It’s that time of month again! Today I’m sharing with you all my February playlist, aka what I’ve been listening to this month.

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I’ve got a few romance songs on this months playlist. I discovered what was once a favourite song of mine again, New Found Glory’s excellent cover of Kiss Me. Kings and Queens is a lovely one from Paloma Faith, despite the fact that I’m not a huge fan of her usually, and I’ve also continued to focus on a few more female artists with SAINTE and Plastiscines, the latter of which I discovered through Gossip Girl!

I’ve also got the newest Ten Tonnes track in there. I’m kind of behind with becoming a Ten Tonnes fan, but I discovered him when my ex and I saw him at an intimate BBC Introducing Night last year. Now I seem to see/hear him everywhere, from Radio One to, er, Made In Chelsea.

And I’ve also got an old school track from Good Charlotte too, just because it’s an all time favourite of mine.

And of course, I’ve ended with a lovely upbeat and inspiring song that would surely make anyone’s day!

Enjoy, and do let me know what you think!


It’s nearing the end of January and my driving playlist is getting longer by the day. Since getting a stereo installed in my car again, I have found my love for discovering new music once more. Therefore, I thought it’s time I brought back monthly playlists. So, I present to you: The January Playlist.

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On this list, I have a few random songs which were discovered via my Spotify Discovery, but for the most part, many of them I’ve been addicted to since before Christmas.

Waste My Time for example, is a great song which actually has a total different meaning when you listen to the lyrics. It’s upbeat and one of those songs you can’t help but sing along to at the top of your voice. I have no idea where I discovered this song however. I have an odd feeling it was something to do with Joshua Dun of twenty one pilots – perhaps he tweeted the lyrics or shared the video somewhere? I have no clue, but this is usually my go-to song most mornings when I drive to work now.

I also feel like Waves by The War On Peace was discovered by my mild-obsession of the great drummer, so perhaps it’s actually this track that I have him to thank for. Who knows.

This is almost always followed by The Maine’s unique cover of Hold On, We’re Going Home. Why? I have no idea. I never even liked the song until I heard this version but I really love it. It’s quite different and upbeat (compared to the original) and is constantly in my head.

Breaking Free by the Night Riots has been my go-to break up song. It’s an odd one. It talks about finally accepting a relationship is over and realizing that you can survive without that person; you may have once thought they were your savoir but all along they were just someone you loved or someone you used to date. But there’s still feelings there, of course.

I don’t know why this particular song stuck out to me when going through my break up, but when I listen to it, it reminds me of when my ex and I spent a couple of days in Brighton seeing The Maine and Night Riots live. There’s a particular instrumental part of the song which just transports me back to sitting on that bench by the beach, giving my ex boyfriend a cuddle and then relaxing and reading my book whilst he practiced longboarding around me. When I hear that part of the song, I can almost feel the sunshine on my skin and all the feelings I had back then – that everything was going to be okay – come rushing back.

Weird, but that’s the amazing power of music.

I’m still loving Paris by The Chainsmokers and although the new Fall Out Boy track is entirely different to what I’m used to hearing from them, it’s still a good one.

Anyway. That’s my January playlist; I hope you enjoy it!