When I first watched the trailer for Happy Anniversary on Netflix, I knew it was my type of movie. Indie, fun and sweet enough to qualify as a romcom. But as it’s hard to find a decent indie movie, I wasn’t expecting too much. Five minutes into the movie, however, I was proven wrong and I soon realized that I related to this entire movie.

Happy Anniversary begins, more or less, with couple Molly and Sam who wake up on the morning of their third anniversary and are forced to take a hard look at their relationship when Molly admits she is not happy.

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Molly feels under-appreciated in her relationship, whereas Sam argues that she never really lets herself fall in love entirely. Sam likes to keep their issues to themselves, but Molly sees it as Sam caring more about what other people think than who he should really be caring about (her).

The couple look back at the last three years – the highs such as their top rated nights of sex to the lowest of the low with petty arguments and name calling – as they try to work out whether it’s worth staying together or calling it quits.

What I love most about this movie is that it teaches us that to be a slightly disfunctional and f*cked up relationship is okay – in fact, it’s normal. We’re so used to seeing picture perfect relationships in movies where someone makes a small mistake but it’s okay because the couple talk it through, have hot makeup/angry sex and then it’s all okay again. People almost have perfect fights in movies, fights that don’t really matter.

This might work for some people but it’s not legit. In relationships, sometimes a person can drive you so mad that you feel like you’re on the brink of dumping them. In Happy Anniversary, Sam even utters the words ‘The only time I’ll be happy again is when you’re dead’. It’s shocking and harsh, but in a way, it’s almost a normal thing for a fighting couple to say.

I found that this movie was so damn refreshing. I’ve spent so long in toxic relationships in the past, listening to friends and family telling me that they’re not right for me and that I deserve better, failing to see that in actual fact, when not fighting, those people actually made me happy.

Sometimes I feel like people – and myself included – fall in love with the idea and notion of perfect relationships so that when a relationship ends up imperfect, we automatically assume it’s not right and that we deserve better. Few people are willing to put up with the sh*t and the bad stuff that comes along in relationships – so few people are willing to fight.

In the movie, Molly talks about how hard being in a relationship is. I’ve grown up on the idea that when you’re with the right person then relationships are simply easy. But they’re not. Just because a relationship gets hard, doesn’t mean it’s not right. It doesn’t mean this person is less perfect for you than the person before who may have made things easy.

The couple find themselves weighing up the options of whether or not they should stay and make a go of it. My god was this an accurate look at most of my relationships! I won’t spoil the ending for you, but one conversation they have near the end is to say that if they stay together it won’t be easy and they probably will continue to argue. But when you love someone that much it’s worth it, right?

I also loved the actors in this movie. Both Noël Wells (Molly) and Ben Schwartz (Sam) are warm and loveable but have really sweet chemistry on screen. I also particularly loved the character of Sam’s best friend – Ed – who is hilarious. He’s all your friends rolled into one, when you have an argument with your other half – he’s by your side till death, proclaiming his hate and that you can do better but as soon as he sees you’re genuinly happy he begrudgingly gives in because ultimately it’s your happiness that he’s most concerned about.

But ultimately, I just loved that this light hearted movie was a really fun take on a realistic relationship and that it’s taught me that as long as you know your worth and know a relationship is worth it, dysfunctional relationships or relationships filled with doubts and worry aren’t always a bad thing.

Have you ever seen this movie? Would you watch it? Let me know!


Today on the blog I have something a little different and that’s a review of a sweet little short film called Uncle Marty.

It’s actually produced, written and directed by my talented friend, Thomas Young, who I once met drunk on a night out years and years ago but who has done so many talented things related to film over the years.

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In fact, Thomas and the team behind Uncle Marty have even entered the short film into film festivals Drunken Film Festival, The Shortest Nights and Bedford Film Festival.

Uncle Marty sees a brother and sister travel across England to say their final goodbyes to their Uncle Marty, but, of course, not everything goes to plan. With the two characters being pressed for time and rushing across the country to reach the funeral in time, we see the siblings react to the possibility of missing the funeral but also the realisation of losing someone so close to them and someone they look up to.

