Fancy working with me?!

I have a degree in Magazine Journalism and eight years (and counting!) of journalism/marketing/PR/social media/copywriting/tea making experience. Some stand out roles I have had include:

  • MAGAZINE EDITOR of PCIAW – a publication all about Hi-Vis and safety wear (a challenge in its own – hi vis can seem rather unexciting to the average untrained eye..) and developed a marketing plan to match.
  • ONLINE EDITOR of Debut Magazine (unpaid, but rather fun).
  • SOCIAL MEDIA GURU for Invicta Magazine (I used to run the website too. Again unpaid, but music is my passion so it’s cool.)
  • EDITORIAL ASSISTANT for Group Leisure. This role taught me essential industry skills such as subbing your own work (I once submitted an article that said crooks and nannies instead of nooks and crannies. My editor physically fell off her chair in laughter.), working to tight deadlines and the essentials of a decent cup of tea in the office. I learned a lot of other skills too but y’know, these are the most important..
  • SCARE TECHNICIAN on a farm over Halloween. I don’t know why that’s relevant but building the haunted house and scaring little kids was more fun than I could ever have imagined.

I’ve been running this blog for nearly ten years now, researching and writing copy, taking photos, dealing with marketing, teaching myself SEO, running social media and working with big brands from Beefeater to Veganuary (two very different companies with two very different aims). I’ve worked with brands from a blogger point of view, from a consumer’s stance..and from a marketing role too.

Blogging | Lifestyle | Zombies (yes, really) | Entertainment | Travel | Quirky Events | Horror | Sex & Relationships | Cities around the UK (Blackpool, York..you name it!) | Safety wear (yes, really) | Anything a ‘little bit different’

But as you can see, I can turn my hand to any tone of voice or industry!

I’m also really good at data entry – just check out my experience on People Per Hour. I know it’s not exciting but I’m really good (and fast) at it – and I love a good spreadsheet. Trust me. Google Sheets is LIFE.

I have grown up with social media. Since graduating, I have spent the majority of my time writing and if I’ve not been writing I’ve been promoting my blog. If I’ve not been promoting my blog I’ve been looking after the marketing of other companies…and I’m sure you catch my drift. I can turn my hand to pretty much anything (digital or print) with little to no training – I don’t need to be told that article titles need to be SEO friendly or that images need Alt tags. I’m already well aware of the importance of every social media site going and how, really, you need to be switched on to social media 24/7 to be kept in the loop for any trending hashtag or opportunity.

I live and breathe social media – let me help your company do the same.

Interested? Email me on Louise.Joy@hotmail.com for more information. You can also find me on People Per Hour here.

Writing | Subbing | Copywriting | SEO | Key Words | Google Analytics | Social Media | PR | Marketing | Blogging | A lil’ bit of Indesign experience | A lil’ bit of camera skills | A lot of Canva experience | Instagram Stories (ever so creative) | Interviewing | Travelling alone and with others – there’s nothing more rewarding than travelling alone! | Befriending rockstars (I’m on a name-to-name basis with American band The Maine thanks to a fun night out in a Brighton jazz club back in 2015 | Making great cups of tea | Google Docs (Google Spreadsheets is LIFE)