I cannot believe it’s been over a year since my big Mexican BLT trip to Mexico with TrekAmerica. Having seen so much of Mexico by visiting places like Cancun, Merida, Campeche, Palenque, Bacalar, Mahahual, Tulum and Playa Del Carmen to name just a few, I think I definitely discovered some hidden gems during my time travelling.

Here are some awesome alternative things to do in Mexico.

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Want to feel like Indiana Jones? Here’s your chance. In my opinion, the ruins at Palenque are the most beautiful we visited in Mexico – even though I’d still suggest visiting Chichen Itza. But the views of Palenque are exactly the kind of views I dreamed of when I first decided I wanted to visit Mexico. There’s lots to see and do, but for a real unique experience, book a guide to take you off the beaten track to explore an actual real life jungle. It was mega fun.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to try this but essentially you jump on an uber colourful boat with some alcohol in tow and spend the next few hours stopping at different ports along the river for food, drink, games and entertainment – without even getting off the boat! There are a few of these about but the one with Experiences Xcaret looks the best in my opinion (and was the one I wanted to try). I still regret not being able to do this – so a return to Mexico is definitely on the cards!

I loved this gem of a place, also in Palenque! Don Muchos is a really cute traditional Mexican restaurant in the jungle – to get there, you have to walk a path through the trees, tread over wooden boards balanced over the mud and even walk over mini bridges over small streams – it’s half of the adventure. Once there, you find a small cluster of businesses – a small community bustling in the night. The food here is lovely – and you must order a tequila shot – and most nights you can watch traditional Mexican entertainment with your food. Afterwards, get up and dance on the small dance floor until the early hours of the morning.

A visit to Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls) is an absolute must if you like to get your creep on like me. Although never intended to be a tourist destination, the story says that a girl drowned on the island and, when a caretaker later saw a doll floating near the canals, he hung it from a tree as a sign of respect for the drowned girl. Legend says that the caretaker became possessed by the girl and hung more and more dolls to rid her spirit. He was later found dead in the same spot the girl drowned. Now, the island is filled with creepy deteriorated dolls hanging from trees and tourists bring their own dolls when visiting. Who knows how real the legend actually is but there’s no doubt that the island itself is beyond creepy…

Coco Bongo isn’t necessarily a hidden gem but it is a totally unique night out. It’s cabaret/show meets club, where you join in with half the fun. I won’t reveal all, but you can expect superhero dance offs, the opportunity to dance on your seats and so, so much confetti. It’s a whole lot of fun and definitely not to be missed.
Top Tip: it is expensive, but to get the most out of your night, I would recommend getting a VIP table as it’ll include free drinks all night, a waiter just for you and somewhere to sit down (and you’ll want this, trust me) and party right in the heart of the music. It works out cheaper than buying your drinks all night, especially if you chip in and get a table as a group.

Xcaret is one of the coolest places I’ve ever visited; it’s a natural theme park meets nature reserve in one. You can swim in underground rivers, visit flamingos, take relaxing boat rides, visit a traditional Mexican burial ground and then, when night falls, watch the mindblowing Xcaret Mexico Espectacular. A day at the park is so varied with so much to see and even though I visited Xcaret alone, it was hands down one of the best days of my life.

Another one that is already quite well known but still extremely unique – I mean where else are you going to visit an underwater museum? True, you can easily see most of the artifacts by Googling but that’s just not as fun..

If these seven unique experiences don’t convince you to book a holiday to Mexico right now, I don’t know what will. Still, may I also add that Mexico is filled with stunning beaches, amazing weather and tons of quirky bars?!

Would you ever visit Mexico? Let me know…


So recently I’ve been thinking about how I’m not really going on a proper holiday this year. I’ve got Boomtown Festival in August and Thailand in January but nothing really in between. So when I saw that Ryanair had a sale on recently, I decided to spontaniously book flights to visit Copenhagen on a long weekend in September.

Because, well, why not?

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If there’s anything these past two years have taught me it’s that I can travel alone (although judging by my trip to Berlin, I’ll be making sure to stay in a hostel this time around). And if there’s anything these past few months have taught me, it’s that life is short and that I should say yes more and do spontanious things.

So this is a spontanious thing.

I’ve been trawling Pinterest for ideas and here’s some places on my must visit list.

I’ve wanted to visit Tivoli Gardens for years now but I’m kind of in two minds about going as ideally I want to visit them for the first time in a relationship and when the entire place is decorated for Christmas. It’s the second oldest amusement park in the world and is really classic; in fact it’s said it served partly as inspiration for Disneyland. At Christmas (and Halloween), it’s absolutely beautiful and it’s right in the centre of Copenhagen – accessible by foot!

