FASHION | A winter wardrobe wish list with Simply Be

Winter is a time when I struggle with fashion. It’s too cold in the morning’s to take the time to pick a stylish outfit, it’s too cold to wear cute t-shirts and pretty dresses and it’s too cold (and busy!) to go shopping for winter wear = which is probably why I tend to live in oversized jumpers and plain black leggings five days a week (the other two days I have an emotional attachment to my dressing gown) = sexy.

But no more. Determined to at least try and look a bit put together this winter, I’ve decided to put together a little winter wardrobe essentials guide with Simply Be to show that a) you can still look stylish even when it’s freezing cold outside and b) you can also shop with a budget from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of my favourite picks.

Formidable Joy | Fashion | A winter wardrobe wish list with Simply Be | Simply Be | Winter Fashion

Leggings usually scream lazy (or cosy) to me and it’s often hard to find a pair of leggings that pass as smart or fashionable. However, I love these high waisted shaper jeggings – I find wet look/faux leather leggings give a really edgy/glammed up vibe – whilst still being super comfy – so these are a must for me this winter. The colour of these means they’re really versatile for a night out, but I’d suggest pairing them with a white jumper and ankle boots for a more casual look that’s still smart enough to wear outside of the house.

One thing I love about winter fashion is that there’s never any shortage of pretty dresses that will also keep you warm! I adore this crushed velvet dress – not only is it in a really beautiful, sultry seasonal colour, but the material of velvet is also that little bit thicker and will definitely keep you warm this Christmas. The sleeves will also cover up and keep your arms warm – and you have no idea how happy that makes me. In winter, if my arms are uncovered (and sometimes in summer too!), I just can’t deal and simply cannot be warm until I’m wearing something with long sleeves or a cardigan. Pair with nude tights and a cute pair of heels to complete the look.

Yeah, okay, so lingerie doesn’t really count as a winter wardrobe essential – nor will it help you look more put together to the public eye – but you gotta treat yourself to something pretty as it’s Christmas – right?! I pretty much love all the lingerie from Simply Be and I think that some of these sets work for any time, any occasion. Even if you’ve broken up from work for Christmas and all the days have blurred into one long marathon of daytime TV, seasonal buffet food and sofa naps= as long as you’ve got some sexy lingerie on beneath your lazy clothes or cosy dressing gown, you’re still gonna feel amazing.

I’ve got my eye on all three of these essential items and feel like these would no doubt keep me through winter until the new year, especially as I have plenty of tops and jumpers. Dresses and smart bottoms are definitely the two main items of clothing I struggle with during the winter, so hopefully, if you’re anything like me, these picks will help you too!

What are your winter wardrobe essentials? Let me know!