BLOGGING | Happy 1,000 posts!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is officially my 1,000th post! 1,000 posts doesn’t seem like a lot when you think about how long I’ve been blogging or compare it to content other bloggers produce but it’s something I’m pretty proud of regardless!

I started my blog back in January 2011 – such a long time ago now! – when I was a student at uni. I was already familiar with the idea of blogging then but set up the blog – then named Inspire Magazine Online – to coincide with my dissertation. Back then, I had a dodgy fringe, dodgier ‘outfits of the week’ and often blogged about absolutely anything – like three paragraphs on how TK Maxx had nice scrapbook stuff in stories or how Lush had been hacked!

Since then, I like to believe my content has improved. I now write about fashion (less, but with better content), food, veganism, being eco, books, entertainment and creepy stuff too. Over the last 1,000 posts, I’ve managed to pair up with so many amazing brands too, from fun days out to finally bagging my own blogging desk.

I don’t often celebrate blogging milestones, so this was one I had to acknowledge. To celebrate, I have decided to start blogging a little bit more about blogging and share my limited knowledge on the subject. No, my blog isn’t the most successful but I’ve been running it for seven years now and have just hit 1,000 FREAKIN’ POSTS so I’ve got some tips to share!

If there’s anything you want covered, let me know!

There’s not really much else I want to say here except YAY ME for hitting 1,000 posts. Here’s to the next 1,000 more.