For Boomtown Fair, I made my own mermaid crown! Well, that’s a lie, my colleague actually helped me but still. The reason why I chose to make my own was because there was nothing on the high street I really liked – I didn’t want to go with a typical floral crown and anything that wasn’t a floral crown just looked a bit tacky. I really, really liked the look of Chelsea’s Flower Crowns – who I took inspiration from in the end – but just couldn’t justify paying over £100 for something I obviously wasn’t going to wear on a regular basis.

Plus I wanted something one of a kind and unique.

It was actually pretty easy to make. Here’s how we did it.

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I wanted something colourful and unique, but not too out there because I knew I’d be rocking around to bands and dancing a lot of the time – and also that it might rain (which it did). So something that stood out but could easily be paired with whatever I was wearing was the kind of look I was going for. I didn’t intentionally intend to make it ‘mermaid’ themed, but with the shells and the colours I picked, this fell into place.

I wasn’t sure what to use as my base and was originally going to buy just a headband, but when I spotted a simple shell crown in Claire’s Accessories, I knew I had to buy it (for a mere £14!). It wasn’t in the best condition – many of them didn’t seem very secure and had shells hanging off, but I knew we were going to add to this so it didn’t matter. We then headed to Hobbycraft for general crafty bits like feathers and beads. We chose a particular colour theme of bright pastel blues and greens.

I wasn’t sure how to put it altogether now that I had everything, but we decided to buy some green felt to slot in behind the band that was already there to allow for extra support. We measured this up against the base and cut out some extra felt for the additional bits we were adding. We then began to stick on the feathers near the top and left them to dry.

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Then we got more creative. We had used pretty versatile colours for the feathers so we then chose more colourful beads. We stuck these to the base and the feathers and removed some of the boring gold beads to replace these with more striking ones in the middle. Then, once it was all dry, we stuck our felt base onto the actual base and left that to dry. We later added a bit of lace too and then left it at that because we didn’t want to add too much that nothing could really be noticed.

In the end, I was so, so happy with the results. The entire crown ended up being really feminine and festively and actually looked amazing on – it didn’t weigh down or hurt my head and luckily the feathers withstood some of the rain I experienced when wearing it. I absolutely loved that it was one of a kind too and although I saw a fair few crowns/headpieces at the festival, there was nothing like mine in the slightest.

Overall, for the base crown and crafty bits, I probably paid about £20 max too which is super cheap. Most basic floral crowns cost at least £35+ online and the really out there ones cost over £100. So not only was it entirely individual – it was cheap too.

I think I’ll definitely be using this crown for years to come (I’m more than sure I’ll find some quirky events that’ll require it!) and, next year, probably make another with a new theme!

What do you think of my mermaid crown? Would you ever make your own head piece for a festival? Let me know!