Though the film is short, it packs a lot into the ten minutes or so of viewing time, and Katie Queue and William Lester genuinly draw the audience in and offer a lot of emotion. Their excellent performances bounce well of off each other – Tim, played by William, offers a humorous character you can’t help but love, whereas Penny is worried and tense at first but entirely relatable as the more serious of the two siblings.

I have to mention the locations too. The opening shots take place at Leagrave train station (somewhere close to home for me!) but later scenes take place in the breathtaking New Forest. What a beautiful place!

The whole piece has some real beautiful camera shots, courtesy of Daniel Read as the cinematographer, making it more than just a movie and much like a work of art too.

Uncle Marty is a really short but sweet film that will make you laugh but will also get you thinking about the memories left behind by someone once they’re gone.

Here’s hoping the film does well at the festivals – it certainly deserves it.

Check it out and let me know what you think with a comment below.


I’m at the stage in the break up now where I’m flitting between making plans with everyone left, right and centre – not wanting to spend a single evening at home alone – and making pit stops to Tesco on the way home from work to grab Ben & Jerry’s, Amaretto and general junk food for some seriously corny romance movies. What can I say? Rom-coms help store my faith in love again..!

I love a good rom-com, but I also enjoy any indie gems too – as well as the really romantic-corny-snot-into-your-tissue type of movie. Basically, I like a good mix, but the best part is that the majority of these movies still leave me feeling somewhat hopeful after the credits roll.

Here are some of my favourite romance movies that are just perfect for that stage of a break up.

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Like Crazy is one of those movies that you’ve probably missed, despite starring big names such as Anton Yelchin (RIP), Felicity Jones and Jennifer Lawrence. It tells the story of Anna and Jacob who shyly fall in love when Anna is studying in LA. Despite falling deeply in love with each other, it’s not long before Anna has to return back home to the UK and thus a long distance relationship begins. If you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship, you’ll agree that this movie has gotten the gut wrenching pain of being so far apart from someone you love down to a tee. It’s beautifully tragic and will help you realize that love definitely isn’t easy and love isn’t always enough.

Oh my gosh. This may be one of the corniest movies ever but it’s so bad that it’s good. It’s pretty damn hard to find online these days (and it’s also known as You Instead), but it’s worth the search if you’re looking for that all consuming-totally-unbelievable-love. It follows two rockstars – Adam and Morello – who are both performing at T In The Park festival (where the film is set, featuring lots of cameo roles), who hate each other but get handcuffed together (yes, really). The story follows them in real time as they spend the evening trying to find a way out, taking to the stage and eventually finding few and fleeting moments together throughout.

I don’t really need to explain this one but guaranteed you’ll be sobbing your little heart out by the end of the movie, crying out ‘WHY CAN’T I FIND A LOVE LIKE THAT’.

I still don’t entirely get this movie, but it’s one of those ones that sort of make you happy to be alone again, because it helps you realize that you should never really settle. It’s a real oddball type of movie but, if anything, it taught me that extraordinary love is the best and if you haven’t got that then maybe it’s just better to be alone.

Revert back to your teenage self and relish in this classic. Cultural? Tick: the movie is based on a Shakespeare play. All star cast? Tick. The film features Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Kick ass female lead? You got it. Julia Stiles’ character Kat was who all us alternative girls looked up to when we were teenagers – she didn’t take sh*t from no one. The film also includes that all important musical number/romantic display of affection, beyond cute ‘first kiss’ (that made me want to try paintballing) and an amazing soundtrack. Need I say more?

Another gem featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt – opposite  Zooey Deschanel in the noteworthy manic pixie dream girl role, this popular indie rom-com is almost a giant ‘f*ck you’ towards traditional romance – but somehow still leaves you with that fuzzy feeling inside. This is great to watch when you’re finally seeing your previous relationship through new eyes – at last you realize it wasn’t always amazing and, more often than not, your ex was kinda a douche. But hey, life goes on, and this movie proves it. It’ll also make you want to visit IKEA (alone) if you haven’t in a while..

Believe in that first love feeling again. This cute movie follows a couple who go on an epic night time adventure all over New York whilst falling for each other in the process (and misreading each other’s actions). It’s really sweet and will leave you pining for a fun night out – plus the soundtrack is one of the best movie soundtracks ever.

