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As explained before, Wish is one of my favourite apps around right now (there is a website too, which I have linked to, but I prefer the app as it offers more savings and daily log in bonuses). Although to begin with, I found it was a little hit and miss, the more I’ve used it (for home accessories, anyway) the more I’ve come to love it. Lately, everything I’ve ordered has been good quality for such a bargain price, so I thought I would do a blog post about my favourite home accessories on Wish.

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Please note, I have linked to the specific products in this post however it’s definitely worth clicking on ‘related items’ as many sellers sell the same things and often prices vary so the link I’ve used may not necessarily be the cheapest at any given time. For example, at the time of publishing this post, the plastic organiser box (below) is free with £2 shipping. However, I have seen the same item selling for £5 elsewhere on the app!

First of all, I wasn’t too keen on this little green organiser because I thought the coloured plastic looked a bit naff, but upon arrival, I changed my mind. I basically keep all my underwear in a nice faded green box, but it gets ever so messy. So I bought a couple of these and not only do they look really great inside the box and match the colour, they’ve made it so much more organised. Of course, these can be used for anything, but depending on the theme of your room/home, I think they suit really well hidden away in a box just for organisation purposes.

Next: laundry baskets. I actually bought one of these laundry baskets for my ex and he was over the moon with it; it’s just the right size and all the designs are really versatile too. I find that any bigger than that, the pile just gets too much for me and I put off washing for as long as possible! I personally really like the ‘add water and soap’ design as it’s quite sophisticated. I’ve also seen other laundry baskets that separate your dark, colour and light clothing which I really need, but unfortunately, my room is quite small so I don’t have the space for one of these just yet – plus these designs aren’t as cute.

Below, I’ve got this metal and wooden wall grid/hanging shelf which, though turned up smaller than expected, looks really great on my wall right now with a small plant and framed cross stitch design. I absolutely love this as it’s very on brand with the Geometric trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere right now! Primark also has a lot of stuff like this in (including a hexagon one) and matching accessories. The only Primark ones I’ve found have rose gold metal, so if I want them to match, I can very easily get the spraypaint out! I have also recently seen that you can choose to purchase bigger/longer ones too!

For someone who spends so much time in bed, this bedside organiser is perfect for me, because I cannot even count the number of times I’ve fallen asleep watching TV and rolled over in bed, kicking my remote to the floor and have batteries scatter everywhere in the middle of the night. Again, this is smaller than I expected but fits everything I need it to – including my phone, which I have beside my pillow on charge at night which ISN’T GOOD FOR ME. The only thing that it isn’t great for is my Xbox controller – I can fit it into the back larger pocket – just about – but it’s also good for magazines, notebooks and pens etc. It’s a really nifty organiser (god, how old do I sound) and there are also similar ones for your sofa too.

Finally, I’ve got my eye on these little plant holders – NOT THAT I CAN KEEP ANY PLANTS ALIVE ANYWAY. But I’m sure I can shove it in a corner somewhere and give it a go. And if not? I’m sure I can use it as storage for something else…or maybe just a fake plant!

What do you think of my wishlist for Wish (haha)? Will you be purchasing anything? Let me know!

*Psst, if you use the code HTPRWLQ on sign up, you’ll get a whopping 50% off your first order!