I’m not planning to go to Copenhagen to drink but I do like the sound of this bar which is very similar to a classic American speakeasie. Though it’s deemed to be quite classy (i.e expensive), I think it’ll be well worth a visit, especially since a hidden door-come-bookcase opens later in the night to reveal a dance floor and additional bars as it gets busier.

Copenhagen’s Botanical garden looks super pretty and like it has a lot on offer. Plus, even if it’s not warm, it’s all inside (obviously!) so it doesn’t even matter. Pictures of it in winter reveals it’s just as stunning in the snow too.

And other generally pretty photos…

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Oh Romania, how I love you so. It’s funny how a three week visit to a country I previously knew nothing about last summer left me falling so head over heels for a place. I may have been biased, but I still want to go back and visit the beautiful country again and again.

Being that I travelled around the country in the summer of 2017, I got to see a fair bit (though not enough!) of Romania, inspiring me to create this post of some of the most beautiful and most instagrammable spots around the country.

Note – these are just some of many, many beautiful spots in Romania. I have no doubt I’ll be creating a second list in the near future.

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Bran Castle is a beautiful little place that looks like it’s straight out of a book (which it kinda is) or fairytale. What makes it unique is that it doesn’t necessarily fit into the usual norm’s of a castle. With copper coloured stone tiles and wooden beams, the fortress boasts an oldy-wordly look about it. Despite the fact that it’s famous for being the home of Dracula, you can’t visit this site and not be blown away from its beauty. In summer, it’s stunning but seeing it in the snow is said to be breathtaking.

Ever been in an underground salt mine that also doubles up as an amusement park?! No, not many people have, which is why this is the prime opportunity for a ‘been there, done that’ Instagram shot. Inside, you’ll find six different mines and an underground lake. Amongst these mines, tourists can find a spa treatment room, a bowling alley, a Ferris wheel, mini golf and much more. As well as all these fun attractions, there’s also the added benefit of their surroundings and the fact that all of this takes place deep underground in a salt mine…

I’m never one to shy away from anything creepy, so a visit to Hoia Baciu Forest has been on my bucket list for a while now. However, as well as being dubbed as one of the worlds scariest forests, Hoia Baciu Forest is also perfect for some beautiful – and edgy – photography. It’s said to be a hub of supernatural occurrences, but the strange phenomenon of the unnatural twisted trees is what causes tourists to gather here and snap away.

As it goes, there are many spots along this famous road that can serve as a total instagram gem. The slow and twisting drive up throughout the mountains – think stone bridges and plus green trees – is exciting enough, with many opportunities to stop and take in the view. At the very top, the view that overlooks the mountains and the road you’re about to crawl back down is a rewarding sight. The entire drive itself isn’t easy, so to make it to the top in one piece is certainly something to be proud of! Finally, on the way back down, you’ll find yourself passing by the beautiful Balea Lake – in winter, you’ll find an ice hotel here too.

If you’re one of those people who became obsessed with A Christmas Prince on Netflix this Christmas just gone (let’s face it, who isn’t?!) then a visit to Peles Castle, where the film was shot, is a must do. The castle is beautiful in it’s own right and I dare anyone to visit and not pose in front of any of the scenery or castle that appears in the movie. As a bonus, if you do plan to visit Transfagarasan and Bran Castle in Brasov, Peleș Castle is the perfect pit stop between the two.

Cluj is a charming little place which is oozed in history. The city boats many museums – Bánffy Palace and the National Museum of Transylvanian History are popular choices – plus the beautiful St. Michael’s Church – a perfect Instagram set up. As well as plenty of history to soak up, there’s also a fabulous nightlife with tons of chic cocktail bars and many music festivals are held there too.

Have you ever been to Romania? Are you tempted after reading this post and seeing these beautiful places? Let me know!


Berlin is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a few years now, so when a deal popped up on Wowcher recently, I knew I had to book it for my time off work in January. The deal would allow me 36(ish) hours in Berlin, as well as entry into Tropical Islands – an awesome indoor beach/water park in a giant airplane hanger south of Berlin.

The kicker is that I almost didn’t go. The deal was booked for my ex boyfriend and I (long story there), but he dropped out a few days beforehand. However, since I sort of travelled to Mexico alone, I knew a short break in Berlin would be pretty easy compared to that. So even though I was a little scared and not feeling in the mood, I made the decision to go anyway, which saw me getting up at the early hour of 3am on Wednesday morning (to catch a 4am train to catch an 8am flight).

