This Veganuary, I am so excited about how many options there are for vegans eating out or on the go! Chain restaurants like Pizza Express, Zizi’s, Pizza Hut, Hungry Horse and Wagamama’s all have really great vegan options now and let’s not forget Greg’s vegan sausage rolls!

It makes me really happy, but it’s also great to visit independent places to eat too. Here are some local eateries that have some great vegan options.

Formidable Joy | Vegan | Best places to eat vegan in Beds, Herts & Bucks | Chia Naturally Healthy | Bond Estates Kitchen | Vutie Beets | The Juice Pharm | MK11 - Kiln Farm | The Craufurd Arms

I avoid Hitchin now like the plague but my favourite place to eat in the area was always Chia Naturally Healthy, a quant vegan cafe in the centre of Hitchin. It’s small and cosy, overlooking the church, and is perfect for brunch or a late lunch with a warm drink on a cold day. It’s really sweet, serving hot and cold food and an extensive selection of superfood smoothies, as well as books and reading material on eating healthy. The entire menu is plant based too.

This may just look like a little cafeteria on an industrial estate, but don’t let this fool you. Though it started as just a pantry (across the road from where I work!), The Bond Estates Kitchen recently expanded to include a small seating area and you can order online for takeout/pick up. It’s not entirely vegan, but what is is delicious. Their vegan menu is extensive and with specials on various nights of the week, you’re spoiled for choice. Practically anything they serve can be made vegan too, and the lovely lady who runs it also specializes in food plans and high protein dishes – if that’s your kind of thing. Just note – they used to be called The Body Builder’s kitchen and from what I can see this website is still accessible – so double check you log onto the correct website here.

I haven’t had a chance to visit here yet but I’ve heard so many great things about it. Often I’ll get delicious looking dishes appear on my Facebook timeline – many of them seemingly traditional meat dishes like burgers or chilli – and I’ll suddenly realize it was posted by Vutie Beets. Their menu is so varied and everything they serve is entirely vegan too, so there’s no second guessing.

This gem of a cafe may be small, but it’s menu of smoothies, acai bowls and cakes is extensive. You won’t find any junk food here – it’s all beyond healthy with superfoods and super nutritious offerings. They do more filling food too, like avocado on toast and soup for brunch. The only thing is that they’re veggie too – so be sure to be clear about wanting vegan butter etc when ordering vegan.

These may seem odd to put on the list as they are pubs but they’re worth mentioning! MK11 Kiln Farm serves delicious food anyway, with many vegan options. Throughout Veganuary, they’ll also be serving a 100% vegan menu on selected days. Though The Craufurd Arms don’t traditionally serve food, they often do Vegan Vendor days, allowing vendors to come in and serve up delicious vegan treats,

It actually makes me so happy how many vegan options there are for eating out now – and local too! I remember the first time I tried my hand at Veganuary and only knew of places in London to eat vegan! Whether you’re vegan or not, you should definitely try some of these places.

Will you be visiting any of these places in Veganuary (or after?)? Let me know!