MUSIC | The October Playlist

It’s been really hard to put together this months playlist as all I’ve actually been listening to is the new twenty one pilots album on repeat #sorrynotsorry.

I mean it’s just SO GREAT and I can’t stop telling people. I was a little aprehensive about this album because, well, with twenty one pilots you don’t know what to expect and I loved their last album so much that I didn’t know if they’d be able to top it.

I was wrong.

Formidable Joy | Music | The October Playlist

It’s taken everything in me to not make a playlist just full of their new material but luckily I managed to cut it down to just three songs, haha. My Blood is playing everywhere right now – I know – but it’s so catchy and sweet. Chlorine reminds me of the struggle of a volatile relationship – how you love to hate the fight but can’t walk away from someone. I don’t doubt that the actual meaning behind it is likely a lot deeper but isn’t that the beauty of music – analysing something to make it fit in with what you’re going through?!

Finally, I don’t even know what to say about The Hype. It’s just one of those ageless songs that will always be amazing and always give you *that* feeling, you know?

Anyway. A few other songs from Made In Chelsea are thrown in (boy am I glad it’s back on our screens. I’m also developing a very unhealthy crush about Miles…!) and whatever else Radio One has been playing lately. I obviously need to be a bit more varied with my music in future!