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As if it’s December! I know this is a really silly thing to write – as I know everyone feels the same way as me regarding this subject – but how the bloody well in hell can it be December already? As in Christmas is THIS MONTH. It’s crazy.

I’m reigning it back on the Christmas celebrations this year (such a stark contrast to last year when I was off to here, there and everywhere, soaking up the seasonal atmosphere!) but there’s still tons to look forward to, including a very generous three weeks off work.

Do I plan to get dressed and leave the house during that time?

Not a bloody chance.

Here is what I am looking forward to, however…

Formidable Joy | Lifestyle | Hello December

I may be getting old, but nights out clubbing just don’t appeal to me anymore (unless it’s a birthday and I get to wear a sash or something), so I’ve become a big fan of BBC Introducing Nights over the past year or so. Not only has each event introduced me to some amazing talent so far (Rocky Nti, Ten Tonnes and Folly Rae to name just a few), the laid-back acoustic evening is held in the uber cool Bear Club in Luton (likely one of the last good clubs in Luton). The Bear Club – which is a jazz club – has the coolest vibe too. The next BBC Introducing event will see Jack Cullen, Emma McGrath and Ed the Dog perform – all unsigned and somewhat local artists oozing with talent.
BBC Music Introducing in Beds, Herts & Bucks takes place on the 11th.

I love a good chick lit, especially if it’s not your traditional boy-meets-girl storyline..which is why My Favourite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren has caught my attention. This modern story – dubbed as being ideal for fans of She’s The Man – tells the story of Millie Morris who is often seen as ‘one of the guys’. When a black tie gala comes up, Millie and her friends make a pact to jump on online dating to find dates for the event. Only after making the pact, she ends up sleeping with one of her guy friends, Reid. Complication ensues, especially when she creates a brand new name and persona online to get better luck – and ends up matching and talking to Reid online. The storyline definitely has me intrigued and I’m already eager to pick this up and see how it all pans out..!
My Favourite Half-Night Stand will be published on the 4th.

Aquaman. I don’t know the storyline or the basis behind it – and a couple of parts in the trailer looked a little corny – but it’s got Jason Mamoa. Fun fact: I thought he was a complete d*ck in Game of Thrones and didn’t start fancying him till much later on. Still, I’ll definitely be seeing Aquaman when it drops later this month.
Aquaman will be released on the 12th.


If you haven’t already binged Nailed It! – where have you been? This hilarious baking show follows less than talented bakers as they try and take on the toughest – and most Pinterest worthy – edible masterpieces. The results are HILARIOUS so I’m super pleased to hear the return of the series with a Christmas special. Nailed It! Holiday! is going to be perfect for that daytime viewing over Christmas when you’ve eaten too many Pringles and the one-too-many Snowball’s has got you unable to move from the sofa…
Nailed It! Holiday! will be available from the 7th.


It’s officially time to start celebrating Christmas at last. I’ve got a jam-packed month full of content (that’s if I don’t have too many Snowballs!) but in the meantime, all I can say is it’s finally time to start going Christmas crazy! Enjoy.
What are you most looking forward to this month? Let me know!