LIFESTYLE | Hello September

September is here and it’s autumn at last! I am so happy. Don’t get me wrong – I love summer – but I’m an autumn/winter gal through and through. I love the colours of autumn and cosy hot chocolates. I love oversized jumpers and Halloween…so yeah, I’m pretty damn pleased were coming into winter now.

I even bought my first jumper of the year this week! Anyway. It’s only just September so we’ve got a while to wait yet for the really fun stuff, but there’s still lots to look forward to this month anyway.

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Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating sounds like a fun light read which is perfect for the transition away from summer. It’s a chick lit book, but seems a tad bit deeper than the usual summer holiday reads. It’s all about two friends Josh and Hazel who sort of…not date, I think? The blurb didn’t explain in detail – which I like – but it paints Hazel as a character who enjoys dating but also knows her flaws – and wants to be accepted just as she is. It sounds like she doesn’t apologize for who she is and I like that. I’m looking forward to reading this as soon as it arrives from Amazon!
Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating is published on the 4th September.

I’m still not quite sure what this is – but I know that twenty one pilots – A Complete Diversion is some sort of one off show before their upcoming Bandito tour. It’s at a slightly smaller venue than the big venues they’re touring on their actual tour…so it should be quite intimate. Even though I don’t know what to expect, I’m really excited because after a year of silence from the band, it’s so nice that I can see them live again so soon. I would have had to of waited until their Lisbon gig in March otherwise and that’s far too long to wait!
twenty one pilots – A Complete Diversion takes place on the 12th September and is sold out but there are many tickets available on re-selling websites.

I’m off to Copenhagen this Thursday! I managed to grab return flights for £30 in the RyanAir sale earlier this year. I figured it’s better to book them and try and budget for it and if I can’t afford to go in the end then I’ve only lost £30! As it goes, I’ve researched a lot; my affordable but welcoming hostel is booked, I’m getting a Copenhagen card for all public transport and all attractions I want to visit and it’s just some cheap foodie places I need to look into now. So if you have any recommendations, do let me know!

Yes, it’s old and not technically new but today (as in right now and yes, I am watching right now as I type this) The Mummy trilogy is uploaded to Netflix! I have nothing but good things to say about these films (apart from the last one. No one likes the last one and no one agrees with the random and unexplained replacement of Rachel Weisz as Rick’s Wife. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the new remake either..). The Mummy has everything: action, comedy, history, romance..and as a someone who grew up obsessed with egyptology, seeing an actual good and modern movie relating to the subject was a godsend in my eyes. Rachel Weisz plays a bad-ass female lead (who does not need a man to fight for her – honestly, without her knowledge there’s no way Rick would have saved the world, even though they’re my ultimate OTP) and the first movie also launched my never-ending crush on Brendan Fraser. I know this movie is on TV all the time but I also feel it’s so underrated. Watch it today and I mean actually properly, not half assed on your phone whilst it plays on TV on a Sunday afternoon. It’s a total gem that everyone always forgets about.
The Mummy is available on Netflix UK from today.

Evelyn: Look, I… I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O’Connell, but I am proud of what I am. 

Rick: And what is that? 

Blogwise, I’m concentrating on Instagram right now. I’ve always enjoyed photography, but currently I’m learning just how creative you can be with the app by using different apps to make pretty stories or trying new filters. My fave thing at the moment is filling in little Intstagram quiz/story templates – I think because it feels like a major throwback to the days of Myspace quizzes (which I was obsessed with!). I think it’s really important to be approachable as a blogger – a lot of people look at their Instagram and blog as a brand and it’s always good to remember that there’s actually a person behind it all. So I adore cute ways to be a bit more personal when I can. I love Kelsey In London’s templates right now – check them out on her profile here!

What are you looking forward to this September? Let me know!