MONEY | 5 ways to earn more money for Christmas

I recently blogged about ways you can start saving money for Christmas and this post predominantly focused on ways to save (apart from the bit about phone apps). To go hand in hand with that post, I’ve decided to do another, this time focusing entirely on earning extra money. If you start now, hopefully, you should have a tidy little pot saved away just in time for December.

Obviously for people who work full time this type of post might not seem necessary – but these are just little tips here and there to take into account in your free time.

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Got an extra skill like copywriting or being really good at using spreadsheets? People Per Hour is a great way to sell your skills at your prices and with your availability. I haven’t used it recently as I’ve been way too busy, but back when I was working part time I’d to all sorts of admin jobs on here and probably earned about an extra two grand just using it part time in the space of a few months. This is more ideal for part-time workers or stay at home mums but if you check it regularly and have skills to sell, it’s worth using.

You’ll likely be getting tons of new clothes – or money to put towards new stuff – for Christmas anyway, so now is the best time to blitz your belonings and get rid of anything you don’t need or no longer wear. Try eBay or Depop for the nicer stuff, then take the bulk of what’s left to a bootsale. Anything left over? Simply give it to a charity shop. This is the perfect way to get rid of stuff just sitting around doing nothing and to earn some extra dosh in the process.

If done wisely, you can always earn some extra cash when playing online casinos. Yes, it is based on luck but if you use beginner deals (with cashback websites!), more often than not you’ll end up coming away with an extra few quid in your pocket. I always find I have beginners luck too, so I tend to sign up to a new site, play it a few times until I get bored and/or win and then move on: it’s super important to see it as a fun or thrilling away to bet some spare cash and not get addicted. As long as you remember that, it’s fun!

The run-up to Christmas is the best time to get crafty because it’s so damn cold outside and everyone goes into hibernation. If your creations are any good, use websites like Etsy – or go to a craft fayre/Christmas market – to sell what you’ve made. Christmas cards or hampers are very popular at this time of year and, if done right, can be a very easy way to earn extra money. Buy smaller bits in bulk, create it in a way that looks pretty then sell it on: easy peasy.

Finally, it might take a while – but you can earn extra money just by walking. Apps like Sweatcoin are great for this as you just download it to your phone and it tracks your steps, awarding you virtual money as you walk. You can redeem this virtual money for cool offers via the app or keep walking until you have enough to put towards extra cash. Currently, you need 20,000 points to get 1,000 cash and I am on 500.71 points, but I’m getting there! I also sit on my ass most of my day too, haha. So if you’re a big mover or work out a lot for your job, hitting this target in time for Christmas should be super easy for you.

These are just five small ways to earn some extra money ready for an expensive season: you can use them as casually or as seriously as you want. However, by using just one or two of these tips you’re guaranteed to earn at least some extra money in time for Christmas – do let me know how you get on!