About The Blog

Formidable Joy is an blog covering anything from fashion and beauty reviews to dating and craft tips. Formidable Joy – previously named Inspire Magazine – was created in 2011 when at university I was required to produce a one off issue of a magazine created by myself. I set up this blog to help coincide with this and decided to keep it as an online version. 
Formidable Joy reaches over 1000 unique page views a day and in November alone the blog acquired over 20,000 views that month. The blog includes posts of a variety of different subjects and is slowly beginning to involve its readers a lot more with discussions on the facebook page and readers commenting their thoughts on posts.
All reviews I do are completely of my own opinion and usually of my own accord. I am sometimes given discount codes by companies or sent items to review in return for me offering my opinion which is always honest and never biased. As stated before, I am happy to try out new products and offer honest opinions on these if I feel they are in the interest of my readers.
If any companies would like to get into contact with me regarding any blogging opportunities then I can be contacted on Louise.Joy@hotmail.com. I am an excellent time keeper, writing is my absolute passion and I can be very versatile when it comes to taking my hand at a variety of different writing genres. I love a challenge.
You can view my press pack here.

My name is Louise Joy, I’m 26 years old and live in a town called Luton. I’m an editorial assistant for a travel magazine and, alongside this blog, tend to do a lot of freelance work in my own time whether that’s proofreading and admin work or blogging and lending a hand here and there.

Currently, I am involved in a few different projects and contribute to a few different companies. I contribute to online music publication, Invicta Mag, I’m the online editor of Debut Magazine (and contribute to the print magazine), and I also blog for Metro.

For example, a couple of years ago I helped out with a company called TV Bedfordshire, a YouTube channel that set about delivering news and lifestyle based vlogs to audiences around Bedfordshire. I enjoyed this as it was very hands on as well as behind the scenes, and drew upon production skills I’d learnt when at college.

I would love to launch my own YouTube channel interviewing local bands and helping them get their name out there as in the past I have interviewed bands and relished in how well it went. This is something I am looking into launching later this year, once I have necessary filming equipment and have taught myself a little more about editing.

I can’t say I’m a typical beauty/fashion blogger – I’m not stylish, I look a bit of a twit in outfit posts and although I enjoy experimenting with makeup on a night out – and adore a dark goth lipstick – I rarely ever style my hair, but I think I can offer content that’s a little different nonetheless.

My other interests include music overall – I’m often found at a gig whether that’s a sell out concert in London or a small gig at a local pub. I also enjoy reading and writing – another project I am working on currently is writing a zombie novel!

I feel the particular subject behind this novel has never been done before and I have written well over half of the novel already. As well as some excellent marketing and promotion ideas I have, I’ve even decided on the soundtrack for if when the story eventually gets made into a movie, ha!

In all seriousness though, I have genuine plans to see my novel published and I am currently looking for an editor or publisher to help me achieve that dream.

I love movies and TV – especially offbeat finds – and on a weekend you’ll either find me having duvet days catching up on blogging and having intense Netflix binges, or on a spontaneous day trip doing something uber cool.

Upcoming adventures include participating in The Crystal Maze (the real thing, pretty much, although it won’t be broadcast on TV, drive in cinema and Lost Village festival.

I’m super chatty and friendly so please feel free to drop me and email or tweet me for a long chat – my twitter handle is @Lady_Louise_.