The weekend has been absolutely beautiful towards the end of this week and damn am I feeling it. I’ve swapped my jeans for skirts, my scarf for sunglasses and have generally just been feeling those summer vibes. Luckily, TOBI were kind enough to send me some products to help keep me on trend for summer 2018.

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The first thing I chose was this edgy Turn Up The Night Pleather Skirt. Though not summery, I thought it was the type of item that is pretty versatile so could be dressed up with some feminine accessories and maybe a floral top to help transition it to a summer skirt. Likewise, the bold buttons and length of the skirt make it ideal for winter too, albeit with a thick pair of tights!

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Fashion | Prepping for summer with TOBI | Clothes | Summer Fashion | TOBI Fashion | Turn Up The Night Pleather Skirt |

The moment I laid eyes on this skirt I knew it would be ideal for my upcoming Fall Out Boy gig. I chose to pair it with a thin, off the shoulder top I bought when in Mexico, and dressed it up with appropriate accessories and a pair of biker boots. Above, I re-created the outfit with more versatile sandles (firstly because I was super drunk at Fall Out Boy so didn’t manage to get any decent photos and secondly just to show how it can work for a day time look too).

I don’t own many skirts so this is perfect due to how versatile it is.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Fashion | Prepping for summer with TOBI | Clothes | Summer Fashion | TOBI Fashion | Sonya Strappy Skater Dress

I was also lucky enough to receive this beautiful Sonya Strappy Skater Dress which has the most stunning shape to it and is perfect for summer. I love the way it hugs my curves and the fact that it’s just the right length too. The back is what makes the dress though, making it very flirty. Though you wouldn’t be able to wear a standard bra with this, it’s ideal for hot days when you don’t really want to.

The material is super soft and overall it’s just a really lovely dress that may look basic from the front but has that extra oomph from the back. It’s available in a few different colours but I chose this beautiful bright blue as, again, it’s really versatile. I love how it looks with the sandals too.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Fashion | Prepping for summer with TOBI | Clothes | Summer Fashion | TOBI Fashion | Yours Truly Tassel Earrings

Finally I also received these lovely Yours Truly Tassel Earrings – aren’t the pastel colours beautiful?! I’ve worn these so much since receiving them as as great they look with the above dress, they really spruce up any basic outfit. Many a times I’ve gone into work with jeans and a t-shirt but felt really fashionable and on trend with these.

Overall I’m over the moon with my goodies from TOBI. From the strappy skater dress ideal for hot days spent in the sun, to the plush and edgy skirt which works great in winter too, I couldn’t be more pleased. Although I will admit it was very hard to narrow it down to these few items – there is so much beautiful stuff I want from the website!

Do you like the items I picked? Do you shop with TOBI? Let me know!

“Please note, although I received these items for review purposes all thoughts and opinions are entirely honest and my own.


I don’t know about you but one of my aims this year is to focus more on fashion and my style – and to create a personalized look that works for me.

I used to dress quite emo/rock chick when I was younger, then when I first started working at H&M, my style became a little more fashionable (which is a given when working in a clothes store!). Then when I moved to working in an office, comfort became key. Now that I’m back at H&M, I’m definitely leaning towards more on-trend stuff, but I still go from days where I want to over-accessorize, have my make-up on point and gravitate towards fitted and colourful clothing, to days where I just want to throw on jeans and an oversized jumper. Such is life.

It’s hard to find a total balance (although planning out outfits the night before helps!), but there are some small steps you can take to create an all round individual look that works for you – even on the days when you just want to dress lazy.

Formidable Joy - UK Lifestyle Blog | Fashion | Small ways to nail an individual look in 2018 | Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog

Buying in bulk helps a lot. If you want to go for a more simple look, places like H&M do a fab basics range where you can pick up t-shirts, vest tops, jumpers and more in a variety of colours for cheap. If you want something more classic, stock up on fitted t-shirts or blouses in a range of different colours and patterns – even if the style is exactly the same. Prefer something edgy? Oversized jumpers and tops always work well when you’re aiming for a look that’s a bit different – likewise, picking up some cheap basic tops but then distressing them, rolling up the sleeves or causing a few rips or tears in them can easily turn a basic outfit into something more defined and specific.

