One of the best things about having my own place is without a doubt being able to decorate it however I want and buy homeware items. I’m a huge fan of homeware accessories from places like TK Maxx and Primark, so when I visited Primark for a mooch one evening after work lately, I of course made a beeline for their home department.

Well, I actually planned to go in for a specific pair of pyjamas – which they didn’t have – and walked out with about £20 worth of other stuff – such is the way it always goes in Primark!

Here’s what I picked up.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | Mini Primark home & beauty haul

How cute/glam are these little cat ears? I’m actually not really one for this trend but these caught my eye and I just had to buy them because I think they’re actually quite sophisticated and glam with all the gems. I’m heading to Boomtown in August so these will be perfect for then.

I’m curious to try the lip kit out. The colour is gorgeous but being only £3.00 from Primark, I’m not expecting too much. I have heard good things about some of Primark’s makeup range though so maybe it’ll surprise me!

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | Mini Primark home & beauty haul

I also picked up some mascara, just because I saw The Dana Edit talking about how good some of Primark’s makeup is. I wanted to pick up the mascara she recommended but totally forgot what one it was, unfortunately. I do need a new mascara but don’t have a lot of cash to splash so this will do in the meantime.

At the till point, I also grabbed some hairbands and fake eyelashes.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | Mini Primark home & beauty haul

I also picked up these basic but cute baskets. I haven’t really jumped on the copper trend yet either but I couldn’t say no to these as they were so cute – plus for some reason the basket was down from £3.00 till £1.00 despite having nothing wrong with it. I don’t know where I’m going to put these though – I thought the copper basket would be good in my bathroom but there’s not really any space aha.

All this came to £17.00 – what a bargain! I got the basics (lipstick, mascara and headbands) and more, so all in all I think it was a pretty successful trip.

What do you think of my Primark haul? Let me know!


I’ve really been trying to save my pennies lately, but a girl can still lust after things, am I right? So I’ve put together a Wednesday wish list of homeware items I really cannot wait to get my hands on. I figured if I put them in a list, I can keep an eye on them and buy them when they go on sale or a discount code pops up, therefore saving me money! Smart, eh?

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | Wednesday Wish list

First of all, I’ve got my eye on one of these adorable vegan lunch bags. I actually have a really cool, um, My Little Pony lunchbox (I use it ironically and because it’s vintage, alright?!) but it’s pretty small and I actually need a bag to put it in. So when I spotted these I thought they were perfect! The bags also use recycled cotton and eco friendly ink, so you know as well as your lunch being vegan, the bag itself is super great for the environment.

I love this edgy but glam skull cup and saucer set. I mean it is pricey at £38 so I probably won’t end up parting with my hard earned cash for it but it is on my wish list now meaning hopefully someone will buy it for me as a flat warming/moving in gift. Plus all my plates and bowls are black (excellent choice from my brother) so this set would totally match everything else.

How cool is this bath mat?! I spotted it on the Urban Outfitters website (the last place I’d expect to find cool homeware) and fell in love with it immediately. I don’t even know if it would fit into my tiny bathroom but god help me if there’s a way I will find it, even if it means trimming/cutting the bathmat down. Plus I do actually honestly need a bathmat. I swear. My nan would totally hate it. But that’s the benefit of having your own place!

These tall moroccan candle holders are really edgy and cool. I’ve blogged about my love for Little Lies before but have yet had the chance to buy something from their website. They’re only £9 each which makes them a total steal, and I know a tall black candle from Tiger would look ace in one of these. I say this because I always buy black candles from Tiger (it’s the only place I know that does black candles) but never buy the tall black ones as I never have any holders to put them in. Problem solved.

Finally, I’ve had my eye on these milo deer heads for what seems like years now, ever since I spotted one for sale during a trip to Amsterdam. I love them and think they’re so funky – they’re really pretty and the fact that they’re cardboard and not actual deer heads is even better! They come in so many beautiful designs (and sizes) I kinda want them all. I think I’ll get this one first and stick it above my bed..