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Still, eventually I found my way to my hotel early Wednesday afternoon, throwing my stuff in my room and napping for an hour whilst my phone charged. I stayed at Days Inn South Berlin in the Neukölln district, which was a little way outside of Berlin but was in a perfect location. It was pretty much across the road from a subway stop (meaning I could get into the centre of Berlin in around five or so minutes), as well as a giant supermarket. I was also told that the area of Neukölln was really trendy and had I had more time, I would have loved to explore some of the nearby bars. Though it was only a three star hotel, Days Inn South Berlin was actually really nice and I’d definitely stay there again.

I discovered that Berlin has it’s own dungeons (as in the London Dungeons but in Berlin obviously!), and you can take English led tours there, so of course that was on my first agenda. The Berlin Dungeons was fun – as always, the set’s were really cool and the history was great to learn, but I felt some sets/rooms were not as great as the others. For example, some of the actors had a sense of humour that I guess wasn’t very British (though being in Berlin, I can’t really complain!) so some parts were quite corny or just didn’t work. It was fun overall though.

Following this, I took some time to walk around that part of the city. I headed over to Museum Island just as it was getting dark. I strolled around the outside of a few of them, and gazed in awe at how pretty Berliner Dom is. It’s definitely one of the most stunning buildings I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Travel | 36(ish) hours in Berlin | Berlin | Germany | La Stella Nera | Vegan Food

I then headed to vegan restaurant La Stella Nera for tasty pizza. I chose a salami pizza (though the salami was more like sausage than pepperoni) with vegan cheese and herbs and a really tasty but doughy base (the crust was delicious). I also had a pate bruschetta which was yummy also.

Having had such a long day, I then headed off back to the hotel for the evening.

When I woke up on Thursday, the weather was grey and dreary with a bit of rain. Once getting up, I headed straight to a shop to stock up on some snacks, then headed into town to grab a ride on the City Sightseeing Traditional Tour. I love these open top bus tours (though because of the rain it was covered obviously), and having had these tours in both Amsterdam and York before, I knew it would be a great way to see the city.

Whilst I was waiting for the bus to arrive, I had a look around one of the most famous department stores in the city (I was told celebrities often shop there), and I took the lift to the top floor (I think there were seven floors altogether!) which housed tons of mini food courts. I visited a cute cupcake place and bought a tiny but very luxurious Oreo cupcake for later, then headed back down to start the tour.

The next hour or so I got to see all around the city, snacking away in comfort. We drove past remnants of the Berlin wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the TV tower, the The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and lots of historic buildings too. It was really interesting, and I stayed on an extra two stops after the full tour so I could jump off and visit Topography of Terror, a museum all about Hitler’s reign and the terror he caused. This exhibition in particular was very eye opening and sad. The museum also has a large part of the Berlin wall on it’s site too.

I spent some more time walking around Berlin afterwards, visiting a small museum right by Checkpoint Charlie, then headed back to the hotel to grab my backpack and set off towards Tropical Islands.

Tropical Islands is an amazing indoor beach south of Berlin. It is set in a giant airplane hanger and because of the way it’s built, it’s actually really warm inside. It also has a mini rainforest, a spa, a waterfall, waterslides, hot air balloon rides and outdoor activities and rapids too. It’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for so many years, but unfortunately I did not make it there.

When I bought the deal on Wowcher, the page failed to mention that the deal only included entry to the Tropical Island’s evening excursion which was four hours long. Still, an evening entry is better than nothing so I still wanted to go. The site itself was super complicated to get to, with over an hours journey and problems with one of the trains. When I ended up at a really rundown station to catch my second train but simply couldn’t understand or find out where to board, I kind of gave up. I didn’t feel safe being at that station alone, and after struggling to find wherever I had to board, I was running late. I did catch my first train back to another busier station, but had the same issue. The train I was supposed to get didn’t run very frequently, so even if I had managed to catch it, at this point I would have made around a two hour journey for, well, only about two hours there with how late it was getting.

It didn’t seem worth it to me so I turned back and have decided to try and go again later in the year – in the day, this time!

Instead I went back to another vegan restaurant I wanted to try; Chaostheorie Berlin. The tiny eatery is popular for serving vegan junk food and delicious vegan cocktails. When I visited, there was a set menu and I tried a vegan kebab with chips. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten – how they re-created a kebab as vegan I’ll have no idea but I kind of wished I had longer in Berlin so I could have gone back again and again. The low-lighting and steady pace of house music suggested that this place turns into a popular location for after-work drinks too, so next time I’m in Berlin I’ll certainly be making another visit.

