, is high in antioxidants and polyphenols, lowers your chances of getting cancer – and it’s damn right delicious.

What I particularly love about tea is that it just makes you feel so good – it’s a real treat, whether that’s a relaxing cup of standard tea (milky, two sugars for me please…) in bed before you start your day, or a luxury herbal tea that not only smells nice but makes you feel fuzzy inside when you settle down with a good book.

Blue Tea Box does exactly that – and as a bonus, all their tea is ethically sourced from smallholders, local cooperatives and smaller plantations where possible.

Specifically, Blue Tea Box is a monthly subscription box (although you can choose the frequency you’d prefer) which will allow you to discover rare and single-origin loose-leaf teas from across the world, including black, green, fruit, herbal, and rooibos teas. The service itself has been created by the UK’s speciality tea merchants – so they clearly know their stuff!

You can choose from Blue Tea Bag, which delivers one 75g bag of loose tea each month for just £6.99. This works out at about 30-60 cups of tea each month. The other option is Blue Tea Box, which is three 45g bags (54-108 cups) for just £12.99.

The lovely team has provided me with a £3 off discount/referral code (used on any product on their website)! Just enter the code FJOY3 during check out to receive your discount.

You can then choose what type of tea you’d like: Black (assam, darjeeling, earl grey, lapsang, etc), Green (gunpowder, sencha, various flavours) or Fruit & Herbal (fruits, herbals, rooibos, and unique blends) – which is what I picked! You can also choose ‘Surprise Me’ which can be any tea from Green, Black or Fruit & Herbal. You can then choose any ingredients you want to omit, such as caffeine, gluten, nuts etc.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog | Wellness | Creating wellness with Blue Tea Box | Blue Tea Box


In my wonderful box, I received Rooibos Orange Cream (Rooibos), Rhubarb-Cream (Fruit Tea) and Ginger and Herbs (Herbal Tea). Each bag arrived neatly packaged between blue tissue paper in a modern but cute box that was thin enough to fit directly through my letterbox. The individual bags were also rather beautiful with lovely pastel colours, a snapshot of what each tea is and a bold and clear best by date. I’m someone who will often find an old pack of hot chocolate at the back of the cupboard with no clear use by date and assume it to be fine, despite the fact that it’s probably years old. I definitely pay more attention to food going out of date compared to drink, so it’s great that these long-lasting teas have a clear date on the front. No matter how long you take to drink them, you’ll easily be able to tell if they’re still okay to drink.

What I particularly loved is that each bag came accustomed with a piece of card which explained the origin of the tea, flavour notes (so sweet), ingredients and, my personal favourite, a little recommendation of the ‘best brew’ by the time of day, how much tea to pour in and an estimation of how long it takes to infuse.

I really loved this personal touch which reflected the aim of the team who created the blue tea box. Essentially it is receiving a monthly subscription of delicious tea, but it’s absolutely lovely that it also includes these cards with further information about the type of tea it is and it’s origin: it’s absolutely perfect for tea enthusiasts.

I also think even if you’re quite new to drinking tea (or at least anything other than the usual cuppa with milk and sugar), this is a great way to dip your toe in. Getting to try new blends each time and collecting these cards means it’s easy to find and remember your favourite types – and there’s something kind of sweet about having a collection of these cards left over long after the actual tea itself has all been used!

The teas themselves were absolutely delicious. Before I even tasted them, each had a lovely scent to them which only intensified the longer I infused the mix. I think, in a way, this kind of added to the luxury and wellness of the entire process – and I would honestly say some of them smelt a lot stronger than some candles I’ve burned in the past!

As expected, the Ginger and Herbs pack radiated the most lovely ginger and lemongrass aroma, which made me feel immediately relaxed before I’d even taken my first sip. This has fast become my favourite blend to drink in the morning as not only does it settle my mind, the subtle ginger taste gives me that boost I need first thing. I have also found myself being more productive when drinking this in the mornings!

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog | Wellness | Creating wellness with Blue Tea Box | Blue Tea Box

The Rhubarb-Cream reminds me of tasty lollipops from my childhood and omits a delightful playful scent. Made up of apple bits, papaya pieces, marigold blossoms and more, this fruit tea is perfect for cleansing my body of toxins. I’ve actually found myself drinking this one as an after-workout treat: normally, once downing lots of water, I’d reach for an indulgent but not very healthy sugary cup of tea, whereas now I can get my well deserved ‘treat’ with this wonderful blend that carries on rewarding my body too. Just like on the accompanied card, my sister suggested serving this cold over ice and I cannot wait to try this soon!

Finally, I find myself reaching for the Rooibos Orange Cream most often in the evenings to transition from working from home to relaxing. I’ve found this particularly hard lately, as my working from home area is about five steps away from the sofa and the TV, so I have found it particularly tough to switch off at 5pm in recent weeks – especially when I’ve had freelance work or blogging work to do too. So since my Blue Tea Box arrived, I’ve almost made an early evening ritual of drinking my Rooibos Orange Cream tea. I pick my favourite mug, change into even lazier clothes as I wait for it to infuse (and inhale the delicate orange and vanilla scent), and take a moment to actually enjoy drinking the tea without doing little else. It really helps me to switch off and I’ve found that incredibly important lately in such weird times! I’d actually never even heard of Rooibos tea until now and I’m currently wondering where it’s been all my life!

Although I’ve found myself gravitating towards different blends for different times of the day or created my own little ritual for some, each different flavour has not only eased me into a more relaxed and lightened mood, but they’ve made me actually stop and appreciate my cups of tea.

That may sound silly to some people but during a pandemic, working from home on and off and either feeling rather stressed on the days I am working or completely lost and unmotivated on the days I’m not, finding time for me is actually really important right now. Even if it’s just five minutes to switch off once I hit 5pm, the small ritual of pouring out the blend, infusing the hot water and getting a whiff of the delicate teas – before I’ve even taken a single sip – is well worth doing to help look after my mental health.

There is also something rather indulgent about drinking tea this way – you know it’s good for you and it’s a real tasty treat.

I also think this would make a great gift – during the current pandemic, everyone needs a little pick me up! My sister tried some when she visited recently and I know I’ll be considering a subscription of this for her birthday present later this year.

For coffee enthusiasts, Blue Tea Box also has their sister company, Blue Coffee Box, for delicious, gourmet coffee!

Don’t forget: you can get £3 off your subscription at Blue Tea Box by using my referral code FJOY3.

What’s your favourite type of tea and what one would you like to try the most from Blue Tea Box? Let me know with a comment below!

*Please note, I was offered this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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