ENTERTAINMENT | My favourite French movies

I’m kind of cultured, y’know! I love indie movies and edgy horrors but I’ve never really given much thought to foreign movies. However, since discovering a few on Netflix, I soon realized that over the years there’s a few French movies I absolutely adore.

Not only are movies in another language kinda educational (you’re hearing a whole other language), but they can also be absolutely beautiful in terms of setting and culture.

Here are some of my favourite French movies.

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My sister and I discovered this movie years and years ago on a whim and didn’t expect much of it but ended up absolutely loving it. This oddball French Fantasy film follows, well, the extraordinary adventures of Adele Blanc-Sac! Fun fact, it’s directed by Luc Besson (who is responsible for The Fifth Element!) and the main character is played by a beyond beautiful French actress, model and television presenter who is also called Louise (Bourgoin!). The movie is really offbeat and beautiful and for some reason, was the basis of so many inside jokes between my sister and I for years to come.

I discovered Blockbuster on Netflix, seeing it dubbed as an indie romcom. It’s effortlessly funny and romantic and is really heart warming too. It basically tells the story of inspiring movie maker Jérémy who tries to win his superhero loving girlfriend back by using an elaborate scheme. In between filming it all and visiting his sick dad, Jérémy will no doubt tug at your heart strings – in a good way.

I caught this on Netflix recently and it was so much better than I thought it would be. It’s actually the second French Netflix original movie, right after Blockbuster. It tells the story of Damien a shameless chauvinist who is basically kind of a douchebag and who sleeps around. One day, he walks straight into a pole and knocks himself out (having been too busy checking out women) then, when he wakes up, all the roles between men and women are reversed. Woman are powerful and strong CEOs, driving posh cars and using men for sex, whereas men are secretaries and housekeepers…even in marriage men are the ones to wear a wedding dress. Though the film is hilarious, it opened my eyes to so many things that, as a woman, I kind of put up with and don’t even think twice about. My favourite part is when a woman refuses to sleep with Damien because his chest is too hairy…so he goes and gets waxed and leaves a landing strip. It’s gold, really.

This one is obvious. It’s a beautiful, heartwarming movie with some real beautiful locations. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would (probably because it was so bigged up), but I did really enjoy it and would watch it again. It’s a sweet movie and will make you fall in love with the city of Paris – if you haven’t already.

Paulette is an offbeat movie about an old lady who begins to deal weed to overcome overdue bills – yes, it sounds strange, but it’s oddly brilliant. It’s beyond witty and, though contains a few less than PC jokes, the characters are really likeable too. The entire film is not what you’d expect but what makes it even better is that it’s said to be based on a true story..!

These are five French films I thoroughly enjoyed – which is surprising even to me because half the time I really cannot be bothered with subtitles! But these films are worth enduring subtitles for – trust me.

What are your favourite foreign movies? Let me know!