I’m not huge on beauty over here (despite my blog description saying so – I really must change that!), so it’s very rare that I sit up and take notice of particular brands.

But I have to say, Lime Crime have not only caught my eye but totally stolen my heart too and not just because of the brand’s relevance to unicorns.

I stumbled across this brand last week and immediately I was smitten. They’ve fast become popular due to their soon-to-be-launched unicorn hair dye, but just one look through their Instagram will tell you that they’re one of the coolest brands about right now. Here’s what I love about their Unicorn Hair dye.

I am absolutely loving the look of their unicorn hair dye. First of all, it’s semi-permanent, so although I’ve been craving for a bright and bold hair colour for years now, a semi-permanent dye that doesn’t lack in colour or vibrancy is right up my street. And believe me when I say the colours are bold. Some brands offer dyes that create a lovely pastel effect, but this range is really bold which I love.

The current obsession is the actual unicorn hair though, which sees multiple colours being applied to hair, creating a mesmerising mermaid-like-unicorn-themed hair do that catches your eye. Some of the images are just stunning. You have the option of choosing just one colour or creating a rainbow of colours. You could even pick a few similar colours to create an awesome ombre effect.

With names like sext, dirty mermaid and jello you just can’t go wrong. Plus, I’m utterly convinced that the super bold orange dye is named after Leeloo of The Fifth Element. I don’t think they’ve confirmed this but c’mon, I can’t be the only person to get that reference…right?

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Some brands stick to the typical pink/purple/blue. But Lime Crime has brought out a range that features thirteen different dyes, some of which are different shades of purple and such. So there’s like, y’know, a plum purple, a pinky/purple, a more subtle purple..basically you’re spoilt for choice.

With each generously sized tub costing just £12.86, you can’t really go wrong.
And, best yet…

Major props for this. It’s super hard to find brands that are this green, so the fact that it’s actually a super cool brand that is being vegan and cruelty free as well is like a dream come true.

But that’s not all. Although the brand is certainly well known for it’s unicorn hair dye range, Lime Crime also sell makeup, hair and nail products and some freakin’ beautiful lipsticks. It’s not often I fall for a brand this hard – as soon as I’m home, I’m putting an order in..

What do you think? Do you like the look of the hair dyes or do you think the unicorn theme has been done to death now? Let me know with a comment below!