MONEY | 5 ways to start saving for Christmas

First of all, huge apologies for using the dreaded C-word so soon! However, if you’re anything like me, you’re already beginning to save for the season – not just for presents but for all the parties and events and the run up of things to do over Halloween too.

Winter is one of the most expensive times of the year so it’s never too early to start thinking ahead and saving. Here are some small ways I’m beginning to save now.

Formidable Joy | Money | 5 ways to start saving for Christmas | Moneysaving

Since installing this app late last summer, I have saved a whopping £788.90 without even realizing it. I have dipped into it during that time (for things like Christmas and travel, as that’s essentially what I wanted to save for) but it’s still a hell of a lot knowing that that money was just burrowed away little by little without me even noticing. Esentially you link up your bank account (it’s totally legit and safe though!) and, depending on your spending that week, it’ll put aside only what it thinks you can afford to save. It’s so smart. You can find a full in-depth review here and more information about all it’s amazing qualities, but basically I never shut up about this app. PS, use the code JLB3BY to grab 1% interest – this works out at about an extra 30p a month for me currently. Not a huge lot but every little helps!

I actually used to take part in a lot of survey websites and still think it’s a great way to earn extra cash: if you’ve got time. But if you work full time like me, it’s pretty impossible to dedicate a couple of hours each night to taking surveys! Therefore, more recently, I’ve been downloading apps and taking shorter surveys/doing easier tasks in my spare time (like watching TV etc) and have earned a fair amount of extra dollar. My favourite apps for this are Surveybods, CitizenMe (for little but instant payout direct to Paypal), OnePulse and Curious Cat.

My Monzo card is an absolute life saver and I’m constantly meeting new people who use it too or recommending it to people! It’s essentially a budget app but you get your own (super cute, may I say) card to use, which you can top up via your phone. It’s linked to the app so everytime you make a purchase, it updates your app so you can see where your money is going. I use it to be more concious of my spending – I update it with money for things like petrol and everyday spending, but my only qualm is that you cannot link it with Chip as of yet. It would be nice if you could because then I could just use my Monzo card for everything, but it’s still super useful for me regardless!

I use cashback websites for everything I buy online. You only get small amounts of money back here and there, but if you leave them for a year, I generally end up with just about enough saved to cover all Christmas presents. Of course, the bigger the purchases, the more you get back: things like car insurance or new phones end up giving you a fair bit of money back. There’s loads out there. Swagbucks is a personal favourite of mine because payment is quick and you can earn via survey websites and seasonal special offers too, but TopCashback and Quidco are also super useful.

Ah yes…adulting. I know it’s boring, but to be a somewhat normal functioning adult, you do need to plan ahead. For example, I knew that this month was going to be an expensive month for me because a) Halloween and b) all my car renewal’s fall this month. So I conciously made an effort to cut back my spending last month to help tide over this month. Over tips include meal planning (I haven’t got this down to T yet, unfortunately I spend so much money buying food on the go rather than taking lunch to work) and even looking into buying presents now. Yes, it’s early, but you’d be surprised at how much prices go up once we hit December. If there’s something you see now that is perfect for someone, buy it! Basically, just get your sh*t together by starting to plan ahead.

How are you prepping for saving money? Let me know!