With moving day fast approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to share what inspiration I’ve been looking at for when the time comes. We’ve been up to the flat and have begun to work out what’s going to go where and even what’s staying and now it’s pretty much a waiting game. Once we’re both offered jobs in the area, we’re able to move in.

Luckily it’s looking to be that this will be sooner rather than later, but it has also given me enough time to start finding some inspiration for what everything will look like..


I absolutely adore this cute – yet also sophisticated – drinks trolley. I love how they’re making a total comeback and being that my boyfriend is a bartender and loves the art of creating cocktails – and I’m all about the little things – it seems an obvious choice to have one of these! I have tons of pretty cups I’ve purchased over the years and colourful straws too, so it shouldn’t cost too much to create a mini bar/drinks trolley.


The bathroom is pretty small so I think this space saving hack is going to be a great idea to find a place for all that bathroom junk and necessities. It’ll be a great way to store razors, toothpaste and things like that. Also, mason jars are super cheap from places like Wilkinsons, IKEA, Hobbycraft etc so this will cost next to nothing to put together.


Ahhh. I’m finally going to have a permanent blogging space! Although I have my own blogging space at my boyfriend’s flat (as there’s not enough room for a desk in my room at home), this has been great but has left me struggling on the days I’m not there. I am so over blogging from my bed now. Of course the best part about living together is just, well, y’know, living together but it’ll be so nice to have a constant blogging space that I can come back to all the time. I love the look of the space above. Small shelves to help display motivational prints are always a good idea, as well as a nice lamp.

These are just some small ideas I have – simple projects that can be taken on once we move in. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about the big stuff. Most of the furniture is being left behind, including a huge sofa, a fridge freezer and pretty much a fully stocked kitchen – perfect! It’s just the little stuff left to buy.

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One of my New Year’s Resolutions – and blogging goals – was to focus on my blog’s Tumblr a little more. Only, of course, a lot of you may not even know what Tumblr is. Do you use Tumblr?

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The creative photo sharing website is much like WeHeartIt (oh the good old days of WeHeartIt!) or Pinterest, where people share their photography, videos, writing, art and more. Overall though, it can be incredibly inspiring. After five minutes of scrolling through, you could find yourself facing beautiful photographs of nature, stunning makeup art and bang on trend outfit details.

Therefore I set up a Tumblr a long time ago to coincide with the blog – and took time to carefully tag each image I reposted so that along the top you could click on what you wanted to see for inspiration, whether that be makeup, accessories, fashion etc.

Currently, it’s primarily geared towards fashion and beauty, but in future I might use it to share quotes, travel photos etc.

I used to link to the website with every post on this blog but when I stopped using Tumblr and reblogging (and forgot my log in details!), I fell behind. Now I’m back posting again however, so if you’re looking for beauty or fashion based inspiration, have a look and give me a follow! Drop your links below and I’ll follow you back too. I would definitely love some new people to follow.

You can find the Formidable Joy Tumblr at www.formidable-joy.tumblr.com!