GAMING | Last Day On Earth: Survival

I don’t often post about video games around here, but since installing the Last Day On Earth: Survival app/game on my phone a couple of months ago, I’ve barely been able to put down my phone!

I am a huge fan of zombie games but I prefer games that are RPG or adventure like Resident Evil. This game combines all the best part of a horror game; not only does it include combat and fight scenes but it’s very much based on survival skills which I love. It’s basically impossible to get bored of this game!

Formidable Joy | Gaming | Last Day On Earth: Survival | Game Review | Zombies | App Review

You start with the very basics: your character in nothing but your underwear, hehe! You then learn to forage certain items like material from zombies you kill, wood from trees, meat from deer and seeds from plants. Material can be used to make clothing, wood can be made into a weapon or burned to cook food, meat you obviously cook and seeds you grow.

Every single action in the game leads to certain results and there’s always new ways to improve your skills or venture out further to get better materals for weapons. Each location has zombies but certain more challenging locations are overran with zombies; you can visit a bunker where you must defeat zombies by floor and collect tickets on the way. These tickets can be used to exchange for loot; green tickets give you a fair collection of survival items and the crates/rewards go up by ticket colour.

You can also buld up your base (which is fun because you can’t really decorate it but you can set it out however you like – kind of like a very simplified version of the Sims!). You can’t get play against others, however it’s still a wise idea to make your base as safe as possible because you will get zombie hoards come by occasionally.

Formidable Joy | Gaming | Last Day On Earth: Survival | Game Review | Zombies | App ReviewFormidable Joy | Gaming | Last Day On Earth: Survival | Game Review | Zombies | App Review

However, I love how realisitc the entire game is. For example:

  • If you run out of health (mostly by zombies killing you but occasionally through hunger etc), you die. Simple as. Some locations (bunkers, special events, your own base) you’ll be able to re-visit to loot your body; others you can’t.
  • Basic clothes are required to avoid freezing but the better the materials, the more protection you’ll have against the undead.
  • You get hungry; and thirsty. And if you drink too much? Your character will need to find somewhere to, ahem, do their business and if it’s not at home, you’ll soon start to stink and will attract more zombies without having a wash afterwards.
  • You can get puppies! Then you have to collect meat to feed them. They won’t die without meat; they’ll just stop growing and you want them to grow as they come with their own special traits. However, I regret saving every cute puppy I see because I’m forever going on long raids to hunt just to feed them, haha.
  • Eventually you’ll be able to play against others, but for the meantime, you occasionally come across raiders who often have better weapons than you (but great loot too!) and you can raid bases of computer generated characters. There’s also a trader where you can exchange items for cool weapons.

I love that with this game you can put it down and pick it up again whenever you like. You don’t miss out on anything or lose health by not playing, and it’s so easy to fall back into. With games – especially on my phone – I always tend to get bored after a week or so. But I have pretty much played this non stop for the last few months and cannot shut up about it to my friends – so I just had to write a blog post about it!

Do you like zombie and/or survival games? Would you play Last Day On Earth: Survival? Let me know!