MUSIC | The November Playlist

Let’s not talk about how close it is to Christmas and instead focus on what awesome music I’ve been listening to this month, shall we?

Radio One has played a huge part in November’s playlist since for some reason the wire in my car that allows me to listen to music from my phone has stopped working..which is pretty annoying to say the least. Getting up in the cold and dark mornings and knowing I can’t even put on my favourite music is definitely making morning’s tougher at the moment!

Luckily, Radio One is a suitable alternative.

This month’s playlist is super mixed – from the upbeat Suckerpunch by Sigrid to the heavier Liquiorice Allsort Girl by Headcleaner (from Modern Life Is Rubbish, off course) but somehow I’ve only managed to get just one Bring Me The Horizon song onto the list, even though I’ve been listening to them quite a bit as I’m seeing them live tomorrow!

They’re definitely going to be one of the more heavier bands I’ve ever seen live so I’m looking forward to moshing out a bit.

Anyway – enjoy!

What have you been listening to this month? Let me know!