I HAVE BIG NEWS THIS MONTH. First of all, I have finally worked out how to edit/reorder songs on my Spotify playlists. Before hand, I’d have to drag them all into a playlist as I discovered them then create a whole new playlist in the order I wanted then delete the original. Now it’s so much easier. REJOICE.

Second of all, TWENTY ONE PILOTS ARE BACK BABY. I am SO happy. I’m such a fangirl. It felt like they had been on hiatus for soooo long so I’m so happy to hear new music. It’s different, that’s for sure, but I liked their two new songs right away. Then they grew on me and I LOVED them. Hence why two songs by twenty one pilots have found their way onto my playlist this month.

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ALSO they are touring. I didn’t manage to get tickets for London, but, desperate to see them, I bought a ticket to see them in Portugal instead. Why? Well I’ve always wanted to visit Lisbon and I’ve always wanted to go and see a band abroad so it was a no brainer really. It’s not until March though unfortunately!

I have Waves’ new song, Eighteen of course because I love Waves so much right now. I listened to Kiss on repeat so many times. I have some Post Malone thrown in there too because Better Now – alongside Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD – just makes me feel so much better about the big break up.

There’s also new music from The 1975 and You Me At Six, but these are obvious choices.

What do you think about my playlist? What have you been listening to this month? Let me know!


I’m not gonna lie, I feel so on trend with my playlist this month – partly because half the music and songs have come from listening to Radio One on my way to work!

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I absolutely love Bastille’s new single, Quarter Past Midnight. It’s one of those songs that you just fall for immediately, even just after the first few seconds of the song. This became a favourite of mine the moment I heard it and now I can’t stop listening to it. It’s a typical upbeat feel good song from Bastille, but it’s also a real summer song too.

I cannot believe I ever went off them (well, I didn’t go off them, just got into other music for a while) but I’ve refound my love for The Maine. Of course I’ve always loved them – they’re one of my favourite all time bands and I have so many great memories with them – but I haven’t listened to them for ages. So when I put on a playlist on one of those hot days we had over the weekend, Bad Behaviour ended up playing a few times on repeat. Plus I just love the lyrics in this song.

“I never wanna be a distraction,
You say as you’re unashamed and naked.
I feel okay all over,
Void of all composure.

And I know this may sound narcissistic,
I like the lips you kiss with.
But I wanna wear your lipstick,
‘Cause it means I got to kiss them.”

I also have the Arctic Monkeys and The 1975’s new tracks because, well, who doesn’t? I love them both but I have to say Give Yourself A Try is just that little bit more upbeat and catchy for me, making it an ideal song to remind me of summer 18′.

I’ve also got a little throwback to Example’s Kickstarts because this little gem always gets me singing when I hear it now and then – even though I always sing the wrong lyrics. Whole Lotta You by A Rocket To The Moon is another golden oldie but is a perfect summer jam.

What do you think? Have you been listening to any of these songs? What’s on your June playlist? Let me know!


My May playlist has, yet again, been pretty easy to put together as I’m constantly shazamming everything these days. I mean who doesn’t really?!

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First of all I’ve got the new track from Eliza and the Bears. I love this band. I saw them at The Horn in St Albans a couple of years back and it was a great gig – a really small and intimate show that was so much fun. I went off the band not long after that because stupidly I overplayed their songs soooo much. But now they’re back with a more upbeat-than-indie song which is spot on for summer.

I’ve got a few songs in the playlist discovered from Made In Chelsea (again), so I really don’t know what I’m going to do now that the series is over. I’ll be so behind on music again and have to revert to Instagram for my major crush on Sam *sob*.

I’ve also got the very beautiful This Woman’s Work by Kate Nash which, of course, came from the first episode in the return of The Handmaid’s Tale. The scene was beyond emotional but unfortunately it didn’t have the desired effect on me as I’d accidentally seen the clip whilst waiting for Gogglebox to end a previous night so it was a total spoiler for me of sorts. Still, the song was fitting and I am loving that the show is back.

I have a few upbeat oldies in the form of McFly and Avril Lavigne in there too – I couldn’t help it though, with the warm weather the songs are just so fitting right now.

What do you think of my May playlist? Let me know!


