TRAVEL | 72 Hours in Copenhagen | Day Two

Following on from my first travel post about Copenhagen, on day two, I tried to take it a little more easy – especially as the weather wasn’t great. Although I tried to take my bad hip into account (god I sound old!), I still ended up walking loads.

Formidable Joy | Travel | 72 Hours in Copenhagen | Day One | Copenhagen | Denmark

I spent the morning exploring inside Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! which was absolutely fascinating. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go to – because everyone knows I love weird and oddball stuff – and I had a great time, but, looking back, I realized it wasn’t really a ‘Copenhagen’ related thing to do. They have Ripley’s museums all over the world and the ‘artifacts’ inside aren’t even related to whichever city you’re in, so walking round I could have been anywhere.

Still, it was raining at the time and I did really enjoy myself. The things on display were super interesting, ranging from giant matchstick buildings to vampire hunting kits! It was a nice place to duck into out of the rain.

I found most of the museum really funny too! For example, in one bit, it was based around celebs and there was a sign pointing to a celeb’s dressing room. On the door however, it had the toilet sign but it was like a tiny cupboard! I opened the door out of curiousity and got the fright of my life when I saw a man with his back to me peeing! I apologized and shut the door quickly, my heart beating fast, but he didn’t even react. I walked off ever so confused, even more so when I watched a worker at the museum do the same thing as me but then just stand there for like, two minutes, watching. Was it a trick? I don’t even know!

Formidable Joy | Travel | 72 Hours in Copenhagen | Day One | Copenhagen | Denmark

At the end of the museum there was a smaller add on museum all about Hans Christian Anderson fairytales and this was really sweet to walk around, learning about the history of the author and his stories. For example, I didn’t even know he had written Thumbelina which is one of my favourite childhood movies. I also learned this sweet but so sad story about a girl with a matchstick..seriously, it was so depressing!

Formidable Joy | Travel | 72 Hours in Copenhagen | Day One | Copenhagen | Denmark

When I left the museum it was still spitting lightly but was super warm so I took a slow stroll to the other kind of sister museums; the Guinness World Records museum and The Mystic Exploratorie. Out of the two, the Guinness World Records museum probably wasn’t my kind of thing but, like Ripley’s, the ‘sets’ and themes of the rooms were more than enough to keep me entertained.

The Mystic Exploratorie was super fun though – it was like a creepy mini museum filled with optical illusions. I just wish it was a little bigger – it probably only took me about half an hour to walk around but it was well worth the visit because it was so oddball and fun.

The weather had cleared up a little by the time I left so I did more exploring; I did a little bit of shopping along some of the main high streets and eventually somehow made my way to the beautiful Nyhavn which, though overran with tourists, was really beautiful. All along the waters edge were loads of really beautiful seafood restauraunts too, many offering blankets against the cold.

Formidable Joy | Travel | 72 Hours in Copenhagen | Day One | Copenhagen | DenmarkFormidable Joy | Travel | 72 Hours in Copenhagen | Day One | Copenhagen | Denmark

After a quick bite to eat somewhere a lot less busy, I hobbled back to the hotel for happy hour and to rest my hip!

Though I did most tourist attractions this day that could have been anywhere really, I still really enjoyed my day. Plus, I got to spend some more time just exploring.

Would you visit any of these museums in Copenhagen? Let me know!