VEGANUARY 2019 | Week One

As you all know, I take on the challenge of Veganuary every year. I’ve been an on and off vegan for the last three or so years – but Veganuary is the one time I take it most seriously. I do it for many different reasons – of course for the animals and the environment – but I mainly do it because it makes me feel really healthy and good about myself, which is a great thing to see in the new year!

I have varied content coming up about eating vegan, but here is the first of week being an account/food diary of my first week.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Veganuary 2019 | Week One

209 calories over budget.
I’d picked up a few basic vegan bits in advance so my first day of being vegan was stress-free for once! I had avocado on toast for breakfast (of course!) and for dinner I’d grabbed the BBQ Butternut Mac from Tesco’s Wicked range. I can’t say I particularly liked this as the flavour just seemed a bit off to me. It’s a shame because I really love the range from Wicked, I think it’s a great way to grab vegan stuff on the go, if a little pricey. Luckily, I had some garlic ciabatta alongside it, which filled me up. Then for supper, avocado on toast again.

I also decided to try and list my food in my Fitbit app as much as possible this year – not just to help with putting together these posts, but also to get a better grip on what is and isn’t right with what type of foods I’m eating. Today, I was 209 calories over budget but didn’t beat myself up about it too much as I was still easing into the new year and suffering from a cold.

341 calories under budget.
Today was my first day back at work so I used what was left of my vegan basics and just made myself a cheese and onion sandwich. I was unable to sleep much the night before (due to my cold and having slept in so much over Christmas), so made a stop on the way to work to grab some energy drinks and apple puff pastries from Co-op for breakfast/a treat for the office. Despite this treat for breakfast, I still somehow ended up under budget!

I’d put in a Tesco online shop over the weekend so picked my shopping up this evening – I ended up with tons of vegan goodies and had put together a comprehensive meal plan. For dinner, I had the rest of yesterday’s garlic ciabatta, some roasted vegetables and my infamous vegan pizza – pesto, mushroom and cheese. It was delicious and an old familiar favourite.

On Thursday, my cold returned at full menace, just as I thought I was getting over it. I think I’d probably gone back to work too soon and I felt so horrid. I think I probably ate a total of five biscuits in work and that’s about it! I went out for my friend’s leaving do in the evening and though we went to Aqua in Milton Keynes who had tons of vegan stuff. I had focaccia bread for starters and risotto for main – both were really tasty and inexpensive too. Because I wasn’t feeling well and knew my eating habits would be off, I temporarily stopped logging food to my Fitbit today.

Friday saw me having a busy day in the office so paired with my cold, this was another day where I didn’t eat much at all. My boss treated us all to fish and chips for lunch so I just had chips – however, she did bring me back a vegetable and ‘probably vegan’ spring roll. I had to eat it – I couldn’t say no – but for the most part, it seemed vegan. This perhaps counts as a small mishap, but not one I’m being myself up over as it wasn’t intentional.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Veganuary 2019 | Week One

On Saturday, I still felt horrid. I stayed in bed all day, watching TV and playing video games – and I’m ashamed to say all I had to eat was a full pack of Oreos! Later on, I managed a small bowl of mushroom pasta. I just didn’t have any appetite and couldn’t taste anything so could barely manage anything other than that. In hindsight, I should have forced myself to eat something to have more energy because I felt weak for the entire weekend, but when you feel so unwell, you just don’t think about these things.

On Sunday, I still felt rough, but not as bad as the day before. My nose was still blocked but overall, I mostly had a stuffy head. I spent most of the morning and afternoon relaxing in bed then at dinner, Dad made a mini roast. I had what I could – roast potatoes and vegetables – then made a mushroom tart to have instead of meat. It was delicious and turned out a lot better than my previous one.

I was still feeling a little rough from the previous night so didn’t overly plan or prep lunch for Monday, even though it was my longest day of the week and I knew I wouldn’t be arriving home till almost 10pm. For lunch, I had the leftover mushroom tart and some chipsticks – not a lot, but I still didn’t have an appetite. I also had a pear (trying to be healthy here!). Despite getting home late, I thought ahead to lunch the following day and decided to make a proper dinner that would allow me leftovers. I made Asian Garlic Tofu with green beans and rice – and it was so good, despite the kitchen being an entire mess after!

To conclude my first week of Veganuary, I have found everything so easy this time around. I have had so much experience doing this now that a lot of things I don’t think twice about – I have a set collection of failsafe recipes I always fall back on (and I haven’t even had stirfry this week!), and I’m much more confident about what products I can and can’t use. I’ve even been telling people how easy it all is!

The only things I’ve struggled with this time around is meal prep really; being unwell or having late nights have left me struggling to find something quick and easy to make when I’m not in the mood to cook. This means I’ve had more (vegan) junk food than I should have, whereas normally I’d be eating a lot more vegetables by now! However, now that I’m feeling better, I’m hoping next week will be different.

Would you ever try Veganuary? Let me know!