What do you think of my wish list? Would you buy anything from it for your own place?


With moving day fast approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to share what inspiration I’ve been looking at for when the time comes. We’ve been up to the flat and have begun to work out what’s going to go where and even what’s staying and now it’s pretty much a waiting game. Once we’re both offered jobs in the area, we’re able to move in.

Luckily it’s looking to be that this will be sooner rather than later, but it has also given me enough time to start finding some inspiration for what everything will look like..


I absolutely adore this cute – yet also sophisticated – drinks trolley. I love how they’re making a total comeback and being that my boyfriend is a bartender and loves the art of creating cocktails – and I’m all about the little things – it seems an obvious choice to have one of these! I have tons of pretty cups I’ve purchased over the years and colourful straws too, so it shouldn’t cost too much to create a mini bar/drinks trolley.


The bathroom is pretty small so I think this space saving hack is going to be a great idea to find a place for all that bathroom junk and necessities. It’ll be a great way to store razors, toothpaste and things like that. Also, mason jars are super cheap from places like Wilkinsons, IKEA, Hobbycraft etc so this will cost next to nothing to put together.


Ahhh. I’m finally going to have a permanent blogging space! Although I have my own blogging space at my boyfriend’s flat (as there’s not enough room for a desk in my room at home), this has been great but has left me struggling on the days I’m not there. I am so over blogging from my bed now. Of course the best part about living together is just, well, y’know, living together but it’ll be so nice to have a constant blogging space that I can come back to all the time. I love the look of the space above. Small shelves to help display motivational prints are always a good idea, as well as a nice lamp.

These are just some small ideas I have – simple projects that can be taken on once we move in. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about the big stuff. Most of the furniture is being left behind, including a huge sofa, a fridge freezer and pretty much a fully stocked kitchen – perfect! It’s just the little stuff left to buy.

**Please note, this is a sponsored post but all views and opinions are entirely my own.

“Futhermore, all these images have been taken from Pinterest with the sources listed beneath each. You can view the full board here. I do not claim to own these images in any way.


So, without wanting to jinx things, plans have been put in place for me to move out (of my family home) and into my own place, depending on time and job applications. However, it’s a nice feeling to know that this is in my near future and it’s a goal to work towards if things don’t work out right away. And so I wanted to talk about making a house a home today (well, a flat, but you get my drift).

Depending on time, budget and whether you’re renting or buying, there’s only so much you can do with a place to make it your own and to make it feel homely. I’ve thought for a long time about what I would do and how I would decorate should I ever move out, but now that it’s a near possibility, I’ve been putting more thought into the smaller details.

Here are some things I’d like to do/have when that time comes.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Home | How to make a house a home | Interior

This one is an obvious choice and as I already have a stunning desk for blogging, all I have to do is dedicate a space for this desk and add some inspiring prints to the walls and accessories in the area. Ideally I’d like this space to be located somewhere that gets lots of natural light, but near a radiator to keep warm and toasty too. Luckily, I’ve been pinning desk/blog area ideas on Pinterest for years now so when the time comes, I think I’ll be well off for inspiration!

Whether that’s an area, a huge comfy armchair or just somewhere warm, a reading nook is a must. Currently I read my books in bed and that’s it. To have a cosy chair would be ideal, but I also want a chair that stands out too. I always like the look of the bright and edgy ones in TK Maxx, so this is an idea!

Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted a snack drawer beneath my bed filled with crisps, (vegan) chocolate and sweets. The idea of being able to eat these snacks at all times of night – when my cravings appear – without having to get up and go downstairs or risking disturbing someone has always appealed to me. As it goes, since I’ll be moving out, this is no longer necessary really as I’ll have no one to disturb, but I still love the idea of all my favourite snacks being in within reach without me having to even get out of bed! At the moment, my drawer  only holds jeans…

Nothing too over the top of course but I’d like one wall for some photos/memorabilia and perhaps a scratch off travel map to keep count of my travels! I’m not sure how I’ll do this wall, but some ideas are lots of polaroid photos or odd and random sized photos in funky frames so everything is mismatched. Unfortunately I’m not great at this type of thing, so I’ll be enlisting my sisters help when the time comes to decorate/theme a room.

