BRAND CRUSH | Unicorn Superfoods

I love a good trend. I know I praised a lot of love for mermaids in a recent blog post, but today I am going back to the unicorn trend by discovering Unicorn Superfoods.

I stumbled across them on Instagram, capitivated by their beyond beautiful unicorn smoothies and mermaid toast – which not only looks amazing but is healthy too!

Formidable Joy | Brand Crush | Unicorn Superfoods | Healthy | Vegan | Natural

The brand was created by two twin sisters in Australia who cite health, love and fitness as their passions. They created colourful superfood powders which you add to, well, nearly anything you can think of!

Superfoods have a number of different benefits, such as helping people to become more energized, positive and motivated. They also improve memory and strengthen immunity, nourishes hair, skin and nails and reduces bloating!

Additionally, all products are all natural. They’re USDA organic certified, vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free and kid friendly!

The various mixes come in a manner of different colours and flavours with different benefits – although, of course, it’s all good for you! The website includes recipe ideas, states all the lovely benefits from the different blends/powders and the brand is spot on when it comes to social media.

Just scroll through their Instagram once and I bet you’ll be motivated to start eating more healthy, creating more with your foods and jump on the #unicornsuperfoodstrend.

So of course, I gave in to the trend and purchased their Unicorn Bundle. My first attempt of mermaid toast didn’t look too appetizing, but my first smoothie bowl was tasty. My first breakfast smoothie looked like sick according to a work colleague (thanks Nicki!) but come Friday, I think I got the hang of things.

Instead of using coconut yogurt for my on-the-go smoothie, I used oatly milk so that it was less thick and so I could enjoy it as a drink. The colour came out perfect too. I’d also used frozen bananas instead of fresh ones, so this made a bit of difference.

But does it work?

Formidable Joy | Brand Crush | Unicorn Superfoods | Healthy | Vegan | Natural

Hell yeah! I managed to make my smoothie look pretty damn colourful, and I’ve already began experimenting with foods more (especially breakfast food).

Plus, it really does help with energy.

Picture this. I woke up on Friday morning exhausted. I hadn’t fallen asleep till 2am the previous night and was up at 7:30am. It was one of those ‘should I call in sick?’ mornings – before I realized, no, I really couldn’t. I ran to the shop to get breakfast on the go and was going to forgo getting a Red Bull but it was on special offer and I was so damn tired that I was sure I’d need it.

Before leaving the house, I quickly made myself a Bubblegum Smoothie (2 x frozen bananas, a couple of teaspoons of Unicorn Superfoods’ Pink Pitaya and Oatly Milk) for breakfast on the go.

It wasn’t until gone 2am that I realized a) I’d barely eaten all day, except for a snack for breakfast and b) I hadn’t had – or needed – a Red Bull all day! Normally by 11am my tummy is grumbling and often I’ll crack open a Red Bull between 11am and my lunch at noon.

But Friday? Nothing.

I did have a Red Bull at about half two – not because I was tired – but just because we were hitting the afternoon slump and I knew I needed a boost to keep myself motivated.

So as it goes, I didn’t think anything of it at that time, but that simple smoothie with Pink Pitaya kept my hunger at bay and stopped me feeling tired!

I’m definitely being a lot more concious not only about what I eat overall now but especially for breakfast. If making a pretty and colourful breakfast helps me eat more healthy then who’s complaining?!

So far, I’ve stuck to using Unicorn Superfoods in my breakfasts (going healthy? Slowly does it!) – the smoothies are delicious and I’ve finally got the knack of breakfast toast (as shown above – cream cheese, Unicorn Superfoods powder and blueberries on sourdough toast), but I’m excited to try some more recipes from their webste such as vegan donuts!

Would you give Unicorn Superfoods a try? Let me know!