Do you believe in aliens? I do. Not only do I believe it’s near impossible for there to not be something different out there in this giant universe, I also have read up and researched the subject of aliens to death and have always been a firm believer. Today is #WorldUFODay, so I’ve put together a list of ways to celebrate – and hopefully become a believer too.

#WorldUFODay takes place today – 2nd July – because it’s the date of the infamous crash in Roswell, Mexico.

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Probably one of the most famous alien abduction cases of all time, nearly everyone has heard of Betty and Barney Hill – even those with little to no interest in aliens! Betty and Barney Hill are said to have been the first people to make a published account of alien abduction, way back in 1961 when the couple were supposedly abducted when driving down a highway in New Hampshire. I’ll let you look into it all yourself – it’s worth it, trust me. You can even listen to Barney’s creepy hypnosis sessions, which reveal what happened during that fateful night.

Okay, this may sound corny, but stick with me here, okay? Since the weather is still warm at night – I suggest going outside, settling down onto a comfy sunlounger and just looking to the skies. Have you ever done that? When it’s peaceful outside on a warm summer night, sometimes it really is the most beautiful thing to just watch the skies and let your mind wander. I always end up thinking about how small and significant we are in this universe, how I can see thousands of stars in the night sky above me. I think about how there’s probably life out there in the vast night sky and I think about how there’s probably even parallel universes where there’s another me, sitting in another garden, looking up at the sky too. This isn’t directly related to aliens, but it does get you thinking about other life forms. Props if you see a UFO too…

There are actually a good few songs which mention aliens! Simple Plan’s My Alien is hella cute, and of course there’s also Blink 182’s Aliens Exist. Former Blink 182 member Tom DeLonge is a huge believer in aliens, so this song comes as no surprise. If you do decide to look to the skies tonight, might I recommend a playlist of some more serious songs to suit the mood? The Adventure by Angels & Airwaves (another appearance from Tom DeLonge!), Trans-Atlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie and In The Sun by Joseph Arthur are the perfect songs for nights when you want to stare up at the stars and just lose your mind a little bit. I can’t quite explain why, but these are the types of songs that really get you thinking about life and death and everything in between. Check out my old playlist full of these songs here.

This is one of my favourite pastimes, especially when I just get lost in a Reddit thread. Forget all the so-called abductions or alien encounters/UFO sightings in the media – the best way to get super creeped out is to read about real life encounters on forums. It’s probably because it’s just people chatting honestly, who aren’t after any money or fame by going to the media about their encounters. Although, I will warn you, you’ll get lost in these threads forever..

Finally, there are hundreds of different movies that tackle the subject of aliens and UFOs and it’s always quite fun to sit down and see how aliens are diffinerated quite differently sometimes. For example, the ‘aliens’ in War of the Worlds are entirely different to the little green or grey men that we tend to picture in our mind. Men In Black is a great – but funny – film to watch about aliens, and my all time favourite would have to be The Fourth Kind.

Do you believe in aliens? Are you celebrating #WorldUFODay today? Let me know!