Regardless of what look you’re going for with your clothes, makeup (and hair) comes into account too. Minimal nude shades on the eyes and a simple pastel lip works well with any outfit, but if you want a specific look, why not perfect the perfect cat eye to wear on a day to day basis or be the one at work who always wears a bold and bright lipstick? How you do your makeup is also a great way to show off individual style.

Customized clothing is making a comeback. You can pick up iron on patches almost anywhere these days – and online too – and these work well on tops, denim jackets and accessories like backpacks too. Screen printing t-shirts works as well – gone are the days when customized clothing meant dodgy phrases or childlike drawings – now you can practically create your own unique clothing line! Song lyrics always work great on t-shirts..!

Formidable Joy - UK Lifestyle Blog | Fashion | Small ways to nail an individual look in 2018 | Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog

Of course, not everything has to fit in with a specific style – just because you like to dress in band t-shirts and ripped jeans doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a beautiful and colourful dress. But it’s definitely worth thinking about tops before you buy them for example – though you may like the look of one, does it really have anything to go with in your wardrobe?

Finally, it’s worth taking photos of what you wear on a day to day basis. Tons of apps and websites are great for this – I particularly love the app Today I’m Wearing – and this is a great way to look back and analyze what worked and what didn’t. This is also a great way to have a staple few setups that you know you can always come back to. If one outfit looks particularly great, hang it all together in your wardrobe for those mornings where you haven’t planned what to wear or can’t think.

Personalizing your style – whether that’s toning up a style in the making or creating a new style altogether -certainly takes time and costs money. The best way to do it is to buy classic pieces bit by bit (maybe just when they’re in the sale etc) whilst phasing out what you no longer wear – sell old stuff on eBay for example. Hopefully by 2019 you’ll have a set style or look that everyone knows you for!

Do you have a set style or do you just wear whatever you feel like? Let me know!

*Please note, this is a sponsored post but all views and opinions are entirely my own.


This post has been a long time coming for many different reasons. Reason one being that my ex boyfriend’s post constantly goes haywire and/or missing, so what should have taken a few days for this particular package of clothing to arrive actually took nearly a month before being sent back to the depot without even having reached our door. The second reason was Christmas, lolz. And the third reason was that my (ex) boyfriend and I broke up just after Christmas and have been going through the motions of trying-and-failing to be civil/friends/find time to actually shoot a proper look regarding this post.

But I digress. When Jacamo clothing got in touch asking if we (or my boyfriend at the time anyway) would be happy to review some clothes, I was intrigued as I’ve never really featured men’s fashion on Formidable Joy before. I was more than happy to introduce this feature though and with my ex leaving me in the hands of picking what we were sent to review, I swiftly chose three items based on the fashion of Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots/rockstars everywhere.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Fashion | Fashioning my ex-boyfriend into a rockstar with Jacamo clothing | Jacamo | Mens Fashion

I picked a classic Jacamo Buffalo check shirt, a Williams & Brown parker jacket and a Joe Browns Xmas Stag shirt because it’s the closest thing I could get to quirky-but-not-feminine-geeky-print and it was great for Christmas.

First of all, the stag shirt was a hit at Christmas. Though the pattern/design was a bit out there for what my ex would normally wear, it really suited him and had the desired effect of looking edgy/scenester geeky rather than just, y’know, geeky. He paired it with skinny fit jeans and, later in the day, an oversized cardigan, bringing the look together. It worked really well and if he’d just worn a pair of fake black-rimmed glasses, he would have looked like he’d come from Brooklyn (or, closer to home, Shoreditch).

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Fashion | Fashioning my ex-boyfriend into a rockstar with Jacamo clothing | Jacamo | Mens Fashion

The check shirt was probably his favourite item and looked great as it’s so versatile. Worn with skinny fit jeans and converse it looked ideal, but he’s worn it a few times since underneath a plain cardigan and also unbuttoned with a vest underneath. The short sleeves makes it just that bit smarter too, meaning it can easily be worn for smart/casual.

Finally, the parker jacket has been ideal for winter. Although a little baggy, Vincent has loved that it’s a bit bigger as he dislikes wearing coats too tight or fitted. He’s worn it a lot since it’s arrival and commented how thick and comfortable it is, keeping him super warm in the cold weather.