I don’t think this movie did too well commercially, but it’s super funny and is ideal for that stage when you’re feeling really petty about your ex. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn who try to survive the living conditions of still sharing an apartment post break up.

This movie is a total girls movie and perfect to watch with friends. It’s a romantic comedy spy film starring  Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy. Is it moving? No. Does it have some life lessons behind it? Not really. But it’s still really bloody good, even if you just watch it to perv on Chris Pine and Tom Hardy and fantasize about them fighting over you.

This stage of the break up calls for yummy junk food and lots of movies like the ones above, am I right? Have I missed any out?

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What are your go-to rom-coms to watch when newly single? Let me know.

*Please note, this is a sponsored post but all views and opinions are entirely my own.


Sometimes you just need to switch off from the world and watch an engaging film. Every once in a while, it’s near impossible to choose said film, whether it’s because you don’t know what you’re in the mood for or maybe you can’t think of any decent romcoms/horrors/action films you haven’t already seen.

I’ve been trying to catch up with a bunch of movies lately, most of them I saw the trailers for years ago and made a note of but never got around to seeing. Most of them are easy watching but are also offbeat and/or engaging at the same time. I also think a lot of them are relatively unheard of or are at least nowhere near as popular as big blockbusters that have come out at the cinema.
So if you’re looking for something random to watch or perhaps something new you’ve not heard of before today – here are 5 films I can recommend.

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This film is really out there and I guess a lot of it is quite hard to believe but it’s still quite a fun movie and I like the ideas behind it. It’s cute and offbeat, even if parts of it are hard to believe. It’s all about a man called Leo, who’s life is kinda going backwards until he falls in love with a girl called Colette – on her wedding day. It’s a recipe for disaster, but his cute-come-stalkerish attempts to woe her are sweet in some ways (as in he doesn’t give up), and it’s also based on a novel written by Tim Sandlin (which is referenced in the movie). Plus, it stars Ryan Kwanten who is super hot.

I’d probably say this movie is only really upbeat for it’s refreshing and different take on the romance genre and although some parts are corny, overall it’s a feel good, quirky and witty movie. It stars Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie as two people who lose their virginity to each other and bump into each other again, years and years later at a meeting for sex addicts. Although some parts are predictable, the journey of their relationship is certainly different and interesting, and there are some more serious undertones like Alison’s relationship with someone who is married. It’s worth a watch if you’re bored of typical romcoms but still want a feel good happy ending.

I love this movie! The general premise is four strangers who want to commit suicide, but all meet on the same roof on New Year’s Eve to do so. The four strangers make a pact to at least wait until Valentine’s Day to do the deed and form an unlikely friendship. The film follows each of their lives and what happens after ‘nearly committing suicide’. It’s a really offbeat and heart warming film, plus it stars awesome actors such as Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette and my favourites, Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots. Plus it’s the kind of movie where you really don’t know where it’s going to go.

I’ve mentioned this film before but even though there are some parts that aren’t too great, overall I really like this film and again, it’s refreshing take on modern relationships. It mostly focuses on Alice (Dakota Johnson) trying to be single (okay, that much is obvious), but it has some real witty moments too and generally the whole message of the film is that it’s okay to be single and to be alone. I suppose this film was quite popular during its release, but its definitely a lot different than your average romcom/chick flick and I think a lot of people would have shied away from seeing it due to thinking it was just another romcom. Most chick flicks that are based around modern dating don’t really work well (*cough* He’s Just Not That Into You *cough*) but this one succeeds.

NERVE (2016)
Nerve is definitely one of your typical blockbuster/Hollywood movies, but it was a lot better than I expected it to be. I only really watched it for Dave Franco but it held my attention throughout, even if half the time I was calling all the characters dumbasses. It’s about an online reality app/game, where users complete dares to win money. Of course, they start off harmless before turning damn right stupid, at which point I found it hard to understand because users lose all their money once they fail or ignore a dare. Still, it was interesting and thrilling and got me thinking, especially about what I would do in the characters situations.

These are just five non-typical movies I’ve watched and liked lately, as well as wishing I’d discovered them sooner. Do you have any random movies you can suggest for when someone is bored and just can’t decide what they should watch? Let me know!

