One of my New Year’s Resolutions – and blogging goals – was to focus on my blog’s Tumblr a little more. Only, of course, a lot of you may not even know what Tumblr is. Do you use Tumblr?

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The creative photo sharing website is much like WeHeartIt (oh the good old days of WeHeartIt!) or Pinterest, where people share their photography, videos, writing, art and more. Overall though, it can be incredibly inspiring. After five minutes of scrolling through, you could find yourself facing beautiful photographs of nature, stunning makeup art and bang on trend outfit details.

Therefore I set up a Tumblr a long time ago to coincide with the blog – and took time to carefully tag each image I reposted so that along the top you could click on what you wanted to see for inspiration, whether that be makeup, accessories, fashion etc.

Currently, it’s primarily geared towards fashion and beauty, but in future I might use it to share quotes, travel photos etc.

I used to link to the website with every post on this blog but when I stopped using Tumblr and reblogging (and forgot my log in details!), I fell behind. Now I’m back posting again however, so if you’re looking for beauty or fashion based inspiration, have a look and give me a follow! Drop your links below and I’ll follow you back too. I would definitely love some new people to follow.

You can find the Formidable Joy Tumblr at!


If New Year’s Resolutions aren’t your thing, why not take on a one or two of these feel good projects this year?

Even if your New Year’s Resolution is to just be more happy – as many of us hope to be this year – one of these projects are a fab way to do that. What’s even better is that when 2017 comes to an end, you can look back on these projects to remember how the year has gone.

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I personally tried to start this project a few years ago and failed spectacularly – I didn’t even get further than the first week. I think I was too worried about the end result, whether I should print out the lists as squares so I could make a scrapbook out of them etc. Unfortunately, not all of the lists are available online now as the founder has gone on to create a book about the project. So the project can still be completed – and believe me, the book looks so beautiful – but you can no longer go back to basics and print out a list week by week to be more creative with them. Luckily, there are lots of ’52 lists’ projects floating about online, such as the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge. It’s sweet, because it’s a really nice way to check in and take time to yourself weekly, it doesn’t require too much commitment and is nice to look back on at the end of the year.
Scrapbooking is a really nice way to treasure old photographs and memories. If you’re someone that enjoys taking a lot of photos but never prints them out, this is the perfect excuse to get those photos seen offline. What’s great about scrapbooking is you can be so creative, creating pages upon pages with cut outs, envelopes, stamps etc for a family holiday, or even just one photo across a two page spread for a simple day spent with friends but one that you’ll always like to remember. You can also use a scrapbook to display gig tickets, cinema tickets and much more. The opportunities really are endless, and you can even buy scrapbook kits for travelling and things like that.

Okay, this one might be a little different from the other’s on the list, but trust me, it’s guaranteed to make you feel better. Drinking more water has so many benefits, from clear skin and flushing out toxins, to aiding in weight loss and giving you more energy. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make drinking more water fun. You could start a tally in your bullet journal, or record your water intake via your Fitbit. Buying a cute water bottle to carry around with you helps too, but my personal favourite is the app Plant Nanny! It’s slightly similar to having a Tamagotchi, except every time you drink water, you log it on the app and feed your plant in the process. The app reminds you when the plant is hungry or when you’re due to drink more water, and the plants are really, really cute which is a nice bonus!

This is another one for those who are a lot more tech savvy, but at the end of it all, you could still choose to print out your photos and display them in an album or a scrapbook. Instagram challenges aren’t new and there are so many to choose from, all varying in length and theme. So if taking a photo a day for a whole year seems a bit daunting to you, you could try a monthly project. You can also take on harder challenges, like #mustacheme, which also supports the Movember foundation, or more something more meaningful such as the #365gratefulproject, which encourages you to take a photo of something you are grateful for every single day. There’s challenges that require you to take a photo with a certain colour each day – which is a great way to show of your photography skills – or take a photo with a stranger every day, too.

There’s a super cute guide on Buzzfeed, even though it’s pretty damn easy to do, but this article gives ideas for how to decorate and personalize jars. The idea is that you get an empty jar and throughout the year, jot down on paper every time something makes you happy or makes you smile. You can keep it simple or you can use coloured or patterned paper. At the end of the year, you can open the jar and reminisce about your year. I particularly like this one because day-by-day it can easily feel like life is dragging on and that you may not be getting anywhere, but in the long run, people tend to achieve a lot more than they realize.

So there we have it. Five feel good projects to take on in 2017, ranging from the more challenging photo-a-day, to the relaxed happiness jar project, that can be completed in your own time.

If you’re feeling anxious about lots of New Year’s Resolutions, why not scrap them and choose one of these instead as a way to just be more happy in 2017?

Will you be taking on any of these projects? Let me know!

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This cold weather has got me tucked up warm in bed trawling through various different pins on pinterest. I always say winter is my favourite season – and despite always being cold, it is – but I’ve always had a soft spot for summer. When I was younger me and my friends used to walk up to the local Tescos and buy sandwhiches and huge bottles of cherryade before going for a walk up the downs – these huge hills that overlook all of Dunstable – and just laze out in the sun. We’d chill out at the very top before exploring the different trails at the bottom of the hills. It’s my favourite summer memory alongside the many days and evenings spent in my back garden hosting BBQ’s or just grabbing a picnic blanket and sunbathing in the sun. Looking through these pins has definitely got me tempted to throw a garden party/outdoor movie party this summer. I love everything about the idea – ultra comfy cushions and blankets laid out on the ground, huge rustic bowls filled with mouthwatering butter popcorn, magical tealights dotted around the garden or hanging from the trees and finally, a good movie and even better company. It sounds absolutely ideal.
I don’t know what it is either but something about these pins just make me want to up and move to America for the summer, where I know for a fine fact outdoor activities like this are partcipated in on a regular basis. Oh to have a gorgeous huge garden with large looming trees obstructing the beautiful skyline.
England might not be quite on par with America when it comes to the weather, but I can promise you that as soon as we start seeing some sun, I’ll be throwing some amazing outdoor parties and movie nights.
All images on this page have been taken from my Pinterest account. You can view the board here.