If you don’t already know (who doesn’t?!), I am obsessed with zombies. I don’t know what it is about them, I just find them awesome. Some of the scariest horror movies out there revolve around zombies and even though essentially they are just very slow dead bodies that shuffle along, they’re still super scary. Plus I think there’s a very, very realistic chance of a zombie apocalypse taking place in this lifetime.

Anyway. This is why I love zombie games and actually find them so fascinating, scary and fun to play. Here are some of my all time favourites…

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An obvious choice, no? Resident Evil is one of the most classic zombie games out there – even the really old ones still offer that scare factor. The games actually have decent storylines and it’s never just zombies: the games offer scary bosses, advanced zombies and full on monsters. The games keep on coming and they never fail to impress. Plus, Resident Evil 5 is great for playing co-op. The fact that you actually have to run over to your partner to save them when they’re low on health is not only awesome but great for date night. My ex and I once did an all nighter trying to complete this game and it was one of my favourite date nights I ever had with him.
Available on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo.

If you like your zombie/apocalyptic games totally realistic, this one is for you. You start this game with nothing. Absolutely nothing. You have to craft materials to get clothes to wear and collect wood to make weapons. You hunt wolves for food and if you drink too much water, your character exclaims it needs a p*ss and you have to use the bathroom somewhere in the wild before you are hunted. Oh and then there’s the small point of zombies everywhere..I love games that cause me to plan ahead and are more for long term play, so I’ve loved building up my inventory, improving my base and killing zombies like there’s no tomorrow in this game. Technically it’s still in beta mode, but there’s not much wrong with it at all really. Plus it’s an app, so you can play it on the go whenever you like.
Available on Google Play.

Technically I’ve only played the second game of this, getting addicted to it one day when I was homebound as a student having gotten a piece of glass stuck in my foot (long story). But it’s fully immersive and will have you screaming at the TV, your heart beating fast and stress levels rising..if that’s the type of thing you like. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s best played in parts as opposed to a long-term game, but the upside is that it can be played in short bounts and is ace for playing online with/against friends. But my god do those zombies annoy me, especially Boomers and Smokers. They ALWAYS go for me and I have no idea why…
Available on PC, Xbox, Linux and Mac.

This game is CUTE AF. The zombies are actually adorable – and no, I didn’t think it was possible to get cute zombies either. But there you go. This app is basically like a much cooler and glorified version of Farmville, except you go around exploring an island to get back to your zombie love. I think. I’m not entirely sure of the storyline – as you’re constantly getting given new tasks – but it is fun. And did I mention cute?
Available on Facebook, Android and iOS.

I have yet to actually play this game yet but I’ve heard so many good things about it and have been meaning to play for so long now. I just remember seeing the trailer for it and being blown away. In fact, it was even banned in Germany for being too violent – and when it comes to zombie games, we all know that’s a good thing!
Available on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox and Playstation.

These are just some of the coolest zombie videogames (and my favourites bar the last one – but considering I know it’s awesome without playing it, can I still name it a favourite?). I don’t know where I’d be without zombie games. Apart from Tomb Raider, they’re literally all I play.

What are your favourite zombie video games? Let me know!


Oh, hello.

It’s me. The blogger who has barely had time to blog lately because, well, work and dating and life in general just tends to take over, doesn’t it? I’ve been particularly busy lately with work as we’re currently mostly out on the road meeting clients. I cannot even begin to tell you how weird it is seeing myself dressed in smart little outfits/dresses with small but smart heels, straightened hair and business cards in hand.

I mean I’m just not used to it. I jazz myself up all smart then come home and change into the laziest clothes I can. Anyway. Here’s the (somewhat) more interesting stuff I’ve been up to lately, according to instagram…

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I just really like this cute shot I took for my recent book review of Carl Goes London Islands. The dots are cute, aren’t they?

During a recent trip to ALDI I ended up down the aisle with all the weird sh*t and just had to buy this cute picnic blanket. Why? I have no idea. I’ve never had any urge to go on a picnic before in my life. But alas I purchased it and had to use it so the girls from work and I agreed to have a picnic on Friday afternoon (as is tradition in our office, we always forgo regular lunch to order in and go out). We found a spot in a field across the road, popped open some lemonade that looked like champagne and enjoyed the sunshine (and many Instagram pics).

Christmas in July! Yes, it was weird but yes, I entirely loved it. I recently got the chance to check out Scandinavia’s Christmas event – aka a Scandinavian themed Christmas in a teepee! I got to munch on yummy canapes and sip festive cocktails, as well as enjoy just how damn pretty the whole thing is. The actual Christmas events themselves will have a lot more on offer too, but I’ll get a full review up with further information soon.

