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Milton Keynes Date Spot: The Pixel Bunker

Retro arcade games and memorabilia at The Pixel Bunker, Milton Keynes.

Are you looking for a really quirky date spot in Milton Keynes? I’ve got you covered. Read on to learn all about the retro arcade, The Pixel Bunker.

You wouldn’t guess it, but Milton Keynes is filled with fun date ideas – if you know where to look! And if you want somewhere that’s really fun and quirky, then look no further than The Pixel Bunker.

My boyfriend took me to The Pixel Bunker earlier this year for a retro Valentine’s Date – even paired with sneaking in our own alcoholic drinks disguised in soft drink bottles – just like we were teenagers again (sorry to the owners!). It was such a cool date that was heaps of fun, totally affordable and something a little bit different (so, right up my street!).

The Pixel Bunker is a retro arcade, filled with vintage video games, situated along Secklow Gate. It’s on the same premises as the National Film and Sci-Fi Museum (more info on that below).

Though it’s small – and tucked away – this treasure trove arcade is actually home to nearly 100 fully restored original arcade machines.

Inside, you’ll find Dance Dance Revolution (I could have spent hours on this alone!), Pac-man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and more!

Oh, and did I mention that once you buy your ticket, all the games are free? Three-hour gaming sessions cost just cost £13.50 per person and once you’re in, you have unlimited gameplay of all the games available.

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Retro arcade games and memorabilia at The Pixel Bunker, Milton Keynes.
More retro arcade games and memorabilia at The Pixel Bunker, Milton Keynes.

We both loved our date night there. Many of the games could be played together and I think we tried just about every game on offer. I even got a high score on the Indiana Jones game, which I never knew even existed. I’ve never had a high score on a game, so I was pretty excited to key in my initials!

I personally felt that the three-hour time slot was just right.

The room itself is slightly small but never too crowded thanks to the ability to book sessions. When we visited, we didn’t have to wait to play any games we wanted to. However, even if we had, there was enough choice to keep us busy on other games. At times, the room did feel a bit hot and stuffy though (I did play a lot of the dance machine!), but we could easily pop outside for some fresh air. The setting is also quite quirky and has a real vintage feel to it, with cool memorabilia lining the walls.

You can come and go as you please during your session and at the entrance you can buy soft drinks and snack food. The entrance is also part of the National Film and Sci-Fi Museum so is themed with more memorabilia, and there are bathrooms downstairs, one of which is accessible, alongside an accessible lift.

This retro arcade is right beside the National Film and Sci-Fi Museum. This museum is also really fun and would make for a perfect daytime date (then followed by the Pixel Bunker). However, at this current time, they do not offer combined tickets.

There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat before or after around Secklow Gate and the centre of Milton Keynes is a mere five-minute drive away should you want to head into the Hub for food or drinks after. There’s also lots of parking just outside for as little as 50p an hour.

If you love gaming or want to experience a date that’s a bit different – or even feel like a teenager again, playing in the arcade! – I would definitely recommend The Pixel Bunker.

Have you ever been to The Pixel Bunker? What’s your favourite date to go on in Milton Keynes? Let me know!

The Pixel Bunker
34 Secklow Gate West, Milton Keynes, MK9 3AT
£13.50 for a three-hour session
Soft food and drink available to purchase, accessible toilet on-site and parking from 50p per hour.

Date type: Quirky, Vintage, Affordable.

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