TRAVEL | 2019 Travel Plans

I know we’ve still got a few months left of 2018 but with no plans to travel anymore this year (because a) the cold and b) I’m skint), I’m already looking ahead to my travel plans for 2019.

Now is really the time to start looking and planning; this far in advance flights are just that little bit cheaper (I use the Hopper app to keep an eye on flight prices), Christmas is coming up so it’s the perfect opportunity to ask for travel accessories/travel money as a gift and, when the nights are long and cold, there’s nothing better than snuggling up warm and planning ahead for sunnier days.

Here’s what I’ve got in mind for 2019 – both already booked and wishful thinking!

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I finally got to visit Portugal briefly this year with work but that was just to Porto; Lisbon is still high on my must-visit list. I’ve been wanting to go for years now – so many people have told me how amazing it is and so when I saw twenty one pilots had a date their for their Bandito tour, I snapped tickets up quickly. This will probably just be a long weekend solo in March so it’ll be more sightseeing and less partying, even though I’ve heard great things about Lisbon’s nightlife. Still, it’s an excuse to go back again though!

I am a big fan of Trek America tours – despite having only gone on one last year – and have been looking for an excuse to go on another ever since. I have always liked the look of Canada with its stunning scenery and beautiful mountains and lakes – plus, let’s not forget the actual Lake Louise! So I’m going to aim to save up and do this tour late next year if I can get the time off work.

I’ve wanted to visit Romania again for a while now, but was kind of put off the idea because of the big break up and was worried I’d find it too upsetting. Then I found out my ex took his new girlfriend back to Romania on the exact same trip/road trip we went on to all the places we went to then decided I didn’t give a sh*t anymore if he didn’t (#sorrynotsorry). So now I’d like to go back and re-create my own memories that don’t remind me of him. I mentioned in a recent blog post that I love the sound of The Dracula Experience tour with Untravelled Paths, but I also really, really want to go for Untold Festival and Electric Castle Festival. So maybe I’ll combine the tour with a music festival in the summer.

I say this every year, but I really just want to meet a nice boy and celebrate NYE with him (and friends) in Edinburgh because it’s meant to be one of the most amazing places to celebrate NYE. The street parties look amazing, plus there’s so much to do in Edinburgh anyway, from the castle and the quirky Camera Obscura museum, to the many, many pubs. A Christmas or new year trip here would be terribly romantic.

Finally, although this is a vague choice, I’d actually like to just go somewhere warm for maybe a week or long weekend next year. I don’t care where, I just want somewhere plush and relaxing. I tend to choose adventure holidays over relaxing ones but this year has been so demanding that I feel like I need somewhere where I can just take a time out and take my time to, well, do nothing apart from read, eat and enjoy the sun…so if you have any recommendations, hit me up!

Are you looking ahead to your 2019 travel plans yet? Let me know what you’re planning!