TRAVEL | My must have travel apps

Although it can be argued that travelling is the perfect excuse to switch off and really be at one with your surroundings, I still rely on my phone a lot during travelling from taking photos to using it for directions! As well as the obvious reasons, there are also a few must-have travel apps that I simply cannot live without when travelling anywhere.

Here are my favourite must have travel apps.

I downloaded this during my time in Berlin as a way of meeting other travellers. So far, I haven’t had much luck with it other than men messaging me for hook ups! But I still hold out hope and I think Backpackr is great if you’re not staying in a hostel or may be a little shy. Plus, every place you go gives you a stamp on your virtual passport which I think is great because nowhere ever stamps your actual passport anymore and it’s a sweet visual representation of where you’ve travelled to. You can also find in app offers like discount codes for Airbnb or travel insurance.

Geosure is a new app I’ve come across lately which is an app created to make sure you feel as safe as possible when travelling somewhere. Each place you go (with over 30,000 neighbourhoods currently on the app) gives you a score on how safe a place is, taking into account access to hospitals and medical care, friendly citizens and political stability. It also has an entire section dedicated to solo female travellers – which is an entire win in my eyes – and have recently added an LGBTQ safety category too. This app really covers everything! Not only is GeoSure perfect for keeping an eye on your safety when travelling, it also gives others ease of mind too. So many of my friends and family were worried about me when I travelled to Mexico and I know being able to direct them to this app or show them screen shots of the safety scores of where I visited would have stop them worrying so much.

I find so many hidden gems when travelling and I like to keep a comprehensive list all in one place for future reference. Mapstr is great for that as you can pinpoint your finds on a map and add suitable tags such as good for dates, pricey or vegan. The best part is that it’s so quick and easy to use – rather than filling in an entire address, you just check in whilst you’re there. There a few different apps that do this, but this is my favourite so far. My username is if you want to follow/check out my map which, so far, includes hidden gems from Mexico and Romania – but I’m always adding to it.

There’s a number of different transport apps on the market but this is my favourite because it covers pretty much everything – even guides on how to get from A to B with uber or cycling! It’s the most comprehensive app I’ve found to date with real time updates and it even tells you what platform to be on to catch your train. Adding this app to your travel apps folder is a no brainer really.

Because no matter how much research you do in advance…it’s always helpful to have a mini pocket guide to hand for inspiration. Lonely Planet is one of the most recognised travel publications in the world, so you know the recommendations found on this app are legit.

These are simply just five of many favourite travel apps and I’m always coming across more that catch my eye. What are your favourite travel apps? Let me know!