Dating and Relationships

Dating & Relationships

RELATIONSHIPS | Tips on celebrating your first Christmas as a couple


I don’t know about you, but I always get nervous around Christmas-time when I’m in a new relationship. Christmas is super important to me – I love spending time with my family, I love all the celebrations, I love doing festive things – so bringing another person into the mix (and having to buy them presents!) is a little overwhelming for me. This year, my boyfriend and I…

Dating & Relationships

DATING | How I think the UK dating scene is going to change in 2021…

5 crazy experiences I've had with online dating

Dating has certainly taken a turn for the weird this year, thanks to Coronavirus. People have taken to using dating apps more than ever and, at times unable to meet in person, that period between meeting online and meeting in person only continues to increase – especially in regards to the UK dating scene! It has also affected people in relationships too: unless they already live together, many…

Dating & Relationships

DATING | How to find love at Christmas (during a pandemic!)

A festive photo of me sitting on a bench, clasping hot chocolate and surrounded by Christmas decor

Although the festive season comes along with its fair share of dating trends (cuffing season and scrooging for example!), there are still a fair few of us who simply just want to find love (and find it tougher when Christmas rolls around). Luckily I’m already in a relationship, but I can’t deny the fact that in previous single years, I’ve found myself yearning more for a boyfriend at…