FASHION | My first experience with Lookiero

Apart from when I’m going to gigs or going for an edgy look, my style is a little iffy at best. Some days I’ll look super professional and put together at work and other days I’ll roll into the office in a giant oversized yellow hoody and see through leggings…like yesterday.

So when I saw an offer on Facebook to try Lookiero, I was definitely intrigued. Can I afford a personal shopper and a whole new wardrobe? Hell no. But was I tempted to try it regardless? Hell yes!

Formidable Joy | Fashion | My first experience with Lookiero | Lifestyle | Personal Shopper

I took some time to look into it and quickly discovered that even if you’re on a budget (like me), the subscription box/personal shopper service is actually quite affordable; you don’t actually have to recieve the items every month and you can choose what kind of budget you want your items to fit into. Plus, if you end up keeping all items, not only does the £10 fee dissapear, but you also get 25% off your entire purchase.

I’m almost 30 now and being a bit more experimental or ‘grown up’ with my clothes is one way I can get my sh*t together so I was really excited to try this service. I filled in some information about myself, including my sizes, my style, what I currently wear…and what type of items I wanted to try. I mentioned that at the moment I shy away from jeans and live in leggings and lazy clothes, and often end up wearing a lot of black. I told my personal shopper that I wanted a wardrobe a bit more out there, but that can be put together easily too.

Did she nail it?

My first box arrived with five items; a gorgeous red dress (with a lovely cut) by CLOSET by LO, a simple black skirt (again, a really stylish cut) by FREQUENT which was picked to be worn with the yellow flounce shirt by DESIRES. I was also sent a simple black top by PIECES and a stunning coat for winter.

Out of all the items, I really loved all of them except for the black top by PIECES. It was nice – and versatile – but very similar to tops I already had in my wardrobe.

I absolutely loved the red dress but felt it showed my tummy a little (ha) and I very much wanted to keep it to wear once I lose a bit of weight…but as it cost £47.80, I decided against it. I think it was well worth it for the price because it was obviously very good quality and suited me well, but I’m trying to be smarter with my money so I didn’t want to spend that amount of money if it was just going to sit in my wardrobe for the meantime.

I absolutely adored the yellow flounce shirt and the skirt – they looked so good together – feminine but smart too. Unfortunately the skirt was a little big so I returned that but I kept the shirt. I honestly didn’t think the shirt was very me but as soon as I put it on I loved it.

Finally, the coat was again gorgeous but it was way too big and really drowned me. At £85.00, I couldn’t justify it. However, had it fit me okay…I would have definitely considered it as an early Christmas present to myself.

Formidable Joy | Fashion | My first experience with Lookiero | Lifestyle | Personal Shopper

Although I only kept one item from my first box, I was very, very impressed. There was actually only one thing I didn’t like in the box and even though some of it was stuff I wouldn’t usually wear, it really opened my eyes into trying new styles…which was the whole point of signing up to the system!

The garments arrived in the cutest package with information about each item and how to wear and style it which I found really useful. My only qualm is that so far on the website I cannot see the ‘past’ order anymore – as I’d hoped to re-order the skirt in a smaller size and wishlist the red dress to purchase later on. I’m sure there is a way around this though – hopefully!

Overall I thought it was so much more affordable then I previously thought. There was a good mixture of affordable and more expensive items – but I could very easily see that the more expensive items were worth the money as they were very good quality and almost like an investment.

It’s also great because you can try things on in the comfort of your own home and have five days before making a decision. Apart from posting the items back free to the post office, there’s no long lines or awkward returns policy in a shop or trying things on in harsh lighting and small changing rooms.

I’ll without a doubt be continuing to use this service. Even though I feel like the most unstylish person in the world sometimes – and probably like the last person to ever try a personal shopper! – I think signing up to Lookiero was one of the best decisions I’ve made lately. I’ve already changed my settings for the boxes to arrive every single month rather than every other, and to arrive on a much earlier date too.

Lookiero: consider me impressed.

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