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Following on from Sunday’s post all about how to re-create the style of the flats on ‘The Circle’ on the cheap, I’ve been spending a lot of time mooching at Primark’s new home arrivals. They’re just getting in their autumn/winter range (including lots of sweet Halloween accessories) and so I’ve decided to do a wishlist! Especially as it’s payday tomorrow..!

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First of all, how gorgeous is this bed set? It’s perfect for the transition from summer to winter and has some really beautiful colours without being too in your face – it’s very versatile and not too feminine or over the top. Plus, you can reverse it. At only £11.00, it’s a steal too.

Next, I’m sharing this sweet little travel accesories kit. With travelling more and more lately, I need something like this, especially as my current passport cover is looking worse for wear. I’ve never actually thought about packing an sleep mask for travel but it makes sense in terms of helping to sleep on the plane or getting rid of bright light when a hotel room has thin curtains.

Beside the travel kit is something I’ve wanted for ages now, a bath shelf! I spend so much time in the bath, often reading but also sometimes listening to music or watching something on my phone (which is stupid really as I’ve nearly dropped it in the bath so many times haha), so this shelf is a no brainer really. It’s perfect for those winter nights too when all you want is a hot bubble bath with candles.

The cute little cat mug is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in a while. I love mugs but rarely buy them as we don’t have the space at home..but I have been keeping an eye out for one to take to work with me. This one is simple and sweet and actually quite sophisticated too really.

Finally, a versatile but rather pretty woven mat which would go SO WELL with the bed set – or even the bath shelf! No matter what room it’s for, it’ll give any room a sophisticated touch. So many people choose bold patterned rugs or mats with tons of overbearing clashing colours, whereas I think less is more in many cases like with this.

I love all these items and will definitely be popping to Primark after work tomorrow when I get paid to see if they’re in stock in my local store. What do you think? Let me know!