REVIEW | Brain Füd Energy Drinks

I am constantly tired. I cannot function on a day-to-day basis unless I have an energy drink and even then, nine times out of ten I’ll still go home and have a nap before dinner. I recently found solace in superfood smoothies, but coming up to winter, getting up early and grabbing frozen fruit out of the freezer has taken a back burner!

Which is why I was delighted to be given the opportunity to try out natural energy drink Brain Füd – now in brand new 100% recyclable Tetra Paks. The drinks previously came in plastic bottles, so the move to more recyclable packaging makes me very happy indeed.

Formidable Joy | Review | Brain Füd Energy Drinks | Food & Drink

Unlike most aluminium cans, Tetra Pak is 100% recyclable and uses sustainably sourced paperboard. The drinks are re-sealable too, meaning they can be used on the go – and are entirely free of artificial ingredients, preservatives and added sugar. The drinks are totally natural!

But do they work?

With this week being my last week of work before Christmas and so many loose ends to tie up with the magazine, I have needed all the energy I could get. Luckily, Brain Füd has helped me stay refreshed and motivated throughout. I’ve taken to drinking them throughout the mornings and haven’t felt myself reaching for an energy drink during the afternoon slump at all this week – so they’ve done their job.

Brain Füd comes in three different flavours: Pineapple & Ginger, Berry & Coconut and Citrus & Mint – each containing functional vitamins and minerals that help to combat tiredness and fatigue. They come in bold and bright packaging too, which I love. The flavours are delicious and subtle – not too in your face at all, like some energy drinks.

Formidable Joy | Review | Brain Füd Energy Drinks | Food & Drink

The only flavour I wasn’t too sure about was the Pineapple and Ginger flavour. Though delicious, the taste of ginger was very prominent and definitely gave me a refreshing boost. I saved this drink for the day I knew I would be most tired (and a little hungover!) – and I’m glad I did. The ginger actually settled my stomach and helped me get my head down and concentrate for the rest of the day.

I loved trying Brain Füd drinks; not only are they refreshing and tasty but I love how sustainable and environmentally friendly they are.