Contact & PR

Being a Magazine Journalism graduate and a social media savvy individual, I understand the importance and relevance of a company having a strong relationship with bloggers. I have worked with different companies in the past and found they were often impressed with my initiative in ways they can use my blog to promote their products and offer exclusive rewards to my readers in return.
A relationship between a blogger and a company can be extremely beneficial to both parties. By offering discount codes, giveaways and other exclusive perks, a company can build a strong relationship with a blog and its readers. In return, by a blog using these perks, the company often benefits from extra interest, commission and more.
I am a PR friendly blogger and as long as your company fits in with the interest of my readers then I have no problem with working with you whatsoever. I always offer my honest opinion which means my readers trust me when I blog about a product being worth the money.
The different methods of ways to help improve your company’s interest and commission can vary greatly! You could offer my readers, for example, a gift card of any amount to spend on your website and to win said prize my readers can undertake different steps. They can do the basic steps of simply entering the giveaway, or they can improve their chances of winning by liking and promoting your website and Facebook/Twitter pages for extra entries into the giveaway. So essentially, a reader is promoting your company to win an exclusive prize, my blog benefits from this method as it leads onto new traffic and finally the reader benefits by having a chance to win. This is just one example of how many bloggers work with companies but, as stated before, I am continually thinking of new fun and beneficial methods.
My blog is exclusively aimed at females aged between 20-30 and with current plans to turn my blog into a website AND print magazine, I am hoping to expand this readership. My blog currently reaches up to 1,000 unique page views a day and I also have a large amount of returning visitors who check my blog daily.
I also use a comprehensive stat counter which records all visits I get Phentermine 37.5 to my blog. Using this, I can see how readers find my blog, where readers are from, what pages they look at on my blog, which browsers they use to view my blog, key terms that may have led them to my blog and much more. This is extremely helpful as it shows me what does and doesn’t work in attracting visitors to my blog.
I enjoy working with companies to benefit my readers greatly so if you are a part of a company who would like to work with my blog, please do not hesitate to get in contact! You can contact me directly on my personal email address which is and from then onwards I will be extremely happy to show you some more information about my blog statistics or propose some unique ideas in which we can work together to benefit both your company, my blog and most importantly, my readers.
Thank you for reading and taking interest in my blog, I hope to hear from you soon!