I just had a really cute outfit on today. I actually own a pinafore now too. What is happening to me? I’m becoming stylish! Plus cactus’s are cute.

A real life shot of part of my desk when it’s not messy. The background is a folder purchased again from the mad aisle from ALDI, a cute postcard I picked up from Paperchase and one of my fake plants. It’s great because, y’know, I don’t actually have to look after it.

Changes! Changes! Changes! As it is with any heartbreak, my usual go-to thing is to dye my hair. It took me a while as I had the awards with work so first of all just had to cover up my roots, but a couple of weeks ago the hairdye was on special offer in Tesco and this was the result (even though I’d only gone in for like rocket salad or something like that). It’s a work in progress to go back actual blonde, but in the meantime, I think the fact that it has a yellow tint gives me a bit of an edge. Even though it looks orange/ginger in that photo. It isn’t that orange in reality, but I had to post that photo anyway because the hair was just so big!

Just another shot of the books I picked up from Carl Goes Travel Guides. They’re cute, no?

As explained in the original post, the book launch for Carl Goes London Islands took place at Eel Pie Island and it was a beyond lovely day. It was sunny, I’d wanted to visit the island for so long and I had my good friend Becky with me. Hence how I got this shot of me posing on the bridge.

I posted this picture because I had a floral dress on and was wearing a bold lipstick. And I’m a former emo kid who used to wear dark purple lipstick and only wear black clothes. Oh how the times have changed…

So yeah. That’s what I’ve been up to lately, through the form of Instagram! Have you been up to anything exciting lately? Let me know!


I finally had the opportunity to visit Eel Pie Island recently, thanks to Carl Goes’ newest book launch. Carl Goes London Islands is the latest travel guide by Sasha Arms – and what better fitting place than the quirky Eel Pie Island?

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If you haven’t already heard about Eel Pie Island, I can tell you now that it’s the perfect place to take a slow wander around on a hot day before the weather takes a U-turn again. The island is famously named after the eel pies which were once served by the inn on the island back in the 19th century.

It’s also well known for once being home to popular jazz and blues venues back in the 60s. The legendary Eel Pie Island Hotel once hosted famous musicians such as David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. These days, the small island is home to around 120 inhabitants and artists. Nowdays, the public can visit only a few times a year during an open weekend where they can browse artists work.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Book Review | Carl Goes London Islands | Sasha Arms | London | Eel Pie Island

I enjoyed taking a leisurely stroll around Eel Pie Island; despite it being so small there was so much to see. I felt like I’d stepped into an alternative wonderland and would have never of guessed I was in London!

I met briefly with author Sasha Arms to talk about Carl Goes London Islands and the process behind the book – she told me she’d been working on it for almost a year in terms of doing research, visiting as many of the islands as she could and discovering all the stores behind them.

What I liked most about Carl Goes London Islands is that it’s not just a travel guide. Inside the book, you’ll find stories with quirky and inspiring characters who have chosen to live on these islands. I was also fascinated to discover how many islands there are in London! There is a lot and Sasha has even spoken about the ones that are unable to be visited directly or ones that are only accessible to those who live there.

This information – though obvious – is super helpful. I know many people would want to visit an island from a book and probably wouldn’t even stop to think about if the island is even accessible or if they’re privately owned or not!

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Book Review | Carl Goes London Islands | Sasha Arms | London | Eel Pie Island

There are so many travel guides to London out there which is why this one particularly interested me – I consider myself quite an expert on London as it is and would rarely find the need to pick up a travel guide for the city, so to find a book that I’d actually use and that really inspires me is great!

If you want something a bit different to do this summer, I’d without a doubt consider picking up a copy of Carl Goes London Islands and using it as a guide to explore the alternative side of London you probably aren’t already aware of. There’s also a bonus tip at the back of the book; a sneak peak into a path that you can take to get a decent look at nearly all of the islands featured.

Have you visited Eel Pie Island? Would you buy a copy of Carl Goes London Islands to help guide you around some of London’s best kept secret islands? Let me know!


It’s July. July people. Let that just sink in for a moment. We’re officially in the second half of the year; closer to Christmas 2019 than we were to Christmas just gone. And alongside this seemingly never-ending heatwave, football fever and botched hair dye jobs (that’s me by the way – not you guys – and maybe I’ll tell you the story soon), there’s a fair bit to look forward to this month.

