My name is Louise Joy, I live in Milton Keynes (but hail from Luton) and recently turned 30 years old *gulp*. Rather than trying to explain who I am, instead I’m going to share a list of some real cool sh*t I’ve managed to do so far in my 30 years of living.

This should tell you exactly what type of person I am. I have;

  • failed miserably at The Crystal Maze
  • escaped zombies in the life-meets-video-game experience Variant 31
  • stargazed in the Egyptian desert
  • taken an epic West Coast road trip in America
  • partied in Brighton’s jazz bar basements with American rockstars
  • celebrated NYE at Champs-Élysées
  • lived alone next to Elm Street
  • seen Fall Out Boy headline Reading Festival
  • partied (hard) in Vegas
  • became a lady of the night at Secret Cinema’s Moulin Rouge
  • got lost in a random rundown village outside of Berlin (and nearly didn’t make it home again)
  • tried spacecakes in Amsterdam (and nearly missed our flight and nearly didn’t make it home again on the same holiday)
  • missed a flight in America. I cried on the airport floor for about an hour. Lol.
  • ‘married’ my best friend (and others) in a friend ceremony in the woods at Lost Village Festival
  • visited a ghost town in the Nevada desert (and drove an RZR around the desert)
  • survived the zombie apocalypse in Secret Cinema’s 28 Days Later event
  • followed my favourite band around the UK on tour
  • found life after love at Boomtown Festival
  • had experiences with the other side on ghost hunts
  • partied (moderately) in Ibiza
  • driven Transfăgărășan in Romania
  • seen Chichén Itzá with my own eyes
  • visited Bruges for a Christmas break with my mum and sister
  • had a job on a farm as a scare technician
  • stood on part of the track at The English Grand Prix at Silverstone
  • danced on a rooftop of a random organic farm in the Tunisian countryside
  • had a bonfire on the beach with my favourite band
  • stayed in a tiny remote cabin in the mountains of Romania
  • been a VIB at Bloggers Fashion Week
  • crowdsurfed (at 29 years old. I was always too scared to do it before then)
  • found the courage to begin (and continue to this day) burlesque class/lessons
  • seen Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, The All American Rejects, Simple Plan, Bowling For Soup, The Maine, SUM41, twenty one pilots, Good Charlotte, Busted and so, so many cool rock bands live
  • tried paintballing (and was terrible at it)
  • tried snowboarding (and was terrible at it)
  • tried pole dancing (and was good at it, with plans to go back!)
  • met the mayor of Dunstable drunk at Party in the Park? (I didn’t even know Dunstable had a mayor)
  • visited Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum in Vegas
  • visited the Grand Canyon
  • Stayed at The Crazy Bear Hotel and experienced true luxury, drinking champagne in a standalone copper bubble bath that filled up from the ceiling..
  • been very, very rich (on Neopets that is..)

So if that doesn’t tell you what type of person I am, I don’t know what will!