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I don’t know about you guys, but my only Valentine’s Day plans consist of finally ordering a massive greasy pizza (my first, since Veganuary, but in my defence I’m choosing a healthy one from Domino’s new italian range!), and sticking on some really disturbing and gory horror movies.

Seriously, how am I even still single?!
It’s not that I actively want to avoid the day or the idea behind it – because don’t get me wrong, I do love a good romcom – but on days like today I like saying a big ‘eff you’ to being single and watching the most-gory-and-least-lovey-dovey movie I can find.
If you’re like me and prefer to be sickened by blood and guts as opposed to overly romantic displays of affection today, then some of these movies will do the trick for you.
Forget 50 Shades Of Grey, we’re talking 50 Shades Of Gore here…

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Although this one is a remake, I think the 2004 version is still considered some sort of a classic among our millennial, as it’s usually one of the first horror movies a lot of people my age had seen. It’s still a treat to see this on TV these days.
The worst bit | This movie is pretty much blood and guts from start to finish, but the dead baby always gets me. I mean it’s more disturbing than gory, but still..

This one is a sure classic that not only managed to make people puke during their first showing of the film, but still manages to genuinely disturb to this day. Although it’s not gory per say, the gradual transformation of Regan is certainly disturbing, as is her language.
The worst bit | I’m gonna go out on a limb here – yes, most people would say *that* head scene, but for me, it’s seeing the possessed girl do some weird crab-crawl sh*t down the stairs that still spooks me out now.

I can’t pick just one film, but I can say watching them all back to back with tons of beer and pizza is pretty much an ideal date for a horror movie fanatic. Man do I wish I’d bought the box set to binge-watch them all today, even if the character of Jigsaw is hardly scary these days thanks to funny memes and that one video where he’s riding a childs bike and it just collapses beneath him…
The worst bit | Its been years since I’ve seen *any* of the Saw movies, but I’m probably going to say the trap where the man has to cut off his own foot in the first film. Yeah, the traps get more gory as the films go on, but this was still quite a shock as it was the first film in the series.

I haven’t seen the original, and I admit, this remake isn’t really amazing, but it’s right up there in terms of gore, especially if you watch the 3D version. I mean, there’s not a lot to be said about it really, but the links to Valentine’s Day means it’s a must watch this, er, Valentine’s Day, and it’s worth a watch alone just to perv on Jensen Ackles.
The worst bit | The crime scene involving the poor naked lady in the cheap motel. She just wanted to get laid, man…

EVIL DEAD (2013)
This is a firm favourite of mine and one that never fails to creep me out (or shock me). It’s disgustingly gory, even to the point where you can just tell the director has tried to gross out the audience as much as possible (but still living up to the storyline in that sense, not just a film with tons of gore and no storyline like some of the Final Destination movies). On the other hand, it’s genuinely a good movie, and Shiloh Fernandez provides excellent eye candy throughout. (Also, I’ve been told that although I haven’t seen all of the original’s, each and every one is a strong contender for one of the goriest movies of all time too!)
The worst bit | There’s so many overly gory bits in this movie, but, for me, there’s a bit towards the end involving a machete and a knee – that gets me every damn time. I still can’t watch it without having to turn away and shudder, and even just writing about it is making me feel uneasy.

Funny story – my sister and I saw this accidentally once. To this day I don’t know how it happened, but basically her boyfriend burned a lot of DVD’s for her and we went to put on some romcom and instead we were faced with this movie, which was…messed up to say the least. Although to be honest, this seems to happen to us a lot – I still remember I rented us 40 Days and 40 Nights expecting it to be a romcom and not filled with sex. Anyway. It’s about zombie chickens and took six years to get released.
The worst bit | I couldn’t even tell you. I couldn’t even get past the first half hour, but one day I will…!

It’s a bit dated now, but Resident Evil is one of those old favourites that you might not ever purchase on DVD, but simply love to watch when it’s broadcast on TV. There are lots of real messed up monsters in this movie, from The Licker to the inside out dogs, and, of course, Milla Jovovich absolutely slays in her role.
The worst bit | The laser scene. You all know which one I mean…

So there you have it. If you’re single this Valentine’s Day and you’re looking for a cheap and alternative way to spend your evening, there’s a choice of seven suitably gory movies perfect for a day like today…

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