HALLOWEEN | Review of CoLab Factory’s CopyCat show

I had no idea what to expect when I met with the Love Pop Ups – London team last night for CoLab Factory’s latest immersive experience: a horror show named CopyCat.

All I knew is that it was a murder mystery experience involving the small, intimate audience. The storyline followed helping rogue detective Anthony Lawson who takes the law into his own hands, trying to solve the mystery of three murders and his sister’s murder.

Review of CoLab Factory's CopyCat show

I’ll try my best to avoid spoilers but I can reveal that upon arrival, we left our belongings and headed off to meet Anthony and get down to business with trying to crack the case of ‘The CopyCat’. Part murder mystery, part escape room, CopyCat is the perfext mix of immersive theatre and a real challenge. This was my first experience of an escape room and I can admit I wasn’t very good at it..in fact I spent most of the evening carrying round an old rusty spoon, expecting (hoping) it to be useful later on. It wasn’t.

The rooms were decorated to absolute perfection; no stone was left unturned and the attention to detail was amazing – which I suppose it has to be considering we were rooting around and picking up practically everything looking for clues.

But it was beyond creepy too. Dark lighting, blood stains..again, I won’t reveal all, but if you love creepy stuff like me then this will be right up your street.

If I had to describe the kind of escape room/experience it is, I’d say Crystal Maze meets Saw! The puzzles were spot on (if I’d done it alone I probably would have given up after ten minutes and sat in the corner scared), challenging and each had it’s own creepy twist to it.

It’s also my first experience of The CoLab Factory, who put on other immersive experiences such as The Great Gatsby. I am extremely impressed. They kind of reminded me of Secret Cinema too (in terms of how on point they are with creating a specific world/feel), only without the movie.

The CoLab Factory built up the tension extremely well. I get scared extremely easily anyway, but we began the evening in high spirits, giggling at a few silly names of suspects and it wasn’t long before tensions rose and by the end of the evening we were jumping at every little background sound.

If you’re looking for something unique and immersive to do this Halloween, make sure it’s CopyCat. Tickets are only £22.50 and the show is running until the 11th November.

Would you be brave enough to take on the murder mystery of the CopyCat killer? Let me know..