Vila Stiassni, Brno: my guided tour inside this pretty villa

The outside view of Vila Stiassni, showcasing the plush gardens that surround the villa

Have you ever heard of Vila Stiassni? Here’s a look inside this pretty government house and a little bit about the history of this unique building…

I recently visited the beautiful city of Brno with Traverse events. To help promote this underrated city as a top travel destination, my ticket included a variety of experiences around Brno.

My first experience took me to Vila Stiassni. Here, our small group received a guided tour, followed by a tasty picnic enjoyed in the grounds afterwards.

Vila Stiassni and it's bold theme of modern architcture

Vila Stiassni was built for textile factory owner Alfred Stiassni between 1927-1929. However, it is commonly referred to as the government villa, as it was once hosted for many important state visits. Though the Stiassni family only lived in the villa for nine years, we heard a lot about their rich history!

The villa itself is quite unique because of its bold and modern architecture on the outside, which is the complete opposite of how the house looks inside. Instead, Alfred’s wife wanted the rooms inside to look like they belonged in a French chateau. This resulted in one designer working on the outside, and another altogether designing inside.

The dining room in Vila Stiassni, complete with a laid table and ornate furniture
Two plush blue chairs sit at a shiny desk. On top of the desk is a vintage typewriter and globe. There's also an old grandfather clock in the corner.

Alfred was lucky enough to have his own giant walk-in closet. In fact, he was so interested in clothing and style that every time he met someone, he would write their name on a small piece of paper and slip it into his pocket. This was so he could then avoid wearing the same outfit twice in front of someone!

The large bed of Alfred Stiassni.
Alfred’s bedroom. His wife Hermine had her own room. The two rooms faced each other, with adjustable doors between them, so they could still see each other when sleeping in their own beds.

Another fun fact about the Stiassni family was that daughter Susanne was actually adopted – but only found out in her 60s when she discovered secret diaries that revealed this! By that time, both Alfred and Hermine had died.

I loved exploring the house and viewing the glamorous design choices. I felt there were many little details throughout the rooms that just oozed sophistication. I felt like I was walking through a palace. It was so interesting hearing about the villa’s history!

Floral upholstered armchairs sit beneath framed photos in one of the rooms at Vila Stiassni.
Black and white photos, a vintage typewriter and a travel global sit on top of a shiny desk.
The large library at Vila Stiassni, with framed photographs placed on the walls. The bookshelves surround a small table and four blue chairs.
A small pot of orange flowers on top of a marble bed side table. Next to it is the bed of Hermine Stiassni.
The outside terrace of Vila Stiassni, where vines creep and grow across the wall.

Afterwards, we were served the most delicious picnic to enjoy in the grounds. The food was served in sweet picnic baskets and we were given blankets to sit on. The picnics were made up of mixed sandwiches, Aspic (meat jelly, which is a traditional and tasty snack in the Czech Republic), vegetable sticks and dip. For dessert, we had a selection of chocolate pastries. Each basket also had either a bottle of prosecco or local wine and fruit-infused water.

The food was served by the on-site cafe Café Ernst and everything was absolutely delicious. I felt like royalty tucking into my picnic basket with beautiful views across the villa.

A selection of picnic blankets and baskets.
A picnic basket with a selection of food in brown paper bags with red ribbon inside.

After lunch, we were given time to explore the gardens before making our own way out of the grounds. I had such a wonderful afternoon, particularly as someone who loves visiting manor houses! I always enjoy seeing how they are decorated inside, and Vila Stiassni did not disappoint.

I loved that the inside of the villa was the complete opposite of the outside – it was so unique!

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Red and yellow striped deckchairs on the terrace of Vila Stiassni.
Another view of the terrace of Vila Stiassni, this time featuring white metal chairs on a balcony.

I was surprised to learn that the house – and the Stiassni family – had such an interesting and rich history too. I would thoroughly recommend visiting if you’re ever in Brno or the Czech Republic.

As I mentioned, my visit was an experience booked with my Traverse 22 ticket. I have lots of exciting content to share following my trip and many more experiences to talk about. I’m pretty sure by the end of it all, you will be planning to visit Brno!

Have you ever heard of the Stiassni family? Do you prefer the bold architecture on the outside of the house or the timeless glamour on the inside? Share your thoughts below!

*Please note, this visit was gifted but included in the full-price ticket I paid to attend the Traverse 22 conference. I am under no obligation to write about the experiences I attended but have chosen to share honest reviews regardless.

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