BLOGGING | 5 ways to beat writer’s block

Having writer’s block is a horrible, horrible feeling, especially if you’re on a deadline or work to a blogging schedule. It’s very easy to sit and try and brainstorm or trawl through Bloglovin’ to find inspiration; suddenly the posts you see aren’t quite right for your niche (even though you follow them!) or your heart just isn’t in it.

I think it’s important to remember that having writer’s block is natural. It doesn’t mean your good enough: I often used to think maybe I wasn’t really a writer deep down or maybe I didn’t love blogging as much as I should because if I did, surely I’d be bursting with inspiration?

However, now that I know it’s natural I’m not that hard on myself. I use the below tips to help overcome writer’s block, and hopefully, these tips will help you too.

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always look through Bloglovin’, then very quickly find myself bored again. In fact, I do need to improve my feed so leave your links below as I’m looking for new bloggers to follow! These days, I step away from that website and look elsewhere. Facebook groups are super helpful and twitter too. Sometimes, I look at what people I follow are currently loving or raving about. I think it’s important to remember to not copy other people’s content here though: instead, you should take inspiration from it. If someone is talking about an upcoming trip, why not write about five trips you’d love to book in future? Or, if someone has reviewed a movie, you could do a quick top ten of your favourite movies. If I take inspiration from someone, I also always say so and link back to them – even if it’s not related in the slightest. It’s not necessary, but it is a nice touch.

Been to the cinema? Seen an awesome band live? Read a book? Write about it. Content is content: even if it’s not a new book or even if you’ve seen the band a thousand times before. Or challenge yourself! I find it really hard to write a review of something (especially music) without every review sounding the same, so make it into a challenge. Really sit and think about how the gig made you feel; did it create goosebumps along your arms or did you feel the bass thumping throughout your body? What about a book you’ve read recently? Even if it was bad, you can write a post in such a way that it’s constructive criticism.

Take an entire step back from technology and head outside for some fresh air. Clearing your mind will help, and seeing the beautiful red colours of the trees or hearing the leaves crunch beneath your feet may help inspiration come to you. And if not? Take a pretty photo and curate a blog post around that.

Pay homage to the Myspace days and do a quiz. It’s a really straightforward way to let your readers know what you’ve been up to lately and it also makes you seem down to earth and approachable. My favourite thing about any blog is the personal posts and getting to know the writer behind the words, so these types of posts never grow old. Plus there are literally thousands of quizzes out there – and on a manner of different subjects too. So they’re not really time constricting either; you could do an entire week of quizzes if you like and dub it ‘Get to know me’ week!

Sit down and just write and write, even if it’s just sharing your rambling thoughts or something you don’t think people will want to read. And when writer’s block disappears? Write ten or so posts (not in one go obviously, ain’t no one got time for that) that can be posted anytime and keep them in your drafts. Reviews never get old, nor do life quizzes or most lifestyle posts! Keep a bunch in bulk so next time writer’s block strikes, you don’t need to panic – you can just press publish!

Do you have any tips on getting rid of writer’s block? Let me know!