I’ll never grow up and have a matching cutlery/plate/mug set. Never. I’ll probably buy a few different random sets, but I want all my own mugs like my many unicorn ones for example! Favourite mugs are always a fail-safe way to make somewhere feel homely – you can’t feel at home having a cuppa in a mug that’s not your own, it’s just a fact!

There are other things I would love of coursebut are definitely not achievable at this time. For example, if I had a house, I would love a jacuzzi bath (my dad said my room will always be here though so I’m welcome to come back and use this one!), a conservatory overlooking a green garden (outdoor hot tub and/or pool optional!) and a hidden cinema room in the basement. If only I were rich..!

What would your dream home have?! Let me know!

*Please note, this is a sponsored post but all views and opinions are entirely my own.


Back in October, I was lucky enough to receive my own desk from Kit Out My Office and it’s still one of my favourite blogging perks ever!

Having my own space and desk to blog at is such a great thing, I really appreciate having somewhere to call just mine at my boyfriend’s place so I’ve been over the moon with this desk.

However, when the desk arrived, I obviously wanted to get a review post up as soon as possible so back then, the desk wasn’t as personalized (or looking as pretty!) as it is now. Therefore I thought I’d do an update post (as I said I might) to show you all what it looks like now and to also talk about how it’s held up.

Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | Home | Desk update with Kit Out My Office | Kit Out My Office | Blogger Space | Desk | Review
So because my boyfriend lives in a shared flat with some of his colleagues, we (well he) was moved to the smaller room recently, which has actually turned out to be a good thing. We’ve moved some furniture around to make more space, and I have the perfect little corner for my desk – plus a wall!

I have yet to get something sturdy enough to attach my board to the wall so for the meantime, this cute little wire board from Primark just leans against the back wall. I only have on it one postcard from Paperchase so far, and I have left the others that came with it as they’re cute. This will be updated with inspiring prints and photos soon, hopefully.

Above that and to the left is a hanging bag set I got from Wish, which we both use just to store small bits and bobs like my hairbands, his vape stuff etc. Next to that is a sticker I stole from him, ha.

Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | Desk update with Kit Out My Office | Kit Out My Office | Blogger Space | Desk | Review
On the desk, I still have my week planner and my magazine holder, which is now filled with recipes, magazines, notebooks etc. I’ve added a fake succulent plant (also from Primark and just until I can trust myself to keep a real one alive), another cute (currently unopened) candle from Vinegar Hill and a jar full of gold paperclips from Wilkinson’s. I don’t use them, they just look stylish.

I picked up this colourful pencil case from TK Maxx and I finally have a chair! It’s just one from the kitchen that will make do for now but I’ll get my own chair likely when we move into a new place. I’m on the lookout for a nice stylish cushion for it – perhaps a seasonal one.

Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | Home | Creating my own blogging space with Kit Out My Office | Kit Out My Office | Blogger Space | Desk | Review
Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | Desk update with Kit Out My Office | Kit Out My Office | Blogger Space | Desk | Review
The desk has held up exceptionally well – proving that despite being my first bit of DIY, I did do it properly and it didn’t just collapse a few weeks in. We moved the drawer across a little in the end to give me a little more space when I have my legs crossed and my only qualm is that when the cat comes in and walks all over it to get to the windowsill, he always leaves lots of hair so I’m often having to wipe it down, ha!

Overall though, I’m still really pleased with it. It actually gives the whole room a more stylish but homely feel to it and being that it’s such a small room that doesn’t even belong to me, it’s really nice having my own space and a desk of my own.