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The ultimate spooky American road trip

Formidable Joy's ultimate spooky American road trip guide

Since we can’t exactly travel much right now, why not use this time to plan ahead for some epic travels in 2021 instead? From here on out, you’ve got an entire year to plan the ultimate spooky American road trip. Remember this post? I’ll be the first to admit it needs some work, but it’s not too bad for my first American road trip guide. So I thought,…

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TRAVEL | A luxurious stay at Crazy Bear hotel, Beaconsfield

Formidable Joy - UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog | A luxurious stay at Crazy Bear hotel, Beaconsfield

I’m not usually one to splash the cash when it comes to staying in a hotel, but Crazy Bear hotel, Beaconsfield is without a doubt an exception to the rule – and a very luxurious exception at that! I’ve been wanting to stay at (a) Crazy Bear hotel for years – they have two venues, one in Beaconsfield and one in Stadhampton – and each hotel is well known for…

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REVIEW | Variant 31


Guys, I finally got to try Variant 31 last week! As someone who loves zombies and claims to be an expert in any zombie apocalypse situation, this was a dream come true for me. I was invited alongside Love Pop Ups: London, but a couple of people dropped out so I was able to drag my boyfriend along as a plus one! I already felt my nerves crumbling…

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TRAVEL | America 2019: Vegas


Well, where do I even begin? On the afternoon of the 26th of March, I hopped on a plane for a very long flight, landing in Los Angeles an 11 hours-or-so later. Once I got used to the idea that I was also landing on the 26th of March (I lie, I never got used to the time difference), I found my way to Venice Beach Board Walk…