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With turning 30 next year, opening a Help To Buy account and accidentally touring three bedroom houses on a fourth date recently, it’s safe to say that I’m starting to look ahead to my future and think about my dream home improvements.

Of course I know my first purchased home isn’t going to be my forever home, but now that I know I can live alone, the idea of a dream home doesn’t feel so out of reach anymore. It will take a lot of saving and is a long way off – and it may even mean buying a new build or older home to then make these dream improvements – but one day, hopefully, it will be a reality.

Here are some of my dream home improvements.

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I am a huge movie buff and I love anything quirky or hidden, so a secret cinema room or den would be amazing. I think, realistically, this will be in an attic with a huge screen, giant fluffy beanbags and a popcorn machine. My dream home wouldn’t have a latch to get into the attic but instead, a hidden away spiral staircase, perhaps disguised behind a wardrobe door. My dad re-invented our attic at home (it’s still an attic but he gave it flooring and such and we use it for storage), so I know that beyond a doubt he’ll be able to help me with this.

I know the whole point of having a man cave is so that no women are allowed, but if my future bae and I could have a gaming room, I think that’s the best of both worlds. I can imagine it with a mini fridge, a pimped out gaming area with every console going and tons of Pop Vinyl’s. I think this would be best in the garden, disguised as a garden shed or, even though I’m not American, in a basement (I always made basement man cave’s on The Sims!).

Oh to have my own blogging area. Not just a study with a desk and an area to do my crafts, but an actual blogging space where I could take photos, store flatly accessories and even have a photo backdrop. That is the ultimate dream. Of course, I’d need to have a roof lantern to ensure I get the most natural light possible, especially in winter.

Because, duh, what woman doesn’t want a walk in wardrobe?

Finally, I’d love a reading nook (although I feel my house would be full of multiple reading nooks). I think one under the stairs would be perfect though, with low lighting and tons of colourful cushions. It may be small but it would be so cosy! I’d also like a bay window where I could turn the seat into a place to read books and if we’re going to get really dreamy, I’d love my own actual library.

In the meantime, whilst I’m still at home, I think most of these are probably unattainable. However, maybe I can try and talk my dad into letting me take over the attic in the new year…

What are your dream improvements? Let me know!

*Please note, this is a collaborative post but all views and opinions are entirely my own.