REVIEW | PicnMix Eco Festival Kit

During my time at Boomtown Fair, I took along a PicnMix Eco Festival Kit from PicnMix. I tweeted them when they followed me on Twitter – as I was so amazed at such a simple but beneifical idea of providing pre-made festival kits – and they kindly provided me with an eco kit to take to the festival.

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The Eco Festival Kit included:

  • Poncho – biodegradable with no packaging
  • Ear plugs – biodegradable in recyclable cardboard packaging
  • Toothbrush – biodegradable and vegan in biodegradable packaging
  • Sunscreen SPF 25 (15ml) – biodegradable in recyclable aluminium tin
  • Stainless steel straw – reusable in recyclable paper packaging
  • Deodorant 10ml – biodegradable and vegan in recyclable aluminium tin
  • Toothpaste 15ml – biodegradable and vegan in recyclable aluminium tin
  • Travel Wipes – 20 pack – compostable in chalk-based packaging
  • Torch – aluminium with no packaging
  • Hair & Body Bar – biodegradable and vegan in recyclable cardboard packaging
  • Bio-Glitter 5g – biodegradable glitter in biodegradable packaging
  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel – biodegradable in recyclable aluminium tin

So, basically everything essential (and eco!) for a festival. The fact that it was all entirely eco sat well for me for a number of different reasons. Since trying vegan, I’ve become a lot more passionate about looking after our planet and try to make small changes whenever I can. Seeing bars provide paper straws instead of plastic ones, for example, seems like such a small change but makes such a difference.

Addtionally, Boomtown Fair itself is extremely environmentally friendly. They announced a 10p cup deposit scheme, had compost loo’s, only allowed traders to sell biodegradable glitter and basically shared an array of ‘being more green’ blog posts in the run up to the festival.

So taking an eco festival kit was a no brainer for me. It had everything I needed – and more – meaning I didn’t have to panic pack to worry about forgetting anything toiliteries wise. Some stuff I was curious about – I wasn’t sure what to expect with the toothpaste however but despite the inital feeling of getting used to its texture, I found it actually tasted very minty and lasted a lot better than some toothpaste I use on an every day basis.

The biodegradable glitter was a godsend, especially on the last day when I used it to cover up the huge bags under my eyes. Using organic Aloe Vera gel to apply the glitter was an easy process – in fact the easiest way I’ve ever applied glitter for/at a festival before.

The toothbrush worked probably better than most plastic toothbrushes and I have to give praise to the deodrant as well. I did bring another small spray deodrant just in case but didn’t even need it. This tiny pot of rub on deodrant (like a lipbalm, I guess, but you use your fingers to apply it) made so much difference. It smelt lovely and worked way better than I thought it would, even after four days of camping.

The best part is, I didn’t actually run out of anything and still have lots leftover to use for next year/another festival! I’ll definitely be reusing this kit, but will probably stock up on a little more toothpaste (and I’ve just seen you can purchase a bigger jar on their website) and deodrant just to be on the safe side. For my next festival – whenever that is – I’ll probably also treat myself to one of their Festival Glitterbug Kit’s and their big jar of toothpaste!

Overall, the kit is probably one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time, especially when it comes to festival. It’s a small kit which means it weighs pretty much nothing to carry, but goes a long, long way. Plus with it being entirely eco, it’s even better!

Would you try one of PicnMix’s pre-packed festival kits? Let me know!