FITNESS | 5 reasons to try Burlesque

One of my biggest and proudest achievements of 2018 was joining a burlesque class. I’d always wanted to try burlesque – I absolutely love movies like Moulin Rouge and Burlesque – but can’t say I’m a very good dancer.

I’d been searching for a local burlesque class for so long and must have liked my current class – myBurlesque, which takes place in Milton Keynes – a good while ago. One evening I was telling a friend about my desire to start and it popped up on my Facebook that they had spaces for their class, almost minutes after the conversation I’d had. That seemed like a sign to me!

So I signed up back in September and haven’t looked back since. Despite being so nervous, I gained confidence almost instantly and have even gone on to do a show – in front of actual people since then.

I can’t see myself ever giving up burlesque and enjoy the classes so much, so I thought I’d do a blog post about why you should try a burlesque class too.

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Yes, an obvious point, I know, but a burlesque class is one of those classes that constitute as exercise without even feeling like it. It burns calories, helps me hit my step count and even though much of the class is spent learning new moves and putting them together, there is, of course, a warm-up at the start. It’s obviously not the most rigorous exercise class – but it’s a pretty damn fun one!

I’ve met so many lovely ladies through burlesque – there’s nothing quite like getting to know someone whilst learning how to do a striptease or burlesque routine. In my class, there’s a real mix of people and we do things outside of class too, like go to shows and such. We also just had a mini Christmas social with games, drinks and nibbles which is nice. I never thought I’d meet so many lovely people through such a unique thing.

I can’t even begin to explain how much confidence it’s given me. I don’t have any rhythm and I can’t dance for sh*t, but since starting burlesque, I can move my body in ways I didn’t even think possible. I don’t even mean in a sexy way, all of a sudden I can move my hips in a figure of eight or just move to the beat better and it’s all thanks to this class.

Starting burlesque has also taught me to love my body more – especially my curves. I used to wish to be thinner and to be more toned but – without wanting to offend anyone here – with burlesque, bigger is actually better in a way. No matter what shape you are, everyone always looks amazing in a corset for example. So if you’re struggling to love your body lately? Head to a burlesque class to really embrace it.

At first, I definitely thought burlesque was just a fun class to try. Then I did a show. Then I ended up somehow owning a whole bag of corsets, long sleeved gloves, feather boas and other burlesque-related attire. There are even burlesque related tests/performances you can take/do to be a certified dancer (or something along those lines. I’m not sure what exactly but I know some ladies in my class did something similar and passed). At the moment, it’s a hobby I really enjoy but I don’t doubt that one day it could lead to further performances, lifestyle choices or perhaps even performance groups! The opportunities are endless: but they’re so much fun.

I dance with myBurlesque (in Milton Keynes, if you’re local), which is taught by an ever so lovely and down to earth lady called Micaela, who really makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. However, there are also routines you can watch and try on Youtube.

Will you try burlesque? Let me know!