Even though we have warmer weather now, not everyone has the confidence, motivation or even time to actually go outside for a run or drag their ass to a gym. Therefore, home workouts are the answer.

Due to modern technology, we can have entire HIIT sessions in the comfort for our own living rooms if we like. Sure, you miss out on the vibe of a packed exercise class (but who wants that anyway) but you save a hell of a lot of money. Yoga mats and weights aren’t even necessary (but do help – places like TK Maxx and Primark have these cheap).

Here are some workouts you can get your sweat on to – without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

Guess what = you don’t need a Nintendo Wii to play Just Dance! It turns out pretty much all the songs/dances are on Youtube which I’ve discovered recently. I save all my favourite dances onto a playlist (Nick Jonas’ Teacher and Meghan Trainor’s Me Too are must haves) then simply put it on shuffle. I’ve usually passed an hour this way and burned enough calories that I would have in any exercise class without even realizing it. Plus dancing is fun.

Technically you don’t even need any technology (so no payment for internet!) to enjoy a yoga session if you’ve already practised a few moves anyway. Just light a few candles and you’re sorted. I always like to do a yoga class in the evening, most especially on weekends. It might not seem like you’re having a proper intense workout but it’s great for toning and strength – as well as relaxation.

There are so many apps that can help with working out. I personally love Zombies, Run and Fitbit, but neither of these are particularly suitable for this post as you need to leave the house ideally to use these), but there are tons more I adore. The 30 Day Squats Challenge will give you an ass men will cry for (and also includes ‘sister’ challenges to target other areas like abs, arms and general fitness), Sworkit is perfect for even when you just have ten minutes to workout, and, finally, PEAR – Personal Fitness Coach – which is like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

I know I go on about Pound Fitness a lot, but it really is one to try. All you need is a pair of Ripstix and one of their DVD’s. Alternatively, if you’re really skint, use actual drum sticks and watch a class on Youtube. The Ripstix are a great addition if you’re really looking to tone your arms, but generally, you’ll be squatting a lot so even without these you’ll get a good workout.

You can find absolutely anything on Youtube. Whatever you’re looking to tone or get out of a workout, there’s bound to be a video for it. My favourite channels personally are Blogilates (subscribe to Cassey’s website too for bonus content like workout plans and calendars), BodyRock (some equipment needed for some videos but at-home alternatives suggested) and Yoga with Adriene (which is a bit more specific but still a great workout!).

So, there we have it. If it’s raining outside, you’re too skint for a gym membership or even if you just have five minutes aside in your day whilst dinner is cooking, you really have no excuse to not try to get into shape (or be a little more healthy) this summer.


I know I already wrote a brief post about Pound Fitness and my experience of taking a class but, if I’m honest, I didn’t really feel that post was anything more than a ramble about how much fun I found the class.

I’ve been back since and have even turned my sister into a fan of this quirky fitness class, so thought I’d share some reasons to why you should try it too.

Pound Fitness is a cardio workout with simulated drumming, which sounds like an odd mixture but works pretty damn well. In a class, you are given a pair of Ripstix (neon green lightly weighted plastic drumsticks), which you use to drum the floor (or tap together in the air) during the upbeat workout, which ranges from stretches, squats and various cardio moves.

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To say Pound Fit is a great workout is almost understatement. It’s basis is cardio – but it really is an all over workout. When I heard it’s inspired by drumming. I figured maybe it would only give my arms a workout. I was wrong. There’s a lot of squatting and there’s also some ab inspired floor moves too. So, it works out the whole body and one hour of Pound Fit can burn up to 900 calories!

One of the founders, Cristina Peerenboom, broke her drum stool and, determined to still practice, spent an hour squatting to do so. The following morning she woke up with aching abs and legs and thus the idea was born into a unique workout.

You really do. Even though it doesn’t turn you into a drummer, taking part in simulated drumming along to the soundtrack of bands like Paramore or Fall Out Boy is a really great feeling, especially when you have a lot of anger or stress to work out. And, although I read somewhere that it won’t help you improve your drumming, I kind of feel like it has helped me improve my rhythm and get used to the concept of drumming.

Each class is really laid back but upbeat, and the hour workout is filled with giggles and points where you sing along. Some exercise classes I go to and I feel not necessarily judged, but not accepted as much, or I feel bad not being as good as others. This isn’t like that at all. It’s so laid back, and there’s a totally awesome online community too. It’s not just a workout class. The website has a blog which shares tips, playlists, interviews with badass women and recipes, and there’s a really awesome clothing range that can be purchased too.

If there’s not a class near you (it’s not massively popular in the UK yet – although there are lots of opportunities to become a trainer!), you can order DVD’s to take part. There’s a Rockout Results System for £72.09 (really random 9p there but that’s the conversion from US dollars!), which includes five DVDs, a balance guide and seven day kickstart, a Poundoff calendar and workout journal, interval challenges, a ‘live’ class, a 101 tutorial and a pair of Ripstix. Perfect for a gift or to save for if you become an addict like me. There’s also a cheaper version, Album 1: Sweat. Sculpt. Rock. This DVD set includes two DVD’s and a pair of Ripstix for £16. Bargain.
But essentially, if you’re just after something a bit edgy or different, then this is definitely a fitness class for you!
Would you ever try Pound Fitness? Let me know!