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Ghosted by Rosie Walsh sounds hella good. It’s about a couple – Sarah and Eddie – who meet and fall in love instantly. They have a worldwind seven day romance, until Eddie goes on holiday. Sophie never hears from him again. Days turn into weeks which turn into months – and the initial belief of being ghosted soon turns into actual worry. As someone who has been ghosted many a time, this story hits home with me. I’m used to the idea of ghosting now, but there’s still that worry that something a lot worse has happened..
Ghosted will be released on the 24th.

I have yet to actually sit down and watch any movies from this series (though I really digged the Rick and Morty episode that paid homeage to it!), but The First Purge actually looks kinda good. I’m starting to really love action horror movies, so I have no doubt I’ll enjoy this. I also like that The First Purge takes place during the events of the first movie from the series; making it all come full circle.
The First Purge is out now.

Orange Is The New Black returns to Netflix this month too with series six dropping on the 27th. Admittedly, it’s not as shocling as it was when it first launched as we’re now used to the sex and violence scenes, but there’s still a hell of a lot in this show that keeps me on the edge of my seat. The season picks up with many of the inmates being split up – some stayed and hid out in the bunker at Litchfield, whereas others have been moved to a new prison – so the change of setting is going to be interesting. I’m eager to see what’s next for them all – but I’m still sort of thinking about that stripshow from CO Straman. Partly because it was kind of hot, but mostly because I simply cannot work out how that sock stayed on and secure during all of that vigarious thrusting.
Orange Is The New Black will be available from the 27th.

Right now I am so addicted to Last Day on Earth: Survival. I love good zombie game but what’s best about this one is how realistic it is and how it’s more of planning game where you have to think ahead. It’s not just about fighting zombies. You have to grow your own food, scavange items to create weapons, build your own home…it’s amazing and so addictive. You even have to make your own clothes, hence why half the time my character is running around half naked trying to fend off zombies. This app has taken over my life these past few weeks and I ain’t even sorry. It turns out I need a radio tower to create a clan but, y’know, if you’ve got the game, feel free to add me for future reference so we can team up and raid other bases together. My username is riotgirl (how fitting).
Last Day on Earth: Survival is available now on the Google play store.

If you’re in London anytime soon, head to The Vaults to check out their newest venture, Sounds and Sorcery. I won’t give too much away because the point is that it’s immersive and you’re not meant to know beforehand – but it’s inspried by Disney’s Fantasia. It’s always going to be awesome when it takes place at The Vaults however.
Sounds and Sorcery is running until the 30th September.

What are you looking forward to this month? Let me know!


I am a huge fan of Boux Avenue. It’s just that bit more classy than Ann Summers and has filled the hole in my heart that La Senza left – and is better quality too. You get what you pay for at Boux Avenue and all the stuff is just SO DAMN PRETTY and feminine.

I’ve even posted before about how comfortable I was when getting measured in one of their stores – and how I accidentally spent £160 on lingerie, pyjamas and swimwear when only planning to buy a bikini – oops!

So with today being #NationalBikiniDay I thought what better brand to feature than Boux Avenue – especially as for today only they’re offering 50% off all swimwear to celebrate!

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Sometimes a simple bikini but with a bold and tropical print just does the trick. This Peru boost bikini top and bikini bottoms are a classic cut, meaning the fit will suit anyone. Even if you’re just wearing this to the local pool, the pretty print is sure to make you feel like you’re somewhere a lot more exotic..

Front knot suits and one shoulder costumes are especially popular this year and are particular favourites of Love Island’s Georgia. This cut out red swimsuit is bold but beautiful and if you’re looking for something to really wow this summer, this is what you need. It’s not really practical, but I dare you to wear it without running down the beach in slow motion pretending you’re in Baywatch at least once…

Olive might seem like a boring colour but you’ll be anything but average when wearing this swimsuit with a plunging neckline and back. The lattice detailing gives it an edge, but overall, it’s a sexy but classy twist to the standard swimsuit.

Finally – and perhaps my favourite of the lot – we’ve got the Philippines boost bikini top and briefs. I absolutely adore the metal trim – but the bonus is that it can be worn as it is, around the waist or removed altogether. Plus, the colour is gorgeous.



  • Put on a bikini. You’re done! You can worry all you want but when you get to the beach and jump in that sea or lay down to sunbathe, trust me when I say no one cares what your body looks like. In fact, once you arrive, neither will you..
  • Wear sunscreen! It’s just not worth the risk to skip it. And remember to always re-apply when you get out of the water!
  • Know when to accessorize. If it’s boiling hot, wearing a body chain and jewellery is just going to make you even more hot and bothered – but a hat will always go a long way. Wearing a bikini to a club? That’s when the jewellery, wedges and accessories should come out!

So there we have it. Four examples of beautiful swimwear to help you celebrate #NationalBikiniDay. Enjoy!