Let’s not talk about how close it is to Christmas and instead focus on what awesome music I’ve been listening to this month, shall we?

Radio One has played a huge part in November’s playlist since for some reason the wire in my car that allows me to listen to music from my phone has stopped working..which is pretty annoying to say the least. Getting up in the cold and dark mornings and knowing I can’t even put on my favourite music is definitely making morning’s tougher at the moment!

Luckily, Radio One is a suitable alternative.

This month’s playlist is super mixed – from the upbeat Suckerpunch by Sigrid to the heavier Liquiorice Allsort Girl by Headcleaner (from Modern Life Is Rubbish, off course) but somehow I’ve only managed to get just one Bring Me The Horizon song onto the list, even though I’ve been listening to them quite a bit as I’m seeing them live tomorrow!

They’re definitely going to be one of the more heavier bands I’ve ever seen live so I’m looking forward to moshing out a bit.

Anyway – enjoy!

What have you been listening to this month? Let me know!


It’s been really hard to put together this months playlist as all I’ve actually been listening to is the new twenty one pilots album on repeat #sorrynotsorry.

I mean it’s just SO GREAT and I can’t stop telling people. I was a little aprehensive about this album because, well, with twenty one pilots you don’t know what to expect and I loved their last album so much that I didn’t know if they’d be able to top it.

I was wrong.

Formidable Joy | Music | The October Playlist

It’s taken everything in me to not make a playlist just full of their new material but luckily I managed to cut it down to just three songs, haha. My Blood is playing everywhere right now – I know – but it’s so catchy and sweet. Chlorine reminds me of the struggle of a volatile relationship – how you love to hate the fight but can’t walk away from someone. I don’t doubt that the actual meaning behind it is likely a lot deeper but isn’t that the beauty of music – analysing something to make it fit in with what you’re going through?!

Finally, I don’t even know what to say about The Hype. It’s just one of those ageless songs that will always be amazing and always give you *that* feeling, you know?

Anyway. A few other songs from Made In Chelsea are thrown in (boy am I glad it’s back on our screens. I’m also developing a very unhealthy crush about Miles…!) and whatever else Radio One has been playing lately. I obviously need to be a bit more varied with my music in future!



It’s that time of month again…my monthly playlist.

Admittedly I’ve struggled a bit this month; Made In Chelsea is no longer on our screens (and I always end up discovering awesome music through that show), and I’ve really, really gotten into podcasts this month so apart from occasional binges on twenty one pilots music, as a whole I’ve avoided the radio to instead listen to podcasts.

Still, here’s what I have been listening to this month.

Formidable Joy | Music | The September Playlist

There’s not a whole lot to talk about with this month’s playlist really. Some songs were added due to another viewing of one of my favourite films, Whip It. Your Arms Around Me and Dead Sound are just two of many great songs from that movie – it definitely has one of the best movie soundtracks.

Other than that, all I can say is enjoy!


This months playlist is filled with new music that I’ve discovered by watching movies, listening to the radio and watching Made In Chelsea (as always).

First of all, I’ve included yet another two brand new songs by twenty one pilots! Considering they went on a year long hiatus, they’re really making up for it now having dropped four new songs and details of an album and tour in the space of like, a month.

Formidable Joy | Music | The August Playlist | Playlist | twenty one pilots | Enter Shikari | Neon Trees

Speaking of which, I finally bagged myself tickets to see them in London at their exclusive one-off o2 Academy Brixton show – A Complete Diversion. I have no idea what it is exactly but it’ll be way more intimate then their other big shows so I’m really excited. Also: how lovely/sweet is My Blood?

I’ve also got a couple of songs from Boomtown Fair. Seeing Live Outside by Enter Shikari was one of the best experiences of my life. It was so emotional and such a raw performance…I get goosebumps thinking about it now. Although I spoke about how the music festival helped me get over my ex in this post, looking back, I think this is the song that really cemented that feeling for me. I just felt so damn happy for the first time in so long that I just knew I was going to be okay again.

Elsewhere, Spread Love is a bit of a jam, isn’t it? Lyrics wise, it’s not amazing, but it’s really addictive and I have had it on repeat whilst dancing around my room and tidying this month. Anyway. As always, enjoy!