Though the stag shirt will likely only be worn at Christmas time, both the check shirt and parker jacket are the type of items that can work all year round – even together! The parker jacket makes Vincent look like the body double of Tyler Joseph too, which I totally dig of course. What a rock star.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Fashion | Fashioning my ex-boyfriend into a rockstar with Jacamo clothing | Jacamo | Mens Fashion

Overall, we were both super pleased with the items from Jacamo. Everything fitted really well and was high quality – the parker jacket is something that will last for years and years for example and I’ve been told that Vincent plans to keep it as his go-to winter coat from here on out.

The clothing doubled up perfectly as a birthday/Christmas present for Vincent and I think I’ll be re-visiting the site later this year for my brother’s birthday too. With such affordable prices – and a variety of brands such as Adidas,  Joe Browns and Vans, any man in your life will be spoilt for choice.

Have you ever brought from Jacamo before? What do you think of what we chose? Let me know!

*Please note, although this post includes PR samples, all views and opinions are entirely our own.


One of my New Year’s Resolutions – and blogging goals – was to focus on my blog’s Tumblr a little more. Only, of course, a lot of you may not even know what Tumblr is. Do you use Tumblr?

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The creative photo sharing website is much like WeHeartIt (oh the good old days of WeHeartIt!) or Pinterest, where people share their photography, videos, writing, art and more. Overall though, it can be incredibly inspiring. After five minutes of scrolling through, you could find yourself facing beautiful photographs of nature, stunning makeup art and bang on trend outfit details.

Therefore I set up a Tumblr a long time ago to coincide with the blog – and took time to carefully tag each image I reposted so that along the top you could click on what you wanted to see for inspiration, whether that be makeup, accessories, fashion etc.

Currently, it’s primarily geared towards fashion and beauty, but in future I might use it to share quotes, travel photos etc.

I used to link to the website with every post on this blog but when I stopped using Tumblr and reblogging (and forgot my log in details!), I fell behind. Now I’m back posting again however, so if you’re looking for beauty or fashion based inspiration, have a look and give me a follow! Drop your links below and I’ll follow you back too. I would definitely love some new people to follow.

You can find the Formidable Joy Tumblr at!


In light of my first LOTW in like, ten years (okay, I lie, a few years!), I must admit I’ve slowly gotten back into blogging about fashion. So when JD Williams got in touch to ask me if I wanted to review a few of their items, I was pleased as punch!

I’ve definitely gotten more into fashion again since working at H&M again too, choosing to style and mix up my outfits more instead of just choosing clothes based on comfort.

It didn’t take me long to decide what I wanted from JD Williams; two cute jumpers for winter and a gorgeous feminine pair of winter boots. I only really have ‘biker’ boots or my Converse to wear during winter, so I knew a more durable but stylish pair of ankle boots would go down well.

I’ve wanted a pair of boots like this for a while but could never find a pair quite right and I was always worried they’d end up being uncomfortable. These ones are a dream though; they’re really warm and comfy on the inside, keeping my toes nice and toasty. They’re super versatile too and you barely notice the heel. My feet only started to ache a little after a long day walking around Waddesdon Manor, which is a feat for me as usually any form of heel has my feet in pain within the hour!

Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Fashion | Stepping into winter with JD Williams | JD Williams
I also chose this sweet Oasis embroidered jumper. I bought a lot of thick and oversized jumpers for work recently so I thought it would be wise to pick a lighter and more stylish jumper for days out or when the weather isn’t too cold. Floral embroidery is really in right now so not only is this jumper really versatile but it’s bang on trend too. It has a sweet bow detail at the back and I also love the ruffle cuffs; so simple but sweet.
Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Fashion | Stepping into winter with JD Williams | JD Williams
As well as the black floral jumper, I also chose a looser light blue one with similar cuffs. This one is really soft and girly which I like and it’s so simple but stylish that I wish I’d ordered it in a few other colours too! It’s a really comfy fit and although it looks bright in the photos, in reality it’s not so harsh on the eyes and is more like a versatile icy blue – perfect for winter.

Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Fashion | Stepping into winter with JD Williams | JD Williams
Overall, I’m really pleased with my picks. They’re good quality timeless pieces and I’ll certainly be getting a lot of wear out of them this winter. I think JD Williams are fast becoming one of my new favourite brands too – especially for footwear!
What do you think? Have you ever styled anything from JD Williams before? Let me know! 
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