It’s that time of month again – my monthly playlist! This month it was super easy to put together as I literally took it from Shazam – I’ve discovered so much cool music this month through TV shows and the like.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Music | The April Playlist | Music Playlist

I went to see Fall Out Boy again recently and have really gotten into their music again – hence not one, not two but three of their songs being on this playlist! I absolutely love The Last Of The Real Ones and Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) from their new album. They’re so catchy and upbeat but still essentially Fall Out Boy songs all over. Favourite Record is an older song which has always been a favourite of mine.

Last week – when we had all that nice weather – the girls from work and I went to the pub after work on Friday and sat outside, chatting about our week and listening to music. It was absolutely lovely and I feel really lucky to be working with such a great team. Anyway, we got onto some old school music and that’s why old Macklemore and Calvin Harris songs appear on this playlist!

Other than that, everything else I’ve discovered from TV shows (Made In Chelsea and Riverdale) and movies!

A lot of these songs have really gotten me in the mood for summer, so this is a great playlist to listen to in your car on a hot day with the windows wound down. Bliss.

What have you been listening to lately? Let me know!


Though it’s not exactly warm outside – an absolute world away from the weather we’ll be expecting at most festivals this summer – now is the best time to start planning ahead for any quirky music festivals worth attending in 2018.

Tickets are on sale and lineups are being revealed left right and centre – as well as activities, food vendors and anything else a festival may be offering. It’s the ideal time to make that decision really – just before the tickets sell out – especially if you’re not an early bird and prefer to wait and see a line up rather than buying (sometimes very expensive!) tickets early without knowing.

And so I present to you my glance at this year’s quirkiest music festivals…

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Music | A glance at 2018's quirkiest music festivals | Langaland Music Festival

Devon, 3rd – 5th August
Langaland Festival is fairly new to the market of music festivals, but anyone who is an avid go-er of festivals knows that this is a huge selling point. New and smaller music festivals always have a lot to offer before becoming hugely popular. This year’s offering includes a line up of Moriaty, Vienna Youth, The Lures and Major Leagues, and there’s also visual arts, theatre, spoken word, workshops and comedy to take your pick from. If you want to get ahead of your mates and visit something really up and coming, Langaland Festival is the way to do it…

Lincolnshire, 23rd – 26th August
A firm favourite of mine since my first venture to the festival a few years back, Lost Village is an immersive music festival guaranteed to have you tapping into your spiritual side. Though the music is mainly dance music, there’s also a few variations dotted about at the festival’s many different stages. As well as music, there’s comedy, fine dining, meditation, a lakeside spa and creative workshops. It’s entirely surreal and immersive, and it’s also one of the prettiest festivals too – think ribbon hanging from trees in a forest, teepee tents and abandoned chapels working as a stage for top DJ’s.

Portmeirion, 7th – 10th September
This festival is set a little later in the year and is family friendly, taking part at the fairytale town of Portmeirion, in Wales. Fun fact: the name is taken from the lead character in cult TV show, The Prisoner, which was filmed at Portmeirion. This music-meets-art festival has something for everyone, with woodland runs, torchlit processions and boutique camping. If camping isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of hotels on site too, including a castle..!

Hampshire, 9th – 12th August
I know I’ve already had a guest post about this festival, but I’m just so excited that I’m going to mention it again. This festival is what you get when Secret Cinema meets Lost Village – the music, is of course the main event (headliners this year include Die Antwoord, Limp Biscuit and Gorillaz) but the festival itself is said to be like a giant film set with various districts/themes. There’s Old Town, Forest Parties and Whistlers green to name just a few, but I’m refusing to look up too much about them so it’s more of a surprise when I arrive. I am very excited to find myself a job/task at the job centre, as I love anything immersive like that..

North, Midlands and South, 26th – 28th May
Though it may not be quirky per say, this pop punk music festival stands out in the fact that it’s really only one day long (perfect for festival virgins) and is all punk rock/rock music – you won’t find any dance stages catering to non-rock fans here! There’s always a fun after party (where bands playing the festival are said to visit) and a fair variety of street food. This year’s line up boasts Jimmy Eat World, Good Charlotte, PVRIS, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Taking Back Sunday, Sleeping With Sirens and much more. Plus, because it’s so small, you always end up bumping into people you know and it’s very easy to go as a group and, well, not lose your friends (unless you get drunk and wander off like me every. single. year.)

These are just five music festivals I think are worth checking out this year but of course there are so many more. Quirky festivals are best when they’re new and unknown, however, so I do suggest you all to get on google or ask your friends for any other recommendations if you want something entirely unheard of..

Are you going to any music festivals this year? Let me know!