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On my last day in Berlin, I didn’t actually do much. I planned to go to Beelitz-Heilstatten – a creepy abandoned bunch of run down old buildings which include a hospital where Hitler was once treated. I love anything weird and creepy so I was super excited for this, but my Google maps took me the wrong way entirely, and then I got kicked off the train for not having a right ticket (even though it was checked previously with no trouble), then I got off the train and tried to buy a new one at a tiny station but the machine wasn’t working, then I got confused with everything being in German and missed my next two trains which were FOURTY MINUTES apart, so I spent at least a good three hours just getting on and off of trains and slowly freezing, ha. After an almost breakdown and a tearful phone call to my ex where I all but screamed at him ‘THIS IS YOUR FAULT, IF YOU HAD COME WITH ME I WOULDN’T BE LOST RIGHT NOW’, I eventually made it back to the original station, popped into Aldi for some snacks and got the correct train back into Berlin.

So my last day was a fail, but I managed to do a bit of clothes shopping until I had to get to the airport, so at least it wasn’t a complete fail.

Overall though, apart from the places I didn’t get to go, and the evenings where I had nothing to do, it was a good few days away. Berlin is a really great place with lots to do and see and it’s fairly cheap too, so I’d love to go back, perhaps in the summer so that I can benefit from some of it’s beautiful parks. I definitely felt that there were a lot of things I didn’t have time to do, but all in all, I did enough for my short break away and enjoyed my time travelling alone.

Have you ever been to Berlin? Let me know!


A new year brings anticipation for the year ahead and January is certainly the time to start looking towards any travel plans or holidays for the year. Just after Christmas is the best time to start researching, mapping out any savings plans and, quite possibly, booking up any deals that may be discounted. I’ve thought a lot about my travel adventures in 2018 lately and although I’m still looking for some inspiration, here’s what I’m set on.

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Much like many other travel bloggers, I have plans to cut back and budget my money/travelling better this year by doing lots of smaller short breaks if possible. First up is Berlin at the end of the month which is already booked thanks to a cheap deal discovered on Wowcher. It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go for around a year now but when I saw the deal included entry into Tropical Islands – an amazing indoor faux beach with real sand and summer-like temperatures, I was sold. I’ve wanted to go to Tropical Islands for years now, so that’ll be another thing booked off my bucket list within the first month of 2018!

Iceland seems doable this year if I budget right. I haven’t researched a lot into this but I know I definitely want to visit Blue Lagoon and, if travelling in a couple, I’d like to pencil in a couple of nights in one of the transparent igloos in the hope of spotting the Northern Lights.

Being that my week off at the end of the month was meant to be spent in Romania (now that I’m no longer going, I booked Berlin instead!), I still really want to go, perhaps in the summer. I’ll be sad to miss visiting the beautiful country in the snow, but after our adventures there last year, I feel like I know enough to navigate the cities alone. We saw a taster of a lot of places in the summer of 2017, so this year I might split it up and fly out two times a year for long weekends in a different city each time. LuckyTrip has tons of recommendations, but from past experiences I’d love to visit Bran and Cluj-Napoca again.

Vague, I know! Although I’m in no rush to visit my old uni town particularly again (since myself and a friend visited a couple of summers ago), there is a lot I’d like to see and re-visit ‘up north’ and in Tyne and Wear/surrounding areas. I’d like to spend a little longer in Newcastle and spend some time in Durham, as well as fit in a visit to Alnwick Castle again. I’d really like to visit Beamish too, and The Forbidden Corner, as both of these places I wanted to visit when I was studying in Sunderland but never got the chance to.

Another vague one, but I’d like to visit some more places in Europe like Dublin, Budapest, Amsterdam etc. I’m set on visiting Edinburgh for next New Year’s Eve, but I’m hoping if I can budget probably I can maybe do a little bit of interrailing, if not this summer then next.

I’ve gone for the more cheaper ideas for 2018 and haven’t even thought about a ‘proper’ summer holiday, as I think smaller city breaks are going to be ideal for me this year. I think I’ll get some sun when I visit Romania but as a whole, smaller and budget adventures are appealing to me a lot more right now, as opposed to lavish beach holidays! Still, I am keeping my eye out on anymore TrekAmerica tours too!

What are your travel plans for 2018? Let me know!