HALLOWEEN | 5 new shows to watch on Netflix this October

Going out for Halloween isn’t for everyone. Despite the fact that I’m doing a few cool events/reviews, I’m not actually going to any parties this year – and who wants to, when Halloween falls on a school night? That being said, my second favourite thing to do on Halloween is to order a takeaway and just watch all the scary films.

It’s the only time I feel brave enough to watch them alone. Luckily, Netflix is the way to go this October as there is SO MUCH scary content on there right now.

Is anyone else absolutely loving the fact that Netflix has added their own ‘Netflix and Chills’ section?! Here’s what you should be watching all throughout this month and especially on Halloween…

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Quite a few people have been recommending this (I’ve got at least five people I know hooked) so you know it’s good. Episodes are long however – and you need to pay attention – so this is the type of show that needs to be started now in the run-up to Halloween. It sounds like your typical haunted house story but it’s not. It follows the Crain family as they move into a huge mansion in the hopes of ‘doing it up’ (as I would say) and selling it on. Of course, slowly but surely odd things seem to happen but what is interesting about this show is that it follows a non-linear timeline as we check in with the family both before their escape from the house and the way it haunts them all afterwards. It’s set in these two timelines – for the most part – and will keep you gripped as you try to understand what happened. The drama of the show also makes you feel and sympathise with the characters and there’s plenty of twists and turns too. The scares are spot on – from the few and far between jump scares that get you just when the tension is built enough, to the plethora of weird ghosts that will disturb you to no end. The floating man freaked the f*ck outta me. Be warned though: you’ll be tempted to binge-watch this in one entire evening.

Yes, it’s kinda corny (did you see my tweets about the first episode of the new series?! I mean c’mon, someone tried to get Archie to shank someone in prison…with a SPOON) but the new series is seemingly focused around cults and weird going-on’s. It won’t exactly get your heart pounding (except for Archie topless and the return of Jughead of course *deep sigh*), but if you like your scares a little more subtle and adventurous, this is the perfect show to watch week by week. Plus there are rumours that’ll be crossing over with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, since it’s set in the same universe and all…

One to look forward to – just three more days! – The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a seriously spooky reboot/take on the original show we used to watch as teenagers. And I mean spooky. The trailer alone features what looks like blood rituals, creepy visions, demons,  levitation and of course lots of magic. I honestly thought this would be kind of lightly spooky but it seems a lot darker than I originally imagined, so I for one can’t wait for it to drop on Friday. Plus, when doing my research, I noticed that one of the characters is pansexual. Kudos for getting with the times Netflix!

If you like your scares a little more…real then Haunted is the show for you. This new show is part documentary part supernatural drama and focuses on real people sitting down to talk about their real encounters with the supernatural. Their events are then re-created – kind of different, no? This six-part series consists of short 20-minute episodes too, so it’s perfect to dip in and out of…if you get too scared.

The legend is back! I still remember sitting down one October and watching the series where he hypnotized a man into believing the zombie apocalypse had begun..this time around though, Derren Brown will aim to change a man’s prejudiced views, to the extent that the man will have to decide between taking a bullet for a complete stranger or saving his own life. Maybe not horror, but anything from Derren Brown will certainly mess with your mind.

And, whilst writing this post, I realized every single thing I’ve written here is a series and I haven’t mentioned any movies..so that’ll be another blog post coming up soon.

What show are you going to be watching in the run-up to Halloween? Let me know!