Even though Boomtown Fair is essentially a music festival, my friends and I got up to so much during our time there that we didn’t even spend that much time checking out bands. We made a plan in advance to see headliners Gorillaz and Die Antwoord but that was about it. Then there were some bands we discovered on the off chance.

This is probably my favourite part of any festival to be honest; discovering new bands! Some were recommended to us and some artists we just stumbled across whilst exploring random venues. Once or twice we just ducked into random places to shelter from the rain and discovered some awesome artists then.

Here are some I absolutely loved discovering and will absolutely be seeing again.

Formidable Joy | Music | 5 awesome bands I discovered at Boomtown Fair | Oh God, It's The Church | Sonic Boom Six | Dub Pistols | Popes of Chillitown | Enter Shikari

I had no idea what to expect when we went to check out this artist, courtesy of a recommendation from PicnMix Festival Kit – they tagged me on an Instagram photo of a curious looking guy dressed in an all gold suit and grabbing his crotch, insisting I go see them! I don’t really know how to explain Oh My God It’s The Church, but I also read a fab interview they did with Jess at Where’s My Tent blog and when asked what can be expected from their shows and they replied ‘Confessin, blessin, and undressin. Oh, and our holy water- absinthe. Lots and lots of absinthe!’ which I think is the best way to sum it them all up really! The shows consist of plenty of upbeat songs you can’t help but sing and dance your little heart to, lots of praise for all the so-bad-it’s-good-stuff and just a general really good (and offbeat) time. I’d 100% recommend going to see these live; no matter what your music taste, you’re bound to love them.

I’ve seen Sonic Boom Six quite a few times now because Briony is an ultimate fan girl but they never fail to dissapoint. The no-holds barred five piece punk band have been on the scene for years but, what I love about them is how different they are. Vocals are split between Paul Barnes and Laila Khan (who I have a total girl crush on. Seriously. She’s gorgeous and always looks so edgy/stylish. One time she saw us get in a mini car crash and told us she felt so bad for us!), but the band actually sing about some really important issues – take, for example, their single No Man No Right. It has an important message behind it but is still great to see live and gets you up and ready to riot.

We caught Dub Pistols at the Town Centre stage on the Saturday afternoon I think it was. Basically at this point I was nearly all tired out and just wanted a lay in instead of a whole day of partying, but despite being very tired and hungover, as soon as we arrived, they wasted no time before getting us dancing and hyped up. The band are kind of a mix between ska and electronic which I didn’t think I’d love – but I did. Even when my legs were killing me, I still couldn’t help dancing along. I really loved their song Mucky Weekend too, which seemed ever so fitting for the festival for more than one reason. I definitely sung at the top of my lungs to this one!

I mean, I don’t remember a whole lot about this band, only that the lead singer was really hot and overall, the band was really talented. They’re another ska/punk band (noticing a trend here?) and we saw these packed into a rather small tent where it was sweaty inside and raining outside..basically how a band should be seen, no? They reminded me of a more punk version of Jamie T, and I definitely loved having a little mosh along to these. If you like rock music, however, you’ll more than likely enjoy their set, even if you aren’t a ska fan.

Okay, this one isn’t entirely true because I didn’t discover them at Boomtown Fair…I’ve known of Enter Shikari for many, many years now and have seen them live a good few times. In fact, I even saw them in a tiny bar in Luton when they first started out – I mean, they are local boys so it’s weird to see how far they’ve come since then! I like a few of their songs – the most popular ones – but have never really been a fan or even sat down to listen to them probably. But it’s time to throw in the towel and admit defeat – I do kinda actually really love their stuff and seeing their performance at the festival swayed me entirely from a casual liker to a full on fan. Their set was amazing (all the fire and fireworks and just the atmosphere was such a stark change to the first time I saw them!) and full of so much emotion and passion – I just remember feeling so much love for the people around me during the last few songs (although that may have been the alcohol!). Ever since then, I’ve wanted to watch the set again. I think I’ll definitely be booking tickets to see them headline a show soon.

What are some artists you’ve discovered at music festivals? Let me know!