BLOGGING | 5 great websites to help get blogger collaborations

I recently wrote about some tips on how to get more blogging collaborations, and this post included ideas such as creating an up to date press kit every few months or so, keeping in touch with brands and signing up to a few websites that act as a middleman and specialize in pairing brands with suitable bloggers.

Today I’m going to share with you what blogger outreach services I use! Of course there are so many – each offering different benefits – but these are my go-to favourites.

Formidable Joy | Blogging | 5 great websites to help get blogger collaborations | Blogging Tips

Buzzole I use few and far between as there haven’t been too many I’m suitable for just yet, but I do love it for its clean interface and refreshing breakdown of stats. Your profile includes audience analytics, performance analytics and even combined followers which I love. It’s a really easy way to see where you’re at in terms of approaching brands and where you need to improve, so Buzzole is great for beginners who are just starting to think about working with brands.

YouCom Media are a much more informal company who work on the basis where they check in with you and then get in touch when they believe you are suitable for posts. What I love about these guys is that they’re so friendly and helpful – they even sent me a cute Christmas card! They’re really encouraging – especially towards smaller bloggers – and are very transparent about where your blog sits on their roster: if you’re close to getting a campaign, they’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to get it, and they help you set an acceptable fee for posts.

Get Blogged is a website I use very regularly for easy and quick sponsored posts. I am honest about collaborating with brands for sponsored posts and I have no shame in saying that sometimes I need some quick cash for upcoming unexpected bills and can find suitable assignments on Get Blogged. Of course, I’d never write about something unsuitable or that I wouldn’t write about normally, but I love the variety on Get Blogged. It also has a super quick turnaround time (payment is usually within 24 hours), plus a really helpful and friendly support group on Facebook – this grouph helps with anything from ways to improve your DA to link building. Payment is based on DA too.

Bloggers Required is another company I’m very familiar with but what makes them stand out is that they don’t just feature sponsored posts but full campaigns including product reviews or giveaways. I have worked with some great brand’s through Bloggers Required in the past and they send out a newsletter with all the latest opportunities too, just in case you forget to check the website. My only qualm is that the interface could be a bit clearer/tidied up and I sometimes have trouble logging in, but overall this is probably one of my most used websites, alongside Get Blogged.

I don’t have a lot of experience with The Blogger Programme yet but again, it’s clean interface makes it very easy to look through campaigns and know immediately if you’re applicable. You can choose to view just the ones you can apply for, or have a look at all of them to get an idea of what targets you need to be hitting to approach brands (and targets are really varied, anything from 3K to 250K). Most of the campaigns seem to be based on Instagram followers, but some also depend on Youtube subscribers or Twitter followers – and it’s clearly advertised the minimum for each.

These are just my five go-to websites for blogging collaborations – although I do approach brands directly too. Do you use any websites like the ones above? Let me know!

*Please note, this is a collaborative post but all views